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If Aquaman had a spray can, he would fill the streets with exotic visions of giant octopi, and vicious sea monsters. Anonymous artists created most of these octopus images, with styles ranging from the fanciful, to the realistic, and to the more abstract. These whales are sporting some colorful graffiti tags in Germany, while this Russian turtle is carrying the weight of the world on its shell. This gorgeous octopus fills most of the scene, while a brightly decorated sea turtle stands out against an ocean backdrop. Halloween is one of the big seasonal favorites, but the love for the creepy and scary doesn't fade as the year wears on. Here at Graffiti Life we have been asked to decorate and liven up many office spaces with something in line with a theme. Rackspace is an American based cloud computing company who manages web hosting for businesses such as Dominos, Karma Loop, Ripcurl and Amazon. The first level of Rackspace’s new offices had been themed around the UK, which gave our graffiti artists a great base to build some creative ideas. Other murals on this floor included a classic skyline, looking out over central London, highlighting specific iconic buildings such as The Gerkin, The Shard, Walkie Talkie and Cheesegrater. Lastly to give this floor something a little extra our artists added a few additional pieces including a swan, a parachuting Beefeater and a drawing of Downing Street fit for a mouse. If you have an theme you would like to base your offices around then please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our Project Managers, to see how we can aid your creativity! Jack Hiphop Childrens Graffiti Art Bedroom Mural Illustrate is one images from Graffiti Themed Bedroom Design Ideas post of graffiti art gallery.

If you want to create urban themed artworks or such as graffiti wallpapers and other street inspired designs, one of the resources that you should acquire are Photoshop graffiti brushes. So here, we are glad to share with you our find for the day, no other than high-quality Photoshop graffiti brushes. This graffiti freebie has all you need…drips, tags, arrows, sketches, spray paint, and markers. The gigantic whale is the creation of Felix Gephart and Dominik Hebestreit, two German artists.
The dark tentacles are found in an alleyway with no artist attribution, while the menacing sea monster can be found on a wall in Ohio. This fearsome-toothed shark dominates an entire wall, overlaying the other tags that once decorated it. With humble beginnings, starting out in a shed, ran by best friends, Rackspace had grown and now has offices across the globe. The first challenge was to incorporate the companies love for Nerf guns into a mural, to create a shooting range.
You can see this cool graffiti with cadet grey, charleston green, charleston green, charcoal, platinum, color combination. There are some terms like: bedroom, design, style, wall, house, designs, ideas, street, graffiti, kitchen, quirky, items, piece, furnitureunlikely, decoration.
These, along with graffiti fonts can help you a lot in creating realistic street scenes and urban settings in less time. As you will see, this showcase is composed of a number of sets, with each set containing several brushes.

The final shark, having a very bad day, was painted by Asker, an Italian artist who has a real eye for the surreal.
Our artists came together and thought it would be fantastic to give the Racker’s something to aim at; therefore created a college of everything that was quintessentially British. You are viewing picture #12 of 12, you can see the complete gallery here: Graffiti Themed Bedroom Design Ideas . This is true especially if you already have the abovementioned resources right on your graphic software. As usual, some of these brushes are free for personal and commercial use while others are others are off limits to commercial applications. In my personal life I spend time on photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and dirt bike riding.
From boiled eggs, Live Aid, black cabs and bull dogs our graffiti artists crammed everything they could into the mural, which they completed with marker pens.
If you are still searching for them however, then look no further as you will find some of the great resources along that line in this article. It is up to you to communicate with the authors of the concerned materials to allow you to use their works for your commercial projects for the sake of goodwill and propriety. In addition to this our graffiti artists also covered parts of the mural with Velcro, ensuring the Nerf Darts stuck to their intended target.

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