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Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. If a teardrop tattoo is seen in the outside world, the most common meaning is that the wearer is part of a gang and knows people who have been killed in battle. This is one of those tattoos with meaning that we will never quite know to the full extent. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Sunflower Tattoos, Wall Tattoos, Sparrow Tattoos and Mexican Tattoos. The terrified gangster with other prisoners shows off his face that is totally inked with dark tattoos.
The strong and sturdy gangster has got automobiles and portraits of women on his torso that look very cool in entirety. Take a look at the collage of various designs from white power to tribal, created on the face of the gangster.
The cheerful gangster has got several tattoos on his body that includes the chest, arm, and stomach.
The gangster has got the name of his gang done on his chest in a bold and striking manner to show his allegiance. The tribal style pattern created on the arm of the gangster looks cool and complements his rowdy personality.
The blood drops dripping below the lettering create a grim portrait that is symbolic of the dangerous lives gangsters lead. The creepy girl portrait coupled with the outlaw lettering stands for the wayward lifestyle of the gangster.
The kanji symbol, dragon and other abstract design created on the chest and stomach of the gangster give away his national identity.
The stunning design created on the muscular chest with spiral and curvy pattern looks quite bold and striking. The smile and cry lettering coupled with the matching masks denotes the risky life of the gangsters that is full of success and failures. The tattoos are a style statement that find great favor from the gangs as it is a mark of identity for the members.
Tattoo culture is quite prevalent in the Russian prisons and the gangsters are known to get the body art carved illegally. This prisoner has his whole face covered with tattoos that make the mournful look on his face more poignant. Unique, black and white tattoo, showing angel wings, carved on the back of the gangster, looks cool. Artistic and alluring, the gangster has got a charming design done on his face that displays fine details and cool style.
Symbol of danger and risk, the skull tattoo is an appropriate deign for the gangsters to be carved as tattoo. The face of the gangster inked with artistic and designer pattern presents an artful portrait before the eyes.
This Asian gangster has got tattoos on both the sides of his chest that are symbolic of the pride he takes in his status.
Veteran gangster displaying tattoos on his arm that are a symbol of the doomed fate the man has in store for him. Watch out these cool gangsters who have got tattoos on their arms and flaunt them while taking part in a dance.
Though it is difficult to guess what is the exact design of the tattoo, it belongs to a gangster, for sure.
Black and white tattoo carved with dragon and cherry blossom flowers that look highly aesthetic and appealing. Full back, colorful tattoo displaying the image of a geisha that has been done in a cool, artistic manner. This gangster’s face tattoo gives deep insight into the psyche of a criminal, expressing his thoughts and ideas. Black and white tattoo, having a snake, gun, musical notes and lettering looks very intriguing. The Chinese symbol of power, aggression and wisdom, looks fine in the way it has been done on the chest of the gangster. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Beleaguered rapper Gucci Mane has finally emerged from Atlanta’s Anchor Hospital after a judge ordered him to undergo psychiatric tests.
Sully Erna of Godsmack: Not really a rapper, but we wanted to note that his little star tattoo gives us the giggles.

Mexican prison tattoos speak a language of their own, and the tale they tell is one of violence and survival. Like other prison tattoos, tats of the Mexican prison variety are a kind of language in their own right.
Who the person is: Sometimes this is the person's real name, but more often than not it's the street name the person goes by. Where he's been: This could be his home turf, the jails he's done time in or even a combination of both.
If a person isn't already inked when he enters a Mexican prison, chances are he will be by the time he comes out- if he makes it out at all. In most cases, you're not going to walk into a legitimate tattoo parlor and ask for the latest Mexican prison or gang design. A solid tear drop speaks of another kind of death, that of someone close to the person wearing the tattoo. Three dot tattoos: These tats consist of three small dots positioned like the points of a triangle, and they can have one or more meanings. Dot tattoos are often placed in a less conspicuous area, such as in the slight webbing between the fingers, or on the wrists and elbows. Tats aren't easy to get rid of, and if you're on the wrong path now, that may not always be the case. EEEWWWW wiz and amber rose wtf she a hoe , ugly n she bald head lol wiz u is to fuckin sexyy for ha ass u can do way much betta dan thhat shemann !HUNNI GO BACK TO KANYE U TAKIN DA SEXII NIGGAS! Bro yur songs are tha shit and u are raw as fuck too yur my fav rapper so keep doin yur thing TAYLOR GANG OR DIE 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIZ IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN THHE WHOLE WIDE WORLD MY NAME IS DESI KHALIFA YOUR TATTOOS ARE VERY SEXY YOU ARE TO YOU ARE MY FAVORITE ARTIST IN THE WHOLE WORLD IM DESI KHALIFA FA LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Skull tattoos have a wide variety of symbolic meanings, depending on how the skull is used. There are skull tattoos that are meant to be frightening, ones that are drawn to be as realistic as possible and some that are drawn in pink with hearts for eye sockets. Skull images are, first and foremost, associated with death, and we are a society that prefers not to confront death until we absolutely have to! Death head images have been a motif used in a lot of classic art, denoting the fact that time passes and we all die. Custom skull tattoos have become so popular that the art behind them has evolved significantly. The Day of the Dead (El Dia de los Muertos) is a celebration in Mexico in which the skull (calavera) plays an important role. Sugar skull tattoos are popular with women because of the original blend of skull and color, dead and life. Some people pick a sugar skull tattoo as an in loving memory tattoo, to honor someone dear who has died. Sometimes the skeleton is dressed differently – he may be wearing more casual attire, or holding a guitar for example. The grim reaper has been used a lot in medieval art to remind us of the fact that life is not infinite and that there is an afterlife. There are many who choose a Southwest-style bull skull tattoo to represent their own style and the area that they love. Allen Iverson: NBA player, has got a skull with military helmet and the word SOLDIER underneath. Nick Cave: has a winged skull and bones design on his right shoulder with the name of his ex Anita underneath. The teardrop tattoo would be placed just below the eye, it meant that the gang member in question had taken somebodies life.
Even in prison however, the teardrop tattoo can mean that an inmate has lost a loved one or has simply spent time in the cells.
US Rapper Lil’ Wayne is the most famous face to sport the teardrop tattoo, his symbolizes friends he has lost in gangland wars. I've heard several meanings for that one, but most often that it meant the weaker had killed someone or lost a loved one. The body art is prevalent in many crime gangs of different countries and gangsters wear tattoos on their body parts as a mark of identity and allegiance to their groups. Its a jumbled mosaic that lacks the stark simplicity of having a Cold Stone Creamery on your cheek.
It stands for Stacks On Deck Money Gang, but looks more like something your little sister would text you. One of the first decisions a fresh inmate makes is which gang he is going to join for protection.

