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Wedding invitations should always be on the list of priority of any couple who are in the middle of organizing the great event of the wedding.
When we look at this model of gentle invitation design, with pink flower and the little cord, we automatically think of a wedding that takes place in nature, where the bride wears a simple dress, of cloth, and the groom give up traditional elegant suit in favor of casual shirts and a pair of pants on. Custom wedding invitation model with your couple picture is a modern version that captures the unique wedding moment perfectly, staying at the same time, a testimony that will endure over time in the memory of the guests.
Like a message from far away that has crossed seas and counties to reach the recipient, this model would represents a unique variant of wedding invitation that fits perfectly with the theme that dominates the marine elements. A perfect model of wedding invitation if you have decided that the dominant element of your wedding should be elegance and refinement is one that uses white and black.
A precious invitation model, representing the perfect choice to bring you into the atmosphere of a winter wedding organized.

We hope that you got inspired by those suggestions and remember the wedding invitations should be special. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Very important is that invitations represent you as a couple, also to respect and be in tone with the chosen wedding theme. They are the perfect choice for a delicious wedding, sweet and funny, but subtle and elegant with ties arising from the use of the black bows.
It is a wedding invitation pattern that attracts by its simplicity and just the small details such as stylish black ribbon bow that differentiates and makes you choose it at the expense of others. We know you seem to be out of such a model patterns of invitation, with text engraved on crystal or glass, but you sure will be able to impress guests ever since they receive it.

Simple envelope with small flowers and golden shades perfectly complement the precious aura of this model of invitation.
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