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When I became VP of Communications for AIGA Los Angeles in November of 2008, I started a social media program to help gain exposure for the non-profit organization. Originally, we were using a traditional PR model in spreading the word about our events (we were holding between 1 to 4 design-related events a month). Many of our new prospective members were design students and emerging graduates who were young and in their early 20s so it was imperative that we had a presence on Facebook. Most of our click-throughs to our Web site (tracked with budURL and were coming from Twitter, and I was able to use Twitter Search to monitor conversations about events which gave us feedback helped us adjust for future events. I set up the Facebook page to read the site feed to lessen the amount of time needed to update the page (most of the updates on the Facebook Fan Page come directly from
The goal for Blacks In Technology Los Angeles (BIT-LA) is to create a vibrant community of like-minded African American technology professionals, innovators and enthusiasts who are working with or interested in Web-based and related technologies. And of course the doors are wide open for those folks who are simply just passionate about all things technical. We will meet regularly at least once a month for fun socializing and high level talks on the technology topics. We also plan to participate in local startup events and help bring together Los Angeles-based developers and web entrepreneurs for possible business opportunities. We feel this will be an excellent venue to exchange ideas and talk about web technology, innovation, open source, share our knowledge and experience with one another. American institute graphic arts (aiga) design archives, Browse, search and view more than 20,000 design pieces dated from 1924 to present, and appearing in the aiga’s annual juried design competitions. Logo DesignYou need an identity that strengthens the association between your company and the services you offer. AIGA is the professional association of design with chapters all around the nation, and the largest graphic design organization on the planet. For six months, I was posting events on design directories, local event calendars and distributing press releases to the wire.

There seemed to be a lot more interaction on Twitter… and it gave people a way to ask questions of the chapter, comment about an event, and discuss design topics.
But in order to keep future young designers and student members engaged, there’ll have to be more customized posts and activity on the Facebook page because more and more teens are spending their time on Facebook and less time on Twitter. Be sure to choose the networks where your demographic is to get the most return on your investment. What helped the AIGA plan was our chapter’s blend of workshops, events, articles and conversation. Wea€™re talking the whole techie gamut from bloggers, digital media specialists, community managers and web masters to web designers, social media strategists, developers, online marketing experts, recruiters, software developers and project managers. We plan to feature educational meetups to learn latest technical developments in fields of interest. Brand recognition is achieved when your logo is applied consistently to all your marketing collateral—website, advertising, signage, etc.
Locally, we needed to increase exposure and membership to continue to support the design community of Los Angeles. This was working fine, especially when we had large events, but between activities, there were few ways to reach out. I started with creating a Group, and then a couple months later with over 300 members, converted it to a Fan Page.
I used the Twitter account to Tweet Web site editorial and articles, Tweet events and specials, and start conversations with Los Angeles-area designers. And we had high ranks on our Twitter account, showing how influential the account was for our followers.
If there’s a lot going on with your company, you will have enough content to communicate. If you have to repeat your message or link to generate ticket sales, be sure to be creative about it.

Compliment, share and discuss topics outside what you’re promoting in order to create personality.
Periodically (at least three days a week) check-in and manage the community and make sure people are happy. Within a year, Facebook changed it’s user interface on groups and Fan Pages twice and I had to modify how I communicated.
We also look forward to hosting mashup events with many of the multitude of great tech groups based in Los Angeles. Within 16 months, we accrued a follower base of over 4,000 whereas our Facebook group had only accrued 1,000 followers. Change your message every time you post or Tweet, so you don’t bombard your Fan base with the same message over and over.
That’s not a problem, because if you stay flexible to change, then the organization as a whole shows flexibility. Remember, when you’re communicating on behalf of a larger entity, you are their representative and voice. Once I mentioned that he design a few labels for Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniels, click-throughs and ticket sales picked up.
As of the last Fan Page user interface revision, I don’t think you can send Fan Updates any longer. Establishing a Page was a great way to combine feeds from the Flickr image group and YouTube videos, but there was not much interaction.

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