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Once the session was complete, Wayne carefully wrapped my arm up with gauze and a padded plaster and explained the aftercare process, which meant keeping my arm dry and covered for 24 hours. It’s been a week and some of the black shading that I thought was gone has crept back, but it’s noticeably faded.
Loaded with a myriad of connotations, the skull has always been a source of inspiration for artists. The opening night party for this exhibition also coincides with The Circle’s two year anniversary – so it’s gonna be a big one! To celebrate the occasion a selection of artists, including  Ricardo Cavolo, Jack Pearce and Mister Paterson, have created exclusive skull tattoo flash designs. So tattoo shops have a tradition of celebrating Friday 13th by offering lucky (or maybe unlucky) tattoos from a sheet of flash for ?13 – you can also give an optional ?7 tip if you like. My Twitter friend, Daniel Vane aka Grandmaster Tash, was a little greedy and got himself the dagger (by Julia) and the candle (by Naresh) from Flamin’ Eight, in Kentish Town, London. Where to Get A $13 Tattoo for Friday the 13th in RVA Richmond Tattoo ShopsThe Best Tattoo Resource in Richmond, VAHome A» $13 Tattoos in Richmond for Friday the 13th$13 Tattoos in Richmond for Friday the 13thSeptember 5, 2013 by Josh Squires So you want a $13 tattoo in Richmond, do you?
Maybe it’s those neo-traditional, early 2000 pin-ups, that piece of tribal or the name of an ex that seemed like a great idea at the time. As you can see from the photos, the area of the tattoo is large and, after talking to various tattooists, removal seemed the only route. On the way back to our lovely Editor’s house (who agreed to look after my sorry ass) it suddenly hit me.

From Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Skull With A Burning Cigarette’ to Damien Hirst’s notorious platinum and diamond-encrusted creation, they can be found in countless masterpieces.
Available as tattoos at The Circle for the duration of the showcase, the flash sheet artwork will also be up for grabs as a special limited-edition print. The month of September is hosting the first Friday the 13th of the year, and we will be, as a tradition, offering $13 TATTOOS!!
You hear so many different versions of how the pain is going to feel – some say it’s like hot oil being splashed on you, some say it’s like elastic bands being flicked. Each tattoo is about the size of a poker chip, and you can choose to either get color or black & gray shading.
I started getting tattooed far too young, trying to make some kind of statement that, even to this day, I can’t figure out. After researching a few methods, Wayne, who works at The Circle in Soho, London, and his Picosure machine appeared to be the best option. All I knew was that I loved tattoos, but the only access I had to them was through tattoo magazines and flash on the walls of the few shops I could get tattooed in. The first zap made me jump, then while Wayne moved the laser round, it felt like a plaster being slowly pulled off.
So some of our local Richmond tattoo shops have taken it upon themselves to provide you, their underemployed or under-funded would-be patron, with a solution you’ll be pleased with. I wasn’t nervous at all as I’m heavily tattooed and have had some painful places tattooed already, like my tummy.

The laser makes your skin feel very hot, so a cold air blast is used in-between the laser’s progress, which helped. After two days tiny blisters came up on half the tattoo, which I was told to leave well alone and covered up.
The $13 tattoo offer is more of a one-time promotion intended to stir up new business rather than an ongoing offering at the participating tattoo shops. The skin itself goes white for about an hour after, which fools you into thinking it has vanished like magic, so don’t be disappointed when it returns to colour. We’ve sent inquiries out to a ton of tattoo shops in Richmond and so far, these are the only two tattoo shops participating. You’ve probably got some really cool (or half-baked crackpot) idea brewing for what you want to get. It’s first come, first serve and the party ends when the shop closes or when the shop owner has had enough and tells everyone to go home. It’s a nice crumb some of our local tattoo shops throw out there to stir up new business. Some shops we’ve talked to have intimated a small (or not so small) amount of disdain for the practice, but it is what it is.

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