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We may own some shirts with long sleeves and a jacket or two, but really, we are totally unprepared when it comes to COLD weather. We really never have to drive around in snow and ice, so when we even see a tiny bit of it, we freak out and cancel school, work, and life.
When its comes to the question how to express hate to some one without showing directly their are many ways to express. The “Walt Disney hated Jews and blacks” accusation is one of the most vile mistruths tossed around about the old man, yet a quick browse on-line suggests that more young people believe it today than ever before. Writers of these shows, who can rarely be relied upon to come up with clever or original humor, recycle a playbook of dated pop culture references, among them that Walt hated Jews and that he’s frozen. Combine the endemic laziness of animation writers with an every-child-left-behind educational system that has created a legion of TV viewers who can’t recognize that they’re being duped by old hearsay instead of being revealed new truths, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. I dropped by the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco last year and it was one of the most well curated and delightful museums I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. I’m sure the Walt Disney Company has plenty of employees already who manage their brand on-line and actively communicate with fans on the Internet.
The problem of TV writers spreading disinformation about Walt is so widespread that even former Disney stars are perpetuating the stories. According to this person, supporting Walt Disney’s work is equivalent to supporting a media empire run by Osama bin Laden.
UPDATE: A shameful example of misinformation can be found in this recent piece about Roald Dahl. We welcome thoughtful comments on articles, but please read our community guidelines before participating. It’s funny how everyone blasts Family Guy for doing jokes like this but conveniently ignores the fact that the Simpsons was also doing this back when the show was actually good and the last thing one would accuse the writers of was being lazy.

Actually, I recall them having one episode where they portrayed a Disney parody as being a closet Nazi. The very stupid Chicken Robot episode in which Disney likes to eat cuban children and travels to cuba in which they play mexican music and cubans speak with that generic speedy gonzalez’like accent was actually the reason why I stopped watching that damn show.
I kinda blame shows like these for giving people the wrong impression of Soviet Bloc animation as well, but that’s just a quirk of mine. It would be correct to say most kids are ignorant, because the are lacking in knowledge or training. I know it can be confusing, but ignorant means untrained, while dumb means lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind.
You can’t compare the intelligence of that 9 or 6 year old to normal adults, and say THEY are proof kids are smart. Doesn’t Family Guy have a hand full of anti-semitic episodes that fox refuses to air?
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We spend the majority of our year sweating and avoiding the sun, so when cold weather comes along, we freak out. When we step outside with the few layers we can scrounge together, all we think about is how cold we are and how ready we are for it to be summer again.
The only way to cure a traffic problem in Texas is to tell people that tomorrow it’s gonna freeze. But seeing as how their company’s success is so indelibly tied to a single name, it would behoove them to also have a full-time employee or two dedicated to managing their founder’s reputation lest these lies are repeated often enough to be accepted as truth.

Because kids can be just as if not smarter than most adults, this is a fact anyone with common knowledge should have.
It also makes the adult generation look worse because it’s up to the previous generation to bring the current one up to par.
The questions don’t stem from Marc Eliot’s notorious hack job Walt Disney: Hollywood’s Dark Prince–remember, nobody reads anymore–but rather from pop culture references, particularly animated shows like Family Guy and Robot Chicken.
Walt Disney appears in the skit, and along with him, the two stock Walt gags: he’s anti-Semitic and he’s frozen.
Poor Disney, they probably sucked up to him their whole lives and can say that now that he can’t defend himself. I just thought I would help you in case you want to make this point again to someone else, because it’s very ironic. Comparing them to the average is like comparing every black person in a gang to the average of black people, and concluding from it that all black people are bad. To address the rampant distortions about Walt, the Disney family and company must expand their on-line presence and make an effort to combat the inaccuracies with relevant information about Walt Disney’s life, history and legacy. I should also invite that kid that was around six and was elected governor for a day due to his knowledge of political stances and problems.
If you want to compare those kids intelligence, you need to compare them to brilliant adult minds. You’ll find that the brilliant adults think at MUCH higher levels than the brilliant kids.

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