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They love to see the world, meet as many people as they can, and have as many experiences as possible. Imaginative, witty and restless, Geminis have many brilliant ideas, though they may have trouble following through and tend to leave a string of unfinished projects behind them. Cheerful, communicative and youthful, Gemini is the chatterbox of the zodiac, visiting many different people, writing a lot of email, and making a lot of phone calls.
Not particularly cautious, Geminis tend to rush into things and as a result, many are accident-prone.
Driven by impulses and whims, Gemini behaviour is often unpredictable and erratic, and in some cases, hyperactive and nervous. The symbol for Gemini is the Twins and some astrologers say that there are two distinct sides to his changeable personality. Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, Donald Trump, George Bush, John F Kennedy, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Campbell, Paula Abdul, Queen Victoria.
LVM Studios - the initials are from guiding light Leon van Munster’s name - is a small company based in The Netherlands, whose aim is to design, manufacture and sell model kits and detail-up kits for mainly factual-space subjects such as the Space Shuttle, Gemini, and Soyuz. It’s a real golden-oldie that features the second US manned spacecraft design, following on from the single-seat Mercury, and presaging the three-man Apollo capsule built for the lunar landing missions. Probably the weakest point concerns the astronaut figures (below), which lack definition, and could do with separate poseable components for head, torso and limbs. A good plan would be to keep the legacy figures for those who want to build the kit as it was originally released, but then also include a newly-sculpted set for those who wish to feature decent astronauts for display. SMN REPORT For anyone who saw or built the original Matchbox kit, this Revell Platinum Edition must bring back memories. That's just it, when you get to the Saturns, they become an order of magnitude BIGGER than what came before. That's why I am hoping Dragon will do a nice Titan 1:72 to go with the Gemini capsule they already have. Does anybody actually own any of these yet?I'm thinking about purchasing the Atlas and Titan II but I'm a bit hesitant until I see a review.

I've tried my hand at modeling; it is not something I have the patience or skill for, and as a result, I end up frustrated rather than having fun. I too have tried model building and what I got from it was incredible respect for Pascal Hecker, Steve Nichols and those who have those particular talents. Over the past two years I've gained some interesting insights doing CAD models for kits for one of the model manufacturers. If someone would do good CAD models of these boosters we could all have them printed on Shapeways!
They are not homebodies, but energetic and adventurous souls that remain youthful throughout their lives. They want to know everything but usually never dig quite deep enough and just skimming the surface. Since Gemini people never want to miss anything, they often deprive their bodies of food or even sleep.
This can lead them to make impulsive decisions or make sweeping life changes just tto see what will happen. Just to put it into perspective, the fuel and oxidizer tanks on the Saturn 1B first stage are lengthened Redstone tanks (wrapped around a Juno tank in the middle). This is something most real space modelers have had to do to overcome kit issues in the past before we had companies like Realspace and New Ware to spoil us. I just hope somebody who has the ears of Dragon can bend them a bit as a Titan Gemini would make for a very nice model.
It's because of that reason that I appreciate any and all efforts by the likes of Dragon, Toys & Models and others to bring ready-to-display models to the market. Enthusiastic and attractive, Geminis have a thirst for knowledge and require constant intellectual stimulation.
Those who express the ugly side of Gemini are fickle, unreliable, deceptive, superficial, gossipy and they arent always sensitive to the feeling of others while those who express the positive side are talented, generous, charming, adaptable, witty, open-minded and playful.
Virgil Grissom aboard blasted off on 21 July later that year.The NEW limited edition Mercury Redstone model is the full rocket launch system with the Mercury spacecraft perched atop the launch vehicle.

That's what gives the 1B its unique first stage appearance.The Atlas, Titan and Redstone on the otherhand are relatively small since they were all designed as missiles originally and had to have a certain ease of transport, so they couldn't get above a certain size. Plus, a company making a mass produced replica tends to gravitate towards a bigger target audience and typically isn't going to add details like that as they would add a lot of cost to the production of a replica which increases the price and in turn cuts down on the potential buyers. I'd much rather a built model with flaws (that I can point out to anyone interested, but more often they just elicit enthusiasm) than a closet full of model kit boxes that I'll never be able to assemble, paint or display.I have a lot of respect for those who can kitbash and envy their model collections.
They do better in jobs that provide opportunities for socializing and require a wide variety of tasks. They are also careless with their possessions or cash and may end up broke or in debt (unless the ascendant belongs to the more cautious signs of the zodiac). They are certainly smaller than the Soviet R-7 rocket, which although it was originally intended as an ICBM, it wasn't a very practical one.
If you have found a romantic partner in a Gemini, you have a young at heart lover who wants to try new things and is always looking for a new adventure.
It launched the first communications satellite that transmitted President Eisenhower's pre-recorded Christmas speech around the world. The downside is that the character of Gemini people are filled with a lot of nervous energy.
Air Force Atlas D intercontinental ballistic missile to be modified into one of the launch vehicles for the first manned spaceflight program, designated the Mercury-Atlas. It was the second human spaceflight program of NASA, used to launch twelve Gemini missions for NASA between 1964 and 1966.

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