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Be warned, this film contains crime scenes, grisly crime photos, crazy homicidal dudes in their dungeons, and a very harrowing rape sequence which is all too graphic.
Daniel Craig is highly competent in the role and the excellent supporting cast makes fine work of the host of swedish creeps (and occasional decent human being).
Director David Fincher lends his natural taste and talent for the creepy to the material with great success.
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For those of you that don’t know, we have an old Swedish billionaire who hires a brilliant investigative journalist to investigate the forty year-old unsolved murder of his niece.

Of course this character is probably to a good degree responsible for the success of the franchise, but Mara does her justice. Her Lisbeth is detached, yet sexy and vulnerable, but also kick ass physically and intellectually.
Plus this style doesn’t trivialize the material at all, but only serves to heighten the emotional impact. She’s a very complex character and both her striking visual presence and subtle performance are riveting. The first half is driven by the journalist’s investigation and by dark character study of Lisbeth (the girl).

The story is somewhat streamlined from the earlier film and the book, but also without significant sacrifice. Here’s a man who clearly is used to being a man, and then she reverses the whole deal on him.

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