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Gemini tattoos are zodiac tattoo designs sported by people born between May 21st and June 20th, i.e. Gemini tattoos truly make a fitting emblem for the colorful personalities of the people born under the sign of the Gemini— with birth dates May 22 to June 23. If you want a sleek-looking tattoo that expresses your character, you can never go wrong with Gemini tattoos. On star maps, the twins are usually shown near the Milky Way, with one of the twins inside the Milky Way, and the other outside the Milky Way, which is thought to represent the one twin who was stealing cattle and the other who simply looked on. The Gemini horoscope sign is represented by a simple design that looks like the Roman numeral II. People who choose to get a Gemini tattoo believe in the zodiac system and want to represent their zodiac sign.
A tattoo of a Celtic Gemini is much more elaborate with Celtic knots and patterns intermingled with the simple Gemini twin symbol. In the Chinese horoscope, the equivalent of the astrological Gemini is thought to be the horse, which is quick witted and whose lunar month is June 6 to July 6.
The two most important stars of the Gemini are called Castor (the head of the right twin) and Pollux (the head of the left twin). A Gemini tattoo design that has been studded with stars and moon looks beautiful on the skin. A Gemini Tattoo that has been designed in the color blue, has the symbol of this zodiac sign and has an arrow passing through it holds special significance. If you’re not a Gemini yourself, you can celebrate a certain Gemini loved one by brandishing this tattoo on your skin. Before you delve into this tattoo completely, you ought to exhaust all research on the available design options first.

For people who want to be more discreet, they choose to have their tattoo on their foot or wrist.
Most of those who choose a Gemini tattoo were either: born under that zodiac sign themselves, or they want to pay homage to someone who was. Although these lines and numbers represent the stars and their locations in the constellation. They are usually found in only black ink with some occasional fading around the lines, but they can also be very colorful and lively. Because the design naturally flows vertically, it’s often found on these vertical body surfaces. It symbolizes the personality of a typical Gemini personality, which is social, determined and extremely adaptive. It represents the union of two distinct individuals which also in a way reflect the personality of an individual falling under this sign. It is said that knowing more about your zodiac sign leads to a deeper understanding of yourself.
If you want a floral design, you can choose from Gemini’s flowers like marigold, orchid, or rose. For a more clear-cut approach, you can inscribe the word Gemini on your skin and just add other design elements like the sun, moon, and roses to your tattoo. In some rare cases, however, the Gemini tattoo is a symbol of the actual Gemini constellation. Often the wearer must explain the tattoo because the casual observer may have no idea what the lines and letters mean.
Gemini is dominated by the planet Mercury and its symbolic representation is a pair of twins.

According to Greek and Roman mythology, the twin figures are the brothers Castor and Pollux who were together known as Dioscuri. A subtler to express your sign is by using the number 5 or the gemstone agate, both of which are exclusive to Geminis.
You can also combine your Gemini symbol with your Chinese astrological sign—perhaps this is the clearest that you can get in expressing your character. The common hues for Gemini tattoos are silver, gray, yellow, orange, and green—these colors are again reflective of the Gemini. The sign of Gemini has been associated with the Greek God Hermes along with two other twin Greek gods; Apollo and Artemis. On Castor’s death, Pollux asked Zeus or Jupiter to let him share his immortality with his brother, thus keeping both of them together for all eternity. They are diplomats and sophisticated people and can be quite hesitant at times and are known to be lively, intellectual and eloquent. Apart from the standard Gemini tattoo design depicting the twins, the Roman numeral-like tattoo designs are also quite popular. Gemini tattoos can be depicted and interpreted in various ways, depending on the style and pattern the tattoo enthusiast would like to use.
This site presents you with an array of Gemini tattoo designs that vary greatly in their style, use of color and overall design.

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