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Giphy’s GIF Editor is an online free GIF editor that lets you add filters, stickers and captions to basic GIFs to make them look more awesome.
Free GIF editors are very much needed in making memes to cheer up your friends or simply trolling netizens on the internet.
Enter the GIF that needs to be edited, by copy-pasting its address in the URL bar provided. When you’re done editing, enter the relevant tags for the GIF so people can easily find your GIF on Giphy.
As you’ve seen, you can edit and customize the GIFs to look really awesome with captions, effects and stickers. To add your play button to the GIF file you have just created, visit the Free Online Image Editor site.
You can then save the file to your computer, and now your GIF has an overlaid play button, and is ready to be used in your emails.
Pop Art Studio is a free online graphic editor app that allows you to add fascinating pop arts and various other effects to your images. Pop Art Studio is capable of creating collage, portrait, neon art, 3D effects, polaroids, designs, etc.
You may also like other similar apps reviewed earlier by us: PixEditor, Polaroid Madness and Instant Retro. Pop Art Studio can be grabbed from the link provided to you at the end of this article and quickly it redirects you to the homepage of this graphic editor app. At its homepage, you can choose the categories from the menu bar located at the top of the window. A sample default image is provided to you which lets you see the preview of the chosen effect. Each chosen effects provides various customization options and allows you to adjust the width, height, threshold, blur, etc.
Pop Art Studio is a stunning online graphic editor app that offers you various pop arts along with multiple number of effects which can be applied to your images.
Cloudphotoeditor is a free online animated gif creator that offers you variety of photo effects, animations, glitter stamps, frames, etc.
The only flaw with this free graphic editor is that, it adds a small watermark at the bottom of the final image.
This free online photo editor also provides embed code that you can use to embed image in any webpage or forum.

How To Add Effects, Animations, Frames, Glitter Stamps Using This free Photo Editing Website? Once done, you can then click on Save & download button located at the bottom of the interface.
You can do basic edits like resizing, cropping, rotation and advanced photo manipulations here. You can upload photos from your webcam, remote URL, Flickr or even create new images in a few clicks.
With the help of GIPHY’s GIF editor, you can manipulate a basic GIF in many ways with correlation to different topics. Since there is a big chance you chose this free online GIF editor to edit memes, you can also try out these 42 free meme generators.
You can also browse a GIF from your computer or by simply dragging and dropping the GIF in Giphy’s GIF editor. The size of the stickers can be changed by dragging the edge of the sticker’s transformation box in and out.
The only problem I experienced with this online free GIF editor is the restricted mobility and transformation of the stickers due to their frame. It offers you multiple number of effects which can be applied to your image to make them look different from the rest effects that you apply using free photo editor.
As soon as you choose a category, it displays the preview in form of thumnails which displays the preview of all the effects available within the category. You can now choose any photo form your system to upload and then you can click on “Upload” button.
You can download the photo to any desired folder on your computer by right-clicking anywhere on the image and choosing “Save image as” option.
If it would have provided a direct way to download these colorful creations then we need not apply the usual method to download the images from this app to our system.
It also lets you send via email and at the same time allows you to save the edited image to your computer. As soon as you click on link, it soon redirects you to the page where it displays all the options on the main homepage. You can use various customization options with text: Font style, Letter Spacing, Rotation, etc. It provides various options: Upload to Facebook, Send via Email, Direct Code, HTML Code, Forum Code and Save to Disk.
You may get carried away by variety of options, as I too enjoyed creating great looking animated images. I started this project hoping it would be of use to others and by reading your review it seems like has.

In addition to stickers, you can insert visual filters to the GIF from the Effects section.
My favorite one was ‘Trippy’ which bloomed the GIF into multiple colors and took it on a psychedelic trip. You can now choose the style of the caption text between default, meme, subtitle and pixel. It also lets you create various types of collage using various formats provided within this graphic editor app. This graphic editor app offers you a simple and user-friendly interface and displays preview of each effect in form of thumbnails. I’ve chosen “Andy Warhol” Option and then selected “Andy Warhol Self Portrait” among the provided options. The app leaves a watermark on the image when viewed in actual size, which appears to be a little annoying. You can either opt to upload photo from the computer or simply provide the URL of the same, to perform various edits and actions. It lets you transform your images and make them look like Marylin Monoroe (famous artist of the twentieth century) creations. In addition, it also provides “Help” option on all effects provided by this graphic editor in order to help novice users to begin the procedure. You can choose the image either from your computer or else you can also provide the URL of selected picture, which you wish to edit.
In case, you are not satisfied with the provided effect, you can click on the Dice shaped button to randomize the effect.
To remove the watermark from the images you will to loosen your pocket otherwise can continue with the standard dimension of the image offered by this graphic editor app.
If you want to select a GIF of a particular mood, you can search for it with the relevant keyword in the search box.
The ping-pong option plays the GIF forward and backwards successively to give a really nice effect. This free GIF editor lets you select between wave, glitter and glitch text effects to animate the caption. This app is apt to imitate the Andy Warhol style as it provides you 9 effects under this selection which you can apply to your images to make them look beautiful and unique. If you are not in mood to loosen your pocket you can download the image with the default size provided by this graphic editor app. It also provides you various customization options and at end saves your image in JPEG format.

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