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At Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal, Inc we use the worlds best tattoo removal lasers made by an Italian company in Sheepshead Bay Laser Medical Center.
Our lasers are the safest on your skin because of their Flat Top Beam Profile and square shape. Eliminating hot spots in the laser beam means you can be treated with less laser energy effectively. Our Zimmer Cryo 6’s epidermal skin numbing technology reduces pain and chances of thermal injuries, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for patients. Nutrition and herbs can have a large impact assisting or hindering your body in removing the lasered tattoo ink. The tattoo removal process removes ink one layer at a time (like peeling an onion) and typically requires multiple treatments.
Increase your body’s power to eliminate tattoo ink that was lasered and speed up the removal process.
Each page and post have an exclusive option panel that can be used for miscellaneous settings. Learn more about products detailed description, pricing and service, Please send mail to us! Laser emitted by the system has a strong penetration ability which allows it to reach the deep layer of dermis.
So the appliance can effectively do away with mutant pigmentations and vascular tissue based on undamaged ambient tissue. 1.Improve the efficiency and make the best solutions for no burning on the hand-piece at all. The laser emits a highly focused beam of laser light, which passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and is absorbed primarily by the tattoo ink. A tattooa€™s color, depth, and the chemical composition of the ink all affect how it responds to laser light.
Since the laser light selectively targets the undesired ink, other tissues remain largely unaffected, and therefore most patients report little discomfort. Immediately after laser exposure, the treatment areas may become whitish-colored and swell slightly. Depending on the size and location of the tattoo, each treatment usually takes about 10 to 30 minutes. Remove the dressing after 24 hours and twice daily, wash treated area gently with soap and water, part dry and apply Aquaphor ointment or Vaseline or Petrolatum Jelly To protect the healing tissue, apply the ointment until all areas are completely healed and dry which can take five to fifteen days. If the treatment area shows signs of infection-profound redness, swelling or tenderness, or pus, notify Dr.

The content on this website is provided for informational purposes only, and is not intended in any way to substitute professional medical advice during an in office consultation and examination by the physician. 6000 Picosecond lasers fragment tattoo ink into smaller pieces so it’s easier for your body to remove. The flat top beam profile and square shape eliminates hot spots, minimizes laser overlap and greatly reduced risks of blistering. A round shape laser output requires more energy (so the colder spots are able to be treated effective) causing the hotter spots to be hotter and more likely to cause blistering. After -we apply a natural substance (with antiviral and antibacterial properties) proven to speed skin cell regeneration twice as fast to the area and cover with gauze lightly taped. The more you can improve your body’s functioning the faster your immune system will remove the tattoo ink. The pigment particles absorb the light energy and explode sharply, burst into the tiny pieces, thus diminish the color density and get rid of it.
Scour off tattoo, freckle, lentigines, old aged marks, vascular expansion and type of blood vessel lesions etc.
It doesn't have to be there for life.Call 01227 764633 to book a free consultation and patch test. Black, red, dark orange and dark blue tattoos will usually respond relatively quickly to treatment with laser. This light passes harmlessly through the outer layer of the skin and is absorbed primarily by the tattoo ink or the excess pigment within the lesion. A common way that people describe the sensation of the pulses entering the skin is by comparing them to snaps of a rubber band. Some faint tattoos will fade completely after only one treatment, though most require five treatments or more. More serious but very rare side effects are infection in the site of the treatment, keloid formation in patients who are prone to abnormal healing.
The alternatives to laser tattoo removal include surgical excision, salabrasion (using salt to burn away layers of skin), and chemical peels (using acid to burn away layers of skin). Your body does the removal, by tuning up your immune system’s ability to remove the tattoo ink, it comes out faster. Blistering increases your discomfort,increases the risks of potential scarring and complications(breaks up more ink- is a burn).
Located in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn NY   One block from B+Q trains (Sheepshead Bay station)  and municipal parking. Tattoo ink fragments are carried away by the lymphatic system, while pigmented lesions are naturally shed from the skin one to two weeks after treatment.

Treatments should be spaced six to eight weeks apart to give your body sufficient time to fully eliminate loosened particles of ink. Yagudin has to evaluate every patient individually to establish if there is any other contraindication to your tattoo removal. Also, this allows the body time to absorb and discard the tattoo ink through the lymphatic system.
This all happens within a tiny fraction of a second, and the sudden rise in temperature within the treatment target fractures the ink.
Yagudin can provide you with complete details of all possible side effects during your initial consultation. Laser treatment with the Palomar Q-YAG 5 is a state a€“of-the art treatment that yields excellent results without the perils and disadvantages of other procedures.
Treatment at less than six weeks does not appear to be any more efficacious, however it may create a higher risk for scarring since the treated area may not be adequately healed. It is safer to improve your body’s functioning rather than trying to blast the tattoo with lots of Laser energy.
Many people say the pain stops right after treatment by our lasers, but previously treated elsewhere it continued. Faster Tattoo Removal Protocol begins with a one time 7 day diary of everything you eat and drink. Multiply the time you spend each day by seven - or worst still, 365 - and you get some idea of how much time you spend looking into the mirror every year.
Multiply the time you spend each day by seven - or worst still, 365 - and you get some idea of how much time you spend looking into the mirror every year.With semi-permanent make-up once it's done, it's done. Nearly all tattoos require multiple treatments to achieve maximal clearing and are usually scheduled every 6 weeks. If you want clear scar free skin then Brooklyn Laser Tattoo Removal is the right place for tattoo removal. We can educate you how you can improve many aspects of your health and or just for faster tattoo removal. Pigments are implanted into the skin to restore natural colour and to simulate conventional make-up.

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