These tats are usually created underground, either homemade by the gang members themselves, or done covertly in prison.The methods used to create these tats have nothing to do with the sterile conditions found in your better tattoo shops. Their name translates to "The Crazy Dudes", and their identifying tattoo mark is a triangle of three small dots.
They are usually used to indicate prison time served.Tear drops also relate directly to death. This tat can also signal gang membership, although it doesn't appear to be connected to any specific gang. Occasionally, cigarette burns are used in place of tattoos and generally hold the same meanings. Plenty of people know what these tats mean, and they're going to assume you're good for the message your ink is putting out.
The skull is such a universal symbol that it can be adapted to literally any meaning, from religious to political to simply an artistic design with aesthetic merit. Think of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations – complete with decorative sugar skeletons and skull cookies!
A skull tattoo can be a reminder to live life to its fullest because it will ultimately end.
After all, another reason why the skull image is so popular is that its dramatic lines lend themselves well to art. Extremely elaborate scenes involving many skulls are possible, as are painstaking details that bring the skull to life.
On the Day of the Dead (November 2), family and friends gather to remember dear ones who have died. Like the Day of the Dead itself, the tattoos can be both a symbol of mourning a life that is over as well as a celebration of that life and of everything that life has to offer.
They usually features the skull and prominently displayed horns, sometimes combined with Native American symbols like feathers. Confederate skull tattoos may use the skull and crossbones in other ways as well, such as a skull that is covered in the Confederate flag’s stars and bars.
The teardrop tattoo has only really been seen in the last 10 years, it has a very strong meaning but also takes a very strong person to commit to having a tattoo on their face.
In many cases it means exactly what it did to begin with – that the wearer has taken a life whilst being in prison. In some cases the teardrops will be filled in, in these cases they represent that a loved one took their own life. The tattoos have, in fact, got a negative connotation due to their being associated with the gang culture. The meaning of these tattoos can range from the nature of the crime committed by the gangster to his personal aesthetic taste.
Well Gucci loves ice (of the sparkling, wearable variety), and he’s been playing with chilly imagery for years. The initial tats show membership in a particular gang, and the tats just keep coming as the person's criminal career unfolds. They are often done in a very primitive manner by taking a needle that's been dipped in the ink of a ball point pen and tapping it into the skin. The center dot represents the person wearing the tattoo, while the four surrounding dots represent friends or other gang members who have that person's back. And to the person who said he’s to skinny Go To Hell Hoe…Slumbaq Bxtch =) *Swisher Sweets Rolln* RAY Poppin liiiike!!
It signifies that when you are dead, your flesh disintegrates and all that's left is the memory of you and you become an angel. In other cases the outline of a teardrop will be shown, this signals that a loved one has been murdered. There is a lot of interesting literature that can be found on this subject and many researchers have done extensive work on these tattoos to find out the meaning and different other dimensions of the art forms the gangsters are known to sport. If you are curious to explore the topic then have a look at the post that we have created here. When that person eventually winds up in jail, he already has an affiliation in place that will afford him some protection against other inmates.
Other times the tats are created using a crude machine made with a small motor, a piece of guitar string, a battery, a hollow pen and ink.
He wanted to have something not too demonic, so he put a halo over it to turn the skull into something positive.

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