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Tattoos depicting the life of gangsters range from monochromatic pencil sketch style patterns, to vividly colorful scenes. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Flame Tattoos, Hibiscus Tattoos, Capricorn Tattoos and Buddha Tattoos. The man’s body is covered with delicately shaded tattoos showing faces, text, and patterns. ALL these Gangsta Tattoos for Tough Guys are really nice idea these tattoo is giving them cool and dashing look.
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The terrified gangster with other prisoners shows off his face that is totally inked with dark tattoos. The strong and sturdy gangster has got automobiles and portraits of women on his torso that look very cool in entirety.
Take a look at the collage of various designs from white power to tribal, created on the face of the gangster. The cheerful gangster has got several tattoos on his body that includes the chest, arm, and stomach.
The gangster has got the name of his gang done on his chest in a bold and striking manner to show his allegiance.
The tribal style pattern created on the arm of the gangster looks cool and complements his rowdy personality. The blood drops dripping below the lettering create a grim portrait that is symbolic of the dangerous lives gangsters lead. The creepy girl portrait coupled with the outlaw lettering stands for the wayward lifestyle of the gangster. The kanji symbol, dragon and other abstract design created on the chest and stomach of the gangster give away his national identity. The stunning design created on the muscular chest with spiral and curvy pattern looks quite bold and striking.

The smile and cry lettering coupled with the matching masks denotes the risky life of the gangsters that is full of success and failures. The tattoos are a style statement that find great favor from the gangs as it is a mark of identity for the members. Tattoo culture is quite prevalent in the Russian prisons and the gangsters are known to get the body art carved illegally. This prisoner has his whole face covered with tattoos that make the mournful look on his face more poignant. Unique, black and white tattoo, showing angel wings, carved on the back of the gangster, looks cool. Artistic and alluring, the gangster has got a charming design done on his face that displays fine details and cool style.
Symbol of danger and risk, the skull tattoo is an appropriate deign for the gangsters to be carved as tattoo. The face of the gangster inked with artistic and designer pattern presents an artful portrait before the eyes. This Asian gangster has got tattoos on both the sides of his chest that are symbolic of the pride he takes in his status.
Veteran gangster displaying tattoos on his arm that are a symbol of the doomed fate the man has in store for him.
Watch out these cool gangsters who have got tattoos on their arms and flaunt them while taking part in a dance. Though it is difficult to guess what is the exact design of the tattoo, it belongs to a gangster, for sure.
Black and white tattoo carved with dragon and cherry blossom flowers that look highly aesthetic and appealing. Full back, colorful tattoo displaying the image of a geisha that has been done in a cool, artistic manner. This gangster’s face tattoo gives deep insight into the psyche of a criminal, expressing his thoughts and ideas. Black and white tattoo, having a snake, gun, musical notes and lettering looks very intriguing.

The Chinese symbol of power, aggression and wisdom, looks fine in the way it has been done on the chest of the gangster.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Many tattoos show urban scenes with a pretty woman often featuring as a part of the design. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. The body art is prevalent in many crime gangs of different countries and gangsters wear tattoos on their body parts as a mark of identity and allegiance to their groups. The tattoos have, in fact, got a negative connotation due to their being associated with the gang culture.
The meaning of these tattoos can range from the nature of the crime committed by the gangster to his personal aesthetic taste.
People, who choose a gangster’s life, often get themselves permanently inked with colorful and vibrant designs. In the uncertain life of the gangster, a skull tattoo stands as a permanent reminder of death. There is a lot of interesting literature that can be found on this subject and many researchers have done extensive work on these tattoos to find out the meaning and different other dimensions of the art forms the gangsters are known to sport. If you are curious to explore the topic then have a look at the post that we have created here. Many cover their upper body with tattoos, while some flaunt a stunning tattoo on their biceps.
The tattoo designs also show the many firearms used by gangsters, such as pistols, revolvers, and guns.

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