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Rowdy frat boys a€“ oddly juxtaposed against the elegant circular bar and chandeliers a€“ clamor for the bartendera€™s attention as they vie for the affections of high-heeled co-eds perched on the leather barstools, while young professionals bump and grind with their conquests and their tequila to the DJa€™s pounding mix of modern dance hits and vintage funk. A balcony provides a place to take a breather, chat up a new acquaintance, and check out the mass of throbbing partiers below, while a downstairs patio attracts smokers and one-night hook-ups exchanging phone numbers.
Although patrons who prefer a mellower night out can stop in during the week to chat with laid-back locals, the real draw at Broadway Bar is the raucous weekend scene when the place is packed to the rafters with singles on the prowl.
Recent college grads, singles, and young professionals on weekends; laid-back downtown locals on weeknights, mostly 20s. Thursdays for the Broader Than Broadway ladiesa€™ night, or Fridays and Saturdays for a sexy singles scene. Golden Gopher (417 West 8th Street) is only a short walk away and offers cheap, strong drinks and a rowdy crowd. It doesn't have the strictest dress code, but you should go dressed like you would for a club.
Both upstairs and downstairs tend to have dancing, but the bottom floor is definitely where you should be if you're looking to dance. The rest of the night turned out decent after we were served by another bartender doing his job right (he did get his tip).
The service here is a hit or a miss for me, but to be honest I really don't care about it so long as I'm with good company. Walking into this Broadwar Bar you're met with a staircase that leads to the second floor (more on that later) and a big circular bar crowded by people looking to get their liquor fix. Those who arena€™t attention hungry, who dona€™t prefer the egos, the pounds of make-up, or the posh of Hollywood, will find refuge in Downtown Los Angeles. The location feels seemingly random, as it pops up on an ill lit street of Downtown LA but the interior compensates for the somewhat sketch perimeter as it is decorated with paintings, statuettes and furnishings that alludes to a baroque classical period. There’s nothing quite like some full-on, unabashed, passionate PDA to help spice up your night.

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But therea€™s a great lot just east of Broadway on 9th Street with 24-hour security and a flat rate thata€™s usually around $5. Theme nights include Jazz Tonic on Wednesdays, vintage reggae and soul on Broader Than Broadway on Thursdays, and Funkbeat on Fridays for old-school soul, funk, and 80s remixes. Broadway Bar is worth a visit, but it's not somewhere you go every weekend for a guaranteed good time. Obviously, if you've ordered a drink more than once you have an idea of what its supposed to look and taste like.
The bar can get crowded and ordering a drink may take a while specially since every time I go they seem to have 2 bartenders despite the relatively large size of the bar and amount of people surrounding it. Broadway Bar draws a young and mellow crowd that is seeking social interaction or a genuinely good time on the dance floor. The DJs featured here are usually fairly serious about their craft--those who like good music will not be disappointed. Prom Night for example, invites people to be playful and nostalgic while dressed in the formal attire which is probably rotting away in the back of a closet. There are nights where there is a small line outside the door, and there are times when the bar can seem practically vacant. Our reviewers represent a broad range of personalities and can help you decide where to go and what to do!
It's one of those places you talk about going to, plan a weekend to go, and, when you get there, make sure you're seen.
So they politely asked the bartender girl what she had made, and told her that it might be missing something.
No one should have to experience that when they're out trying to give someone their business.

Keep in mind, if you're looking to get shit faced, the walk downstairs will not be fun; the ironic part is that the more mellow crowd is downstairs and upstairs is where people let loose!
Next to one side of the bar is a patio and on the opposite side are some large couches next to the DJ booth. People are not required to dress up to get in, but doing so adds to the excitement of the evening.
Pretty unfortunate because the place itself was nice and we did have a good time upstairs, but I won't want to go back to a place where they'll allow that type of shit to go down. From the circle bar downstairs, to the old paintings on the wall, the dim lights and the beautiful staircase. The bar itself is very small but sometimes I feel like I'm able to get a drink faster upstairs then downstairs. There are two bars one upstairs and one downstairs, and the service time is consistently slow at both. When they ask her to pour in blue curacao, she spills the liquor on both my gf and sister's hand and sarcastically says she's sorry.
I guess she was offended that they questioned her but we were paying customers so at least make an effort to accomadate. I'm willing to pay LA prices but I'll have to do that elsewhere, because I'm not willing to do it at this mockery of a place. I've been here on weeknights during rush hour, and usually find there is an older more relaxed crowd, mainly white collar colleagues; then there are times like friday nights when you have a huge crowd of twenty something year olds.

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