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We always appreciate it when game's don't overextend themselves from a graphical standpoint. SMS is one of the most interesting activities that the generation Y does using their Android devices.
Handscent was our first interaction with an Android app that replaces the stock messaging app for the Android platform and trust us the app left an everlasting expression after the first use and hence we would like to put the app at the top of the list today. Chomp SMs is another interesting Sms app that we have in the Android marketplace while the chomp SMS app is one of the more better looking one with the interface showing time stamp on messages along with the thumbnails of the user who has sent the SMS synced with the social if at all he is on one. Text plus is an impressive SMS replacement app for the Android platform, while the above mentioned applications have their own drawbacks and positivity textPlus has the same set out for itself as well.
Google Voice as most of you must be familiar of is the voice to text messaging service run by Google.
We bring you daily best android apps, games and review of top application from the hundred of the applications releasing everyday in the market. The best free iPhone apps can be almost anything including, games that are fun an addicting, price comparison tools to save you more money, video and sports statistic searches, as well as some larger company sponsored apps such as the new york times and eBay mobile. Some of the most useful free iPhone apps are simply interfaces for websites that you probably use all the time.
1.       The Google Mobile App loads the Google home page with a click of a button, instead of having to type it in the web address.
2.       The Facebook App allows you to sync your facebook page with your phone, Letting you update statuses and load pictures.
4.       The eBay mobile app, mentioned above, is especially useful when you are in a bidding war over a particular item, being able to get updates and make bids on the go will certainly give you a leg up on competitors who are stuck at their computers. While these apps only focus on one website, some of the best free iPhone apps utilize the whole web, acting like search engines on your phone. 5.       Save Benjis can search online and compare over 15 million products from more than one thousand popular stores.
6.       Epocrates Rx performs a similar task only with medication, it searches all the major drug manufacturers and suppliers to find the cheapest way for you to get well.
7.       The Eventful app tracks thousands of bands, allowing you to be the first one to know who is performing in town that night. 8.       The “Where” app allows you to search the surrounding area to find the nearest food, shops, or gas, giving you constant accurate directions to wherever you want to go. Many of the other free iPhone apps are much simpler, more geared towards entertainment or simple everyday tasks. 9.       The Lightsaber app allows you to chance the color of the weapon on the screen and makes the famous lightsaber sound effects when you swing your phone around your head.

10.   The Flashlight app makes your phone’s screen light up brighter than normal perfect for finding something in the back of your car at night. Made from fondant, our little Fireman Sam figure is fully edible as is his firetruck complete with ladder & firehose. The customer ordered a vanilla flavoured Fireman Sam cake and asked for the cake to be coloured green – the birthday boy’s favourite colour! Following on from demands from EU authorities to better regulate in app purchases, Apple has enacted a new policy on digital stores which allows users to ‘return’ digital purchases made up to 14 days following the purchase. After what became quite the scandal for app stores, specifically Apple and Google ones, the move is expected to alleviate stress for parents whose devices have been used by kids to make purchases unauthorised by the owner. Stores now allowing returns from Apple include the App Store, iBooks as well as iTunes purchases. To initiate a return, users must click on the ‘report a problem’ website link or provide a written statement to the company, who say that returns may take up to two weeks to process.
Currently the feature is only available inside the EU in EU countries, no plans as of yet have been announced for a US rollout.
Google and Apple were made to comply to a refunds scheme in the US, paying out significant amounts in order to rectify these unauthorized purchases.
Previously on Apple app stores all sales were final, meaning policy dictated that one a payment was made users were unable to request such a refund. Users may be able to abuse this system however, especially in the gaming and movie rental sectors, it does seem like such a system could be abused. You can make a request in the ( vShare Translation ) section and ask for your language to be added, and if you helped in the translation then your info. When vShare server get overloaded, the download speed gets really slow and a lot of downloads get interrupted, if that happened, then the best thing you can is to download only one app at a time. The apps updates is temporary disable to ease the load on the server, once the overload is resolved, apps updates going to be enabled again. This app sticks to a simple, cartoony style, and it executes that style with bold colors and sharp design.
In fact the Android operating developers and the people that are associated with the Android platform are very much acquainted with that fact. The app gives you a completely customizable interface with the customizable fonts, font sizes and also the customizable background. You can set different message tones for different people so that you do not get disturbed by the unwanted messages and can easily go through the most important ones only on your Android. While the NImbuzz app makes the sending and receiving of messages from your Android much more easier it also facilitates sending picture and Media SMS.

The service runs in this way that you learn the commands of the system and then speak whatever you have to send in your Android followed with a specific command. This was due largely to the user’s ability to personalize it using the popular Apple App store.
Regardless of what the app does, it needs several qualities to make it a good free iPhone app. However many free iPhone apps come with problems that do not appear in the apps you pay for.
By displaying all of these in one place, it makes it easy to compare prices and find the best deal. The EU were amongst the most adamant for in app purchases to be subject to further regulations, in a well publicised series of events last year.
However, the recently implemented EU Consumer RIghts Directive made an informal recommendation that all purchases be allowed this 2 week return window. Apple may or may not be able to pick up on this via the number of returns applied for over a given period of time, but the company has not yet made any such statement on the feature. Other notable features of Nimbuzz include Chat history, Screen notifications, Contacts search, Groups management, and Quick Scroll. It is not only a SMs replacement app but also an application to send free SMS to other phones around the country. Apps are programs that can be downloaded to your phone to perform various functions that the phone wouldn’t normally do. Therefore we have brought to you today a collection of top 5 amazing Android messaging apps, which we think might make the act of sending free text messages from your Android device really-really fun. Though these apps range in functionality from being incredibly useful to downright entertaining, downloading a lot of them can also get pretty expensive. They are no over populated with advertisements, which can be frustrating, and are for the most part bug free, seldom crashing in the middle of using them.
Do not forget to make the download and let us know of your opinions about the same in the comments section below. This will determine how long you want to keep it on your iPhone before you are bored with it. Finally, it helps if the app is not too large a file to download, which can take a lot of time and limit the space available for other apps on your phone.

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