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Use the form below to delete this Jenny McCallum Graphic Design Portfolio & CV image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Brioso Graphic Design Photography Art Portfolio Presenta image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Graphic Design Portfolio Event Invitation image from our index. When presenting your graphic design portfolio digitally, it’s important to do so in an attractive and organized way. Not everyone is Internet savvy, so be sure to organize your online portfolio in a simple and easy-to-use way for your visitors. Simply put, including positive testimonials you’ve received from reputable professionals and colleagues helps to build your credibility.
Don’t limit yourself including only website designs you’ve created in your portfolio: add other works you have done as well, such as business logos, holiday cards, and magazine covers. Offer your visitors another way to view your works by adding a PDF download option to your online portfolio. Even if a graphic design portfolio is all about displaying your finished work, it’s important to tell visitors about each piece.
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Design portfolios come in all shapes and sizes - but these examples show what a great one looks like.
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In this guest article Jacob Share* goes through an innovative new way to display your work and CV – all on one page. The one page resume portfolio is a 6-panel pamphlet that shows your resume when folded and your design portfolio when unfolded. The above image is an example of the one page printed resume and portfolio from a French Graphic Designer. Following the right arrow will have you flip over the pamphlet, leading to the actual resume content.
The one page resume portfolio works best live when people can hold it and unfold it, like in interviews or at professional gatherings.
The front panel should be particularly eye-catching to make people want to pick it up and open it. An attractive image that continues off one panel will encourage the reader to unfold until they can see the entire image.
Keep it to a letter or A4-sized sheet of paper, and make sure it’s a portrait orientation. Whilst I agree that getting your resume on one piece of paper is beneficial, I’m not sure about making a leaflet out of it. But I guess there are people who’ll want a standard sheet of A4, in Times, double spaced with margins so that they can file it in a manilla envelope. I can envisage this as something you might post or drop off to agencies in order to get their attention, instead of treating it as a full portfolio.
Cold call: Short sharp resume+cv probably matters as you want to get your point across quick.
This is neither beneficial or even interesting and is a surefire way of getting your resume tossed. Although I did not write this article, I can see some advantages, such as it being unique & easily posted however I do believe there are also disadvantages such as the ones you have suggested. I agree that physical resumes and portfolios are always a good way to get a good impression, I must disagree with the aspect of accessibility. We have found that online resumes and portfolios are the new method of really getting to the people you are trying to communicate to. Indego designs is dedicated to providing the tools and services that will enhance your presentation to potential employers and firms.
Our services range from creating professional looking websites and portfolios of your work to writing top-notch cover letters and resumes that will highlight your academic qualifications, diverse experiences, attained skills and well-earned accomplishments.

I am in the process of gathering together my portfolio and I am finding it a lot harder than creating design for clients!
Your CV is likely to arrive in a HR department, who will photocopy it, put it on record and pass on the photocopy. Hi, I like the idea of non-tradional format for Cvs thinking outside the 8.5 x 11 page, but I do believe that it depends on audience. Take it from me, as a design student one of the most nerve-wracking moments you’ll encounter is showing your work to a professional within the design industry. Here’s 10 mistakes you should aim to avoid if you want to hear back from a design studio.
The number one way to ensure you don’t get a job or even an interview is to have spelling and typographical errors in your work.
Misspell the name of the agency or the person you’re contacting to instantly guarantee you never hear back from them. Sending a PDF of your work via email is an acceptable and preferred method of first showing your work to studios.
If you’re using a box portfolio with work in plastic sheets, be sure to wipe off smudges and fingerprints before each visit.?? Get any printed materials reprinted if they’re warn or grubby. Include some background information for your work to provide your interviewer with a little context. In an interview or portfolio critique you have limited time to make an impression. If your interviewer is having to faff about with a ‘clever’ idea you’ve had for your portfolio, you’re just wasting everyone’s time. As a student or recent graduate, interviewers will be interested in seeing how you arrived at a final design, rather than just the finished piece. It’s tempting to try and take credit for everything in your portfolio but nobody can do everything. If you worked with others on a project, such as a photographer or illustrator, be honest about exactly what you did and be sure to credit others accordingly. By all means show them you’ve got a wide range of skills, but tailor the bulk of your work to the studio you’re aiming for. Hopefully none of these apply to your own portfolio but sometimes the odd oversight can slip through. About meHello, I'm Paul, a Manchester-based freelance graphic designer, specialising in designing books and publications, branding, and websites, for small to medium-sized businesses. This is my freelance design blog, where I offer freelancing tips and advice for students and new freelancers. From connecting with more of your target audience to making your work more accessible, assembling you digital portfolio gives you more than an eco-friendly and versatile way to present your designs.
Keep your portfolio’s theme simple; you want to use your website as a platform to exhibit your graphic design pieces. If clients can’t figure out how to navigate your website, they may leave the page quickly, which amounts to lost professional opportunities. Potential clients will develop trust in your abilities by seeing how customers like themselves have reacted to your work. By adding other types of work, you can reach more clients and illustrate your range as an artist. Instead of going through the pages of your website, a PDF can store all your works in one place for easier viewing when potential clients are in a hurry. Include a small autobiographical section that discusses how you got into graphic design, why you enjoy it, and what sets your work apart. Be sure to include a professional email address that you check daily as well, so you can respond to inquiries.
When it comes to works you’ve produced for clients, you can talk about the project requirements and how you fulfilled or surpassed them. Making your site mobile-friendly will help to further broaden your potential audience, as many people now do the majority of their web browsing on tablet and smart phones.
To enable you to stand out in this tough market, it's important to make your online portfolio as impressive as you can. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. The panel with the arrow bar folds outwards, meaning that there’s actually more room for portfolio highlights inside.
Above, the French designer used that effect to lure the reader to see both resume-related panels together. For the former, you might consider a sentence about what else not pictured is in your portfolio. If you use it wisely, the one page resume portfolio could be a valuable tool in your hunt for new design jobs. The blog is filled with straight-talking real world advice, lots of humour and design inspiration such as 36 Beautiful Resume Ideas That Work. This is your first design challenge: make your CV standout within the parameters of a standard sheet of paper. This kind of leaflet is popular with take-out restaurants and other small businesses because it is cheap to produce. If the job is folded brochures and the like then why not give them this type of cv as an example.
The images (reproduced at smaller dimensions than the originals, presumably) are no substitute for actual copies of the original print work that a designer has done. It’s proving hard to find a good balance between great design and the traditional resume, I really think that it should be a well considered aspect in a case by employer case basis.
Many people will prefer the letter-sized resume, so what I’m wondering is how you can push that format to your advantage as an artist to stand out. Designers are very busy people, they don’t have time to read an in-depth analysis of your work.
If you’re applying for a job at an agency that specialises in branding, it’s probably best not to show them all your illustrative designs.
10 mistakes graphic design students often make with their portfolios that prevent them getting a job.

