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This class is for individuals who know a small bit about graphic design but require to dive deeper.
In each section I'll speak about WHY the work is lovely, the thinking that went in to it, & any other anecdotes I may have about that field. When we're completed you will understand the method that goes in to making great graphic design. Python Programming Bootcamp - Learn the Language Behind Google + YouTube - 50 Hours Training!
Grab entire patterns, instead of simply elements, directly onto your canvas for quick wireframing. A monochrome pattern helps you focus on form and functionality without any distracting elements full of color or various shades. Build wireframes for any type of site, including: corporate, multimedia, magazine or even ecommerce sites.
Desktop - Navigation Controls, Form Controls, Signup Login, Multimedia, Corporate, Magazine, Ecommerce and Annotations.
Mobile - Mobile Controls, Mobile Menus, Mobile Signup, Mobile COntent Layout, Mobile User Activity, Mobile Ecommerce and Annotations. Using the Annotation Templates, you can whip up some professional presentation decks to show off your wireframes to your clients or team.
Wireframe Patterns are available in neat, organized libraries for popular industry standard tools such as: Omnigraffle, Sketch and Illustrator. Besides offering a variety of Mobile, Desktop or Both Patterns, you can purchase any of those 3 with a Single License or Team License. Easily write without having a work surface, thanks to this amazing notebook with its 2mm thick hard board covers with radiused edges. With a flexible fabric-covered spine, you can open the book perfectly flat on any page without damaging or blocking any pages. Take advantage of the Isometric print to handle 3D work, graphic design and all sorts of geometric plans. Waterproof paper made from stone will protect your precious work from even the nastiest spills and tears. Should you require a refund, after the books have been shipped, the cost of the books can be refunded only (excluding shipping), once the books have been returned at your own shipping expense. Get 130+ hand-drawn vector elements in 1 low-price deal, all constructed to make your next fabulous project easier to put together. With fully layered PSD files, you can easily dive into these images and customize them any way you'd like including text, colors, details, sizes and more. Jumpstart your newest project by using these resources to show off your work in a really unique and professional manner, without having to start completely from scratch.
Normally, this collection sells for $19, but for a limited time only, you can get all the resources for one low price of $7! That's a savings of 63% off the regular price! Round out your typeface toolbox with this gorgeous collection of 9 modern hand-written fonts.
Any of these beautiful fonts are perfect for projects like wedding invitations, posters, logos, greeting cards, book covers, packaging and more. Take advantage of fabulous OpenType features throughout this bundle including: ligatures, stylistic alternates, swashes, ornaments, contextual alternates, florals and more.
Sporting 450 different glyphs, Angelonia's a beautiful mix of brush font with actual handwriting. Besides featuring 430 glyphs, Saldina Script includes a slew of extra swashes to truly let your design sing.
With a beautiful dancing baseline and a whopping 448 glyphs, Gladysta combines brush lettering with traditional handwriting. Lucita is a truly pretty and soft font thanks to loads of character such as extra swashes with hearts throughout this calligraphy style typeface.
Extra bouncy curves and loops help give the new modern calligraphy script font Bralyn its classic and elegant touch. A perfect hybrid of standard swash fonts and thicker calligraphy, Hollyn includes 338 glyphs and a ton of extra dingbats for added fun. Combining brush lettering with traditional handwriting, Overture is a multipurpose and flexible font that easily matches up with other typefaces to create stunning projects. Quick movement in a modern calligraphy style is what Shirley's all about, as well as extra characters and 445 unique glyphs. Hand inked, Daviya is a scrumptious font that is spot-on perfect for restaurant logos, menus, food branding and more. You can't miss this sequel to one of the best selling and highest rated app-development course on Udemy! Digest 209 different lectures over the course of 29.5 hours of resourceful and highly educational videos. Master everything you'll need to dive into creating your own legitimate, sellable apps to get people downloading and purchasing your products.
Covering all skill levels, this course is perfect for total beginners to expert programmers looking to fine-tune their app development skills. Develop real app clones as you learn, putting together live applications similar to Instagram and Snapchat. No further purchases needed, as the only coding you'll do is with Xcode 7, a free software.
Complete this course and you'll be set to develop any iOS app you want for yourself or your business, and even seek out app developments jobs on freelance sites.
