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You can provide a happy, healthy childhood for a vulnerable child from Central or South America by sponsoring with SOS Children.
A girl wearing traditional clothes for Guatemala at Children's Village San CristA?bal, Guatemala.
The new camp is for children to come together from all SOS Children's Villages in Central America, and to make friends. This school is situated in Kalmunai, 300 kilometres east of Colombo and 45 kilometres south of Batticaloa - right on the conflict-ridden east coast.
SOS Children's Villages didn't hold back in furnishing the school: a total of 58 classrooms was constructed, along with an administrative room, a staff room, a science laboratory, a library, a multimedia room, a play room, an agriculture room, and a computer lab. While the new school was still under construction, classes were being held in temporary shelters. When the 2004 tsunami's waves slammed into the shore, the school was open and classes were in session.

You are viewing Cute traditional henna tattoos and meanings for girl, upgrade your tattoo designs and fashion to make you comfort with your firneds every day. All other images of Cute traditional henna tattoos and meanings for girl photos or designs in this site are copyright of their respective owners. We offer tailored support to help families in 20 countries across the region provide the best start in life for their children. Advice concerning educational issues is available for mothers or parents, who make a small monthly contribution to demonstrate their support for the work. The opening party was held on 25 March in Panajachel, a town which lies in the Guatamalan highlands - 1,562 m above sea-level. Fortunately SOS Children's Villages was already on the ground and was able to help straight away. The tsunami catastrophe made the situation even worse for the development of this region, already badly affected by the long civil war.

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For children who have no one else, we provide a loving family and all the opportunities they need for the best start in life. Panajachel, has lots of places the children can make connections to the history of ancient cultures. It got so hot in the afternoons we couldn't even have proper lessons; arts and crafts classes didn't take place at all during this period.
This is the story of how SOS built a new school in Eastern Sri Lanka to replace the one completely distroyed by the waves.

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