With a few pointers to get your online portfolio going, drawing in and impressing potential clients will be a cinch!
You can also include a page where clients can write and submit testimonials on your portfolio.
You can also mention awards, education, your mission statement, and your social network links. If you’re comfortable enough, you can include your cell or work phone number as another way for potential clients to contact you.
For your own personal designs, you can explain your inspirations for each piece and what it represents to you.
Whether you’re creating your first online graphic design portfolio or revamping one you already have, always keep your clients in mind and make your website as easy to view as possible.
It's not just the examples of work that need to blow away your potential clients (although they do help) it's the way that they're presented. In fact, some have told me that they will immediately throw out any CVs that try too hard or that they have to think about too much. I’m a photographer myself, and I recently started a collective for fellow lens-based artists. Additionally I would suggest to learn the employer company, learn the requirements and then create the CV in such a manner that candidate makes the employer realize that he is the one they were searching for! For example, create an “about” link directing visitors to a page that tells them more about your professional background. The rule of thumb when creating your digital graphic design portfolio is quality over quantity.
Make your mini biography friendly and easy to read; you can do so by adding any of your hobbies aside from graphic design. You don't have to be a superstar web designer; a touch of creativity and innovative thinking will get you a long way.
You can also create links to pages that organize your work by type, such as website design or business cards. You can also include an introduction page that tells who you are and provides your contact information. Remember to include a friendly and professional photo of yourself to your ‘About’ page, so others can make a personal connection with you by seeing what you look like.
And there are plenty of free online tools, such as Behance, to help you build a portfolio without any coding knowledge. One way to immediately upgrade it, but within the same space, would be to make it a four page A5 with the fold on the short side. We prospective employers take about three (yes, 3) seconds to glance at any resume, then put it in one of two piles: trash or not. We’ve been playing around with font and layout, but it really is difficult to design a one-page resume. If possible, add your own design to your website theme to make your portfolio completely about your pieces. Studio Schurk Studio Schurk bring humour to their animated site designAnimation studio, Studio Schurk (meaning Studio Rogue in English) show off their sense of humour in their bold and punchy site design. The animations show off their talent while being interesting and fun, scroll down to see their equally bold designs. Melanie Daveid Melanie Daveid's site shows that simplicity come sometimes say it allUX Designer and Art Director, Melanie Daveid's portfolio is simple yet beautiful. And finally, add the come-hither, side-glance, wind-blown hair from those pictured, (you thought this was a modeling agency to which you are applying? A Dandy Punk The Dandy Punk expresses his multifaceted talents through a multimedia portfolioA Dandy Punk hasn't just created a beautifully intricate illustrated portfolio but an online presence and alter-ego. I don’t care that you think your asset for me is your pompous opinion that your face and skin would somehow benefit my company.
Sean Halpin Sean's simple, yet cute portfolio site contains everything it needs to in one neat designScroll through Sean's kitsch little green world to discover how he can help you build your perfect site.
Get your silver spoon out of your mouth and nose (note the one model’s far-off stare). His design is simple and easy to read, yet effortlessly displays his skills and talent for bold, stand-out web design.
You and your submission WILL STAND OUT – outside of consideration, outside the building! Christopher Lee Multidisciplinary designer and illustrator, Christopher, displays his passion for toys and 90's cartoons in his designsChris doesn't just share his name with legendary actor, Christopher Lee but apparently a creative talent too.
His design site, The Beast is Back, showcases his punchy designs and illustrations influenced by 90's cartoons and urban street culture. Instinct Instinct's portfolio is an interactive cornucopia of visual delightsRussian design agency, Instinct's portfolio is a stunning flash interactive site. Pick up various items and chuck them into their bizarre, surrealist steampunk pot and reveal their work via videos. It really is quite the show, and if you want more of the "boring" snippets of info, just pull the curtain chord - voilà!
Gisele Jaquenod Gisele's cute cartoons capture her personality and design style perfectlyArt has dominated much of Gisele's life, and that is evident from her quirkly cartoon-styled portfolio.
The designer's site expresses her personality, from her obvious love of animals to doodling.
However, she doesn't overcomplicate it, with menus remaining simple and easily navigated, and strategically, her Etsy selling page taking centre stage on the homepage. Adhemas Batista Adhemas Batista's portfolio reflects his passion for colourA Brazilian-born graphic designer and artist based in Los Angeles, Adhemas Batista has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony.
His awe-inspiring portfolio reflects his passion for exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, all of which pop againt a bright white backdrop.

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