Bonus #3: Finally, you'll also get $300 worth of graphical assets including more than 1,000 backgrounds, icons, buttons and more. With a Mathematics degree from Cambridge University, Rob Percival is a professional Web Developer and Teacher. Normally, this amazing course sells for $45, but for a limited time only, you can get The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course for only $17! That's a huge savings of over 60% off the regular price. After completing your purchase, you will receive a coupon code to register at the Udemy website, to gain access to this course. You will receive lifetime access to watch and re-watch the videos in this course as often as you like.
These JPG backgrounds are spot-on perfect for any Web or screen-related projects like websites, presentations, email templates, business cards, flyers, T-shirts, album covers and more. The Sacred Geometry Vectors can be screened back as a background element or used as a prominent foreground element. Constellations Vector Set comes with 44 unique handcrafted star groups and sky wheel graphic. Ultimate Moon Cycle Photoshop Set includes 23 real moon images on a transparent background for easy placement on any design or layout. If you've already purchased the previous Skybox Creative deal, you can complete the collection by getting the additional new products for just $9! A condensed version of the TT Slabs Font Family, TT SLabs Condensed was created for strong headlines and design presentations.
A great typeface to use for designing food packaging, newspapers, logos, shop decorations, theatrical scenery and more.
Normally, Slabs Condensed sells for $120, but for a limited time only, you can get the entire Font Family of 10 Typefaces for only $9!
These handmade PNG elements feature beautiful watercolor flowers, leaves and various designs in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Use these elements in all sorts of popular projects, such as: wedding invitations, craft items, scrapbooking, logos, patterns, party invitations, printed paper products and more. Normally, this water color bundle sells for $48, but for a limited time only, you can get all 448 elements for just $24! That's a savings of 50% off the regular price.
Create an instant music library for yourself with this inspirational bundle from Luckstock. These tracks are the perfect addition to your latest musical project including: broadcasting, YouTube videos, fan movies, commercials, websites, cinematic projects and more. Fill your latest masterpiece with heartwarming melodies, soaring emotion and all sorts of sentimental moments. With a royalty-free license, you can use any of these tracks on any of your projects (personal or commercial) as many times as you'd like! Normally, this beautiful collection of Inspirational Music sells for $484, but for a limited time only, you can get all 20 royalty-free tracks for just $29!
You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase to use to register at the LuckStock website (using your name and email or social media sign in) to download your tracks instantly.
These tracks are supplied royalty-free, so each track can be used in a single video or application in perpetuity, without any recurring or additional fees. Standard license: The tracks in this bundle may be used for both personal and commercial websites, Internet videos (YouTube, etc), internal corporate presentations.
Wide license: Everything that is permitted in the Standard license plus permission to use the tracks in games and other desktop or mobile applications, commercial Internet broadcasts, television and radio broadcasts.
Yin meets Yang as you get 2 fabulous design sets in one: Just Flow - Light Edition and Just Flow - Dark Edition. Dive right in with 12 hi-res PSD templates clocking in at 4500x3000 px, and sporting 10 fabulous effects. This double collection is an amazing addition to your image library and backgrounds toolbox. Just Flow is the perfect solution to creating all sorts of projects including: T-shirts, artwork, posters, signs, website backgrounds and more. Normally, Just Flow - Light and Dark sells for $76, but for a limited time only, you can get both editions for only $19! That's a savings of 75% off the regular price. Photos can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, on their own, or as part of your new design for sale.
This deal includes an Extended License which also allows you to use these graphics in a product offered for sale, provided that the original graphics are not given away. All 12 handmade script fonts offer a gentle and soft touch to give the perfect feel to your latest project.
Any of these gorgeous typefaces are a fabulous choice for putting together everything from wedding invitations to logos.
Take advantage of all sorts of amazing OpenType features such as alternates, ligatures, swashes and more. A modern calligraphy font mixed iwth a bit of a graffiti style, Bebby Washington sports a soft design style that can easily be paired with some fun and feminine shades.
Featuring more than 370 glyphs, Bebby Script's unique style aligns it perfectly with a variety of project themes such as inspirational quotes, labels, emblems, book cover designs, graphic T-shirts and more.
