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Each page presents a unique business design set comprised of professionally-designed layouts including brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards and stationery. I know a lot of quick ways to work in Photoshop and Illustrator, but first when I have used InDesign I have realized that I need to learn the shortcuts again, because they are different.I am not an InDesign expert myself, but I have a strong knowledge of the program and I can make a list of things you would like to know before starting to work with it.
However, if you have a multiple-page publication you need to design, Master Pages help a lot when you want to automatically insert certain elements in all the pages. Let’s say you want the page number to be showed on the right bottom of every page, or some graphic elements to be present all over the place.
Grids and guides are also easy to set and use in your Master Pages panel.To set those pre-defined elements you have to access the Pages palette and double-click on a€?A-Mastera€?. To apply any of it to a certain page in your document, you just have to drag it onto the Pages panel in the palette. Any page can be turned into a Master Page, so do not worry if you have forgotten about setting it in advance.Margin and BleedsThe margin and bleeds are mainly important to keep in mind when you design a layout for print. If you have the design on your computer only, it will look fine, but printing it is a total different task.
Those two settings can alter any text or graphic element you already have on the page, so work wisely and set the margin and bleeds before putting content in.Image byA shutterstockYou may not know how to adjust the settings, but the printers usually give those measurements. You can import text by going to the File menu and choosing Place.Now, if there is something I enjoy in InDesign it is the placeholder text. If that’s the case, just create the text box, right click inside it and choose Fill with Placeholder Text.

InDesign has a wide collection of random Lorem Ipsum text and will fill the box with it, so you can see how text looks.The image frames work the same.
This will automatically create an image frame for you.Proper ImagesIf you plan on printing the magazine, make sure your pictures are large enough.
InDesign can import many formats, but can’t do wonders when printing if your pictures are not high quality. The images need to have a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI) and to be saved in CMYK.Image byA shutterstockCMYK is the language a printer understands.
RGB are colors for computer screen, so if you plan on printing a picture which is in RGB, the output will be different, even if you have the best printer in the world. Change the graphic element to CMYK and you can see on your screen (with small differences) the actual output.The images you import do not have to be at more than 100% of their size. We recommend sticking with EPS and TIFF, two formats intended for prints.Import PSD filesBeing able to import PSD files from Photoshop is huge. Transparent files do not have to be exported in Photoshop and imported in InDesign; you can just import them automatically.
If you import a PSD file, you will even be able to adjust it in the application, because you can turn layers on and off without even having Photoshop.However, imported PSDs use a lot of memory and you might encounter some issues when you want to export the layout as a PDF file. Otherwise, just flatten the images as TIFF or EPS and use them this way.ColorThe same adjustments should be used for colors, not only for pictures. The basic colors in the Swatches palette (press F6 to see it) are all in CMYK, so you can use them and be sure they are going to be printed exactly like that.

Well, in CMYK black is made up from four colors (40, 40, 30, 100), and this rich black is really useful when having to print large areas with this color.
Huge billboards are printed with a CMYK black.However, keep in mind that pure black should be used when working with text.
The rich black used for large areas should never be used for body text or thin lines.Check the previewInstead of hiding the guides all the time to see a better preview of the layout, you can just hit the W key to toggle between the document view and the working view. You should use this often, because guides tend to distract the attention from the big picture. If you hit the W key you will be able to see a preview of the whole page and allow your eyes not to be distracted by guidelines.Those are some tips for the first time you use InDesign.
What do you like most about this application and how long did it take you to get used to the many small things you need to know?
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