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This image is a scalable vector graphic and can be scaled to any size without loss of resolution.
This is a vector of abstract blue light background graphic, includes eps file for your design. How ridiculous it is to go to a doctor and tell them what to prescribe you, how insane it is to tell a teacher what strategies he has to take up for better teaching? How pointless it is to tell the chef what spices he has to add up in the dishes to make them delicious?
How actually amusing it is to hold a DSLR and act like a professional photographer?All these questions must already be haunting you for ages; perhaps you are the same victim as I am because I have been through this terrible trauma when people actually act like what they are not. It is the dilemma of the time that people love to poke their nose in others’ businesses because that’s the only job they are good at.Perhaps it makes their heart pump the blood faster, God knows. The situation is rightly going with graphic designers these days that are being seen down upon as if this field is too easy to go for.

They are considered easygoing and naive chaps that anyone can order them.Let me tell you what graphic design actually is?
It isn’t a child’s play where you can go about without any twists and turns, it is not a short way or a backup plan, you have to sweat your energies, you have to deal with empty minded clients where you may get burdened by heaps of never ending tasks to deliver.How poking it is when someone else tells you “how to do your job”? Every other person is keeping this tag “I am a graphic designer”, when they have least idea what is creativity, what is innovation, what is redoing the design element and what is taking the negative feedback positively. Sorry is the fact that such sick minded people have no good in their heads rather they are there to only knock anybody down. If you are a graphic designer you must wear this t-shirt to present the irony of this time. Before downloading the image, you must read such terms and conditions and make sure that they are consistent with your intended use of the image.
Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program developed and marketed by Adobe Systems.

Drawing created with Adobe Illustrator, a vector graphics editing program; composed of paths connected by points, commonly used for logos and print media. Since Illustrator image files are saved in a vector format, they can be enlarged without losing any image quality. EPS files are supported by several different drawing programs and vector graphic editing applications such as Adobe illustrator and Photoshop.

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