Sporting more than 350 fonts, Cattleya Script is a handlettered modern calligraphy script font created to help you put together titles, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, signs, posters, badges and more!
Besides 350+ glyphs, swash letters and 160 alternate characters, Cherry Blossom includes a bonus set of fun ornament icons to add some pop to your designs.
Modern and creative, Dealova Script presents a variety of styles, as well as capitalization guidelines at the beginning and end. A truly natural modern handlettering font, Fanatic is a wonderful choice for creating logos, packaging, titles, posters, T-shirts and more. Harlem Script naturally exhibits warm emotions of pure beauty and charm in a soothing manner.
Featuring 50+ swash alternates, 200+ discretionary ligatures and 25+ stylistic alternates, Madona Scrip is a trendy way to celebrate your designs.
Simple and simply beautiful best describes the modern script known as Paullina, which even includes connections spaces to create continuous works of letter art.
Normally, this entire collection of fonts sells for $181, but for a limited time only, you can get all 12 fonts for just $12! Incredible creative items by Ultrashock with a total size of over 3 GB, all bundled together at an amazing low price! This bundle also comes with an Extended License for ALL content included in this deal. Bought individually, these items would cost over $550, but in this deal, you'll get them all for just $27! The included files are not eligible for support or future updates, due to the huge discount nature of this offer. Beauty Atok Script Family sports a classic and elegant touch to turn your ordinary designs into extraordinary ones.
This magnificent typeface was built for a variety of roles including headings, signatures, logos, wedding invitations, T-shirts, letterhead, signs, labels, posters, badges and more. Seamlessly work all 4 fonts together in the same project: Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic.
Besides a Uppercase and Lowercase letters, the Beauty Atok Script Family includes a full set of numbers. Normally, Beauty Atok Script sells for $16, but for a limited time only, you can get the entire Font Family for only $7! Sit through 4 sections and 22 different lectures, and you'll be set to create your first Membership Website.
Gain unlimited access to this course, to make sure you learn (and relearn!) every single lesson. Normally, this resourceful course sells for $199, but for a limited time only, you can get the Create Your Membership Website with WordPress Online Course for only $19! After completing your purchase, you will be provided with a coupon code to register at the vendor's website, to gain access to these courses.
With the various font styles (from regular to bold to inline), this mega collection includes 48 unique fonts! Whether you're looking to go vintage, modern or futuristic (or any combination of those!), this collection is sure to meet your needs. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you an extended license, which means you can create as many projects as you'd like, both for personal and commercial use. Add a cool vintage style to your artwork with the Anabel Family, made up of 4 regular and grunge fonts. Vintage meets modern with the grunge-filled Atara font family, sporting 4 different font styles from regular to inline grunge. Capella is a great grungy typeface featuring 4 different fonts, plus Second Caps Alternatives. Get real creative with the brush typeface Chocoleta, consisting of 3 font files, 10 grunge hi-res textures and a slew of transparent PNG shapes for that extra special touch.
With some sharp curves, the Jibril typeface with its 4 font styles is a really unique way to add some vintage style to your art. A creative grunge and brush typeface, Regolith offers up 3 different fonts, as well as 32 transparent PNG shapes, and 24 hi-res grunge textures! The Rolla Font Family is a truly creative geometric style typeface with 4 different styles, as well as a bonus set of rectangle logo and badge templates.

Head for the High Seas with the Sailor Font Family, made up of 5 big, energetic typefaces, great for a vintage, as well as modern, look!
Get the lead out with Speed Hunter, a fast-moving custom font family consisting of 4 different styles, as well as bonuses like 4 logo and badge templates, and a set of 4 grunge textures in both color and black versions. Futuristic meets vintage with the Square Space Font Family, a creative geometric typeface offering 4 different styles. Whether you're looking to add a modern feel or a vintage touch to your latest project, Ultimatum and its 5 unique fonts are here to help!
