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Glass painting fanatics can take their artistic skill to the next level revamping their old stemware.
Prep up for a festive weekend painting a set of wine glasses combined with savory foods and loads of entertainment. The dull wine glasses layered with silver paint provides a warmer glow adding a tipsy charm to your Thanksgiving dinner with family. On one hand, hold a palette with blobs of acrylic paint and mix and match the colors to decorate the glasses with the other using cotton swabs.
Blooming with delight are the sleek wine glasses given a floral touch to turn your kitchen shelf into a mini garden and to amplify the decor value as well.
Rather than sending your children to a glass painting class, you can give a quick demo at home, pulling out the old set of wine glasses etched with unsightly logos from the shelf and adding few strokes of paints to make them decoration-ready, and also creating a new summer craft. Play up with loud colors to make the glasses wear an explicit look gushing out a contrasting effect when filled with varied wines.
If there is one friend in your group having a fetish for glass-painted decorative centerpieces, then you may consider gifting on her engagement day a couple of wine glasses embellished with stunning paints. Amid the myriad marriage preparations and back-to-back ceremonies, something special should be planned for the bridesmaid as well as the mother of the bride.
As opposed to abstract designs, you can decide a theme to ornate the glasses that would serve as breathtaking decor accents sans any additional expenditure. Enticing enough as a present for mother’s day, the glasses richly soaked in metallic gold paint exude a misty glam when laid on the table. Visually stunning, the slender wine glasses swirled with glittery coats are suitable to primp any modern table setting rather than just serving as mere wine holders. You know it’s time to go into a flower frenzy even with your inexpensive wine glasses when the gentle spring unleashes and takes away the winter blues.
An Easter afternoon is best enjoyed with sumptuous lunch along with some wine delights served in glitzy glasses.

Are you looking for an unconventional theme to celebrate Valentine Day with your girlfriend?
Beautify your plain, old glasses that are locked up in the kitchen cabinet with a dash of vibrant color themed for a special occasion at home. The shades of green and red on the glasses signify that X-mas is here to stay for the entire month. Another way to creatively upgrade your stemware collection with polka dots following a simplistic approach.
Here, the trick is to attach letter stickers to the glass and smear them with glitter paints for a glitzy effect or just simply fill it with beautiful sayings. Whether a grand wedding party or a baby shower at a friend’s house, monogrammed painted wine glasses are indeed fabulous to give away to the maid of honor or just for a unique decor. If you are up for some Halloween mischief, then get your paints and brushes ready to dress the wine glass in the eerie way. Wine glasses that come without the stems can also be adorned with a wide assortment of paints. Isn’t it a pretty glass to pour some wine and have on a freezing night while reading a novel?
The ones having a flair for wildlife can whip up a leopard printed-magnum opus with metallic paint in the same way. Grab those sharpie pens lying inside the table drawer to design the glasses for some festive cheer. There are tons of themes such as music, retirement, and tennis racket you can choose from for designing the wine glass with paints, especially when your kids participate in the fun-filled activity. These detailed laser-cut Accent Stencils can be used to paint and embellish walls in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, living rooms, signs, artwork and much more.
Winterthur heart stencils (cs003w) - lindy's cakes ltd, A very versitile stencil set - a heart design to match the crewel stencils plus a delightful delicate patterned heart, both perfect for creating cupcakes and cookies.

All you need is an inexpensive wine glass, paint brushes and dollops of acrylic paints, chalk paints, various shades of nail polish, or just colorful sharpies to create a stunning decor craft with umpteen designs. A wacky tip for upping the decor appeal is inverting the glasses and placing candles on them. Why not make the wedding eve day of your best friend extra special with exotic wine glasses given a touch of your special creation, making the grape juice taste better?
Don’t you think the pretty glassware is adorable enough as a farewell gift for your favorite teacher? How about painting their names or initials on a wine glass and serving a drink or two in it?
Be careful when baking the glasses in an attempt to dry the paints inside the oven to avoid any breakage.
Arrange an outdoor candlelight dinner beginning with unscrewing your favorite beverage and pouring it into the hand painted glasses. Add more uniqueness by hand painting a snowman, Santa Claus or the quirky Grinch on the glass. At the same time, you can opt for a beach theme, painting lush coconut trees, starfish, or funky flip flops. Just paint the base and stem with glittery pink and draw the cute little kitten on the glass.
Next time, you are hosting a cocktail party make sure it turns out to be a colorful one courtesy the flamboyant glasses scattered around.
Because of their smaller size, they can also be used to stencil on tiles, furniture, lampshades, fabric, paper, scrapbooks and many other surfaces.

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