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Calvin Klein Set Of 3 Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick Includes Henna, Ruby Red First Kiss! Let the Temporary Tattoo shed some light, attract attention with a glowing image or add something eye catching to your next promotion. Best performance occurs when the Glow-In-The-Dark Temporary Tattoo is subjected to light sources rich in UV light before it is placed in a dark room.
We can provide a wide and extensive range of temporary transfer tattoos covering the whole spectrum of colors. Picasso transfer tattoos are available in black, silver, golden, radium (UV tattoos) and in different colors. Note :- If you don't see something in our catalogue, which you think would be a popular addition to our range, please, feel free to suggest it to us we can produce custom designs for a reasonably competitive price.

Tattoo Manufacturers: Customized temporary tattoo manufacturer offers personalized designer tattoos, customized body tattoo, promotional logo tattoo, custom temporary tattoos, fake crystal tattoos,henna products and other body beautification tattoos. Jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos from Flash Tattoos can be applied with water and last 4-6 days.
They were created to express the eternal desire and bring beauty into every day life through these sizzling tattoos.
Picasso Tattoos can a wide range of temporary tattoo whether in traditional black , one color or multicolored , silver , gold or a metallic color of your choice or Dark. Any design that you can see in our online catalogue can be available in any color of your demand.
The safe and non toxic tattoos are designed in silver and gold Middle Eastern designs which you can mix and match to create your own combination.

These are ideal for the beach, or around the pool as the tattoos like the water and will give you a luxury bohemian touch to your look. From dazzling beach wear to free-spirited festival looks, these temporary gold and silver designs-with pops of blue-can be applied on your arms, legs or even down your back to make the ultimate glamour-girl statement.

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