Normally, this mega collection of fonts would cost you a total of $248, but for a limited time only, you can get all 12 font families for only $19! You may use these fonts for both personal and commercial projects, for yourself or on behalf of your clients. You can recognize a well designed poster or net site when you see it, but you require to know WHY. Logos, packaging, posters, book covers, motion graphics, sites, annual reports, environmental graphics, & article design. They can be super time consuming though as you slowly add site element by site element to your project. Varied and robust, it will provide you with delicious illustrations for your creative projects! The Complete iOS9 Developer Course will arm you with everything you need to know to create and market your own popular applications for the iOS 9 platform. Besides running the web hosting and design service company Eco Web Hosting, Rob spends his summers running Code School.
These images were built using paint brush strokes, cosmic images and cloud formations for a truly unique appearance. Perfect for products (such as t-shirts, pillows, etc), album covers, websites, flyers, posters or any design project you can dream up! Each of the 5 unique weights ranging from Thin to Black are provided in both Regular and Italics style for a total of 10 different typefaces. That's a monstrous savings of 92% off the regular price. OR get both the desktop + web fonts together for just $15! You'll get 448 Watercolor Flower Elements covering a wide variety of floral styles and colors.
And this Mighty Deal can get your latest projects going to the tune of 20 royalty-free inspirational tracks! For a full list of permitted additional applications, please refer to the Licensing guide.
The download is split into multiple files, with a total download size of approximately 4 GB. That's a 93% savings off the regular price! OR, get the bundle including BOTH the Desktop and Web fonts for only $17! A modern calligraphy Font Family, Beauty Atok Script mixes classic with elegant as it offers up 4 unique fonts in 1 fabulous family. And if you have even the faintest idea what WordPress is, you're perfectly poised to grab this MIghty Deal from Skill Success! This mega bundle offers up 12 fantastic font families, all done in a retro, vintage and grunge style. You may not sublicense, resell, share, transfer or other redistribute the actual font files.
It can be incredibly useful for your logos, banners, apparel design, blog posts, hero images and package design. Besides the spectacular collection of modern script fonts, you'll get tons of OpenType features from alternates to ornaments to swashes.
With more than 200 lectures and 20+ hours of video courses, in just 6 weeks, you'll be spouting Xcode 7 and Swift 2 in your sleep. Great for anything from album covers to websites to T-shirts, the Universe Bundle will take your breath away.
Whether you're whipping up logos or food packaging designs, Slabs Condensed is one big family you can count on!
That's 14 different packs of handmade cliparts and logos to use on any number of personal or commercial projects. Created by 20 different award-winning artists, this bundle covers a variety of popular musical genres and can add a realistic Hollywood film score feel to any project. Just Flow - Light and Just Flow - Dark combine to offer up some incredible design tools including 500+ abstract photos and backgrounds, 250+ transparent PNG files and 12 hi-res PSD templates. This set features 12 modern calligraphy fonts just perfect for creating wedding invitations, signatures, letterhead, logos, T-shirts, and everything in between. These typefaces are a great choice for creating sophisticated works such as wedding invitations, headings and signatures, as well as various other projects from signs to labels to posters. You'll get full, unlimited access to the online course Create Your Membership Website with WordPress. Counting in a variety of different styles, you'll take home 48 unique fonts in 1 super-discounted package!
Simply use pre-existing patterns or drag and drop entire patterns and then customize as needed. Whether you're designing wedding invitations, menus or greeting cards, this typeface collection is the perfect solution. Stick with it and you'll soon be whipping up clone apps of Uber, Instagram and even Flappy Bird!
From YouTube videos to work presentations, you're sure to impress and entertain with any of these heartwarming and emotional melodies. Quick and easy to use, Just Flow lives up to its name in helping you bring your artwork to the next level. With loads of OpenType features available, you can mix and match styles to create the perfect masterpiece. With additional Bold and Italic styles, you can seamlessly create the perfect project with this hand-drawn collection. There are 14 mobile and desktop patterns available, covering everything from navigation to multimedia carousels to contact forms. This incredible notebook made from stone sports 2mm thick hard board covers and can lay perfectly flat. This course has an impressive 4.7 stars from over 7000 ratings, with 84,000 students having enrolled for this course so far! Through 22 info-packed lectures, you'll get the full lowdown on how to build your very own membership website. Many font families also feature bonus graphic elements such as logo templates, badges and even hi-res textures.
With more than 250 waterproof stone pages at 20mm thick apiece, you can forget about any clutter or obstructed pages.

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