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Joel Kimmel is an illustrator based in Ontario, Canada whose work has appeared in TIME, ESPN, Entertainment Weekly and The New York Times, among others. Feast your eyes on the newest innovations to a timeless arsenal of Nerf guns, just in time for the holiday season and beyond! Check out all of the details on the new blaster models Nerf has to offer!Nerf N-Strike Elite Crossbolt BlasterGet ready for a new kind of trigger with the Crossbolt Blaster. With two 6-dart clips, you can shoot up to 12 zombie strike darts without having to reload once!
After knocking down the nearest walking corpses, swap out for fresh ammo by flipping the empty clip with the full clip below it and continue taking out the undead masses!

Well,the talented people at Nerf have done it again: a Nerf blaster that doubles as a slingshot! The n-strike Elite SlingShot Blaster is the first-ever Nerf blaster powered by an air-powered slingshot. Meant more for accuracy than for high firing volume, the SlingStrike Blaster comes with two Elite darts, ready to be loaded and fired at a moment’s notice! When these Nerf blasters hit the market, the real difficulty begins; with which one will you choose?
Never fear, we’ve got the solution: get them all and save yourself the hassle of choosing just one!

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