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Youthedesigner: graphic design inspiration, freebies, Youthedesigner is a graphic design blog that features design inspiration, resources, tutorials, news, tips, trends, interviews, contests and much more!. Fifteen years ago, InJu Sturgeon, UCLA Extension’s creative director, approached the man who was then one of the most revered names in graphic design with a request that even she considered laughable for its audacity. Sturgeon told artist Paul Rand that Extension was launching a series of catalog covers by master graphic designers.
Rand, then age 75, was responsible for many of corporate America’s most recognizable logos, among them, those of IBM, ABC and UPS.
Sturgeon eventually won over Rand, and the designer’s simple yet striking image for the Winter Quarter 1990 catalog — a snow-capped orange — kicked off a cover series that has succeeded beyond the director’s wildest expectations. The covers, which showcase images of soaring kites, surfboards and a bouncing bear, are witty and inventive while making a statement about the life-enriching opportunities that await Extension students. With Rand on board, Sturgeon had little trouble recruiting other big names in the design world. Today, Sturgeon no longer pleads and cajoles on the telephone; the best in the business call her asking to design a cover. Honor your loved one with a custom Funeral Program that is as unique as they were, and leave the loved ones left to cherish their memory with a beautiful keepsake. Graphic design is almost completely digital these days, which means that it requires graphic design programs in order to achieve the desired results.
Each graphic design program has its own purpose, such as photo editing, 3D graphics, vector graphics, or raster graphics. Here’s our list of the top graphic design programs that you will find other designers and design studios using.

The go-to design program, Photoshop is a versatile (albeit expensive) tool to handle most of your design needs. Illustrator’s niche is with lossless vector graphics, such as logos and illustrations, which makes it a must-have program for a designer. A bit different from Photoshop or Paint Shop Prop, Corel Draw provides digital art capabilities for a lower cost than Adobe products.
Xara Designer is another design package that provides various graphics editing capabilities. Gimp is a free but powerful graphic design program that is like a free version of Photoshop. Adobe InDesign is a bit like Microsoft Publisher, except with Adobe’s integrated graphics platform. Sketchup is an awesome tool from Google that allows for quick 3D modeling and architectural visualization. Lightroom is an awesome photo editing utility used by photographers and designers to modify the visual profiles of images. AutoCAD is a bit more technical than other 3D programs, but you’ll still find it used by designers for various purposes.
Canvas is another technical 3D program that is an alternative to AutoCAD that you may find used by technical illustrators. Adobe After Effects is a visual effects package that can be used to create some great visual effects for design projects.
Paintship Pro is a mix between Gimp and Photoshop, providing the features of Photoshop with a lower cost.

Most designers are familiar with a variety of graphic design programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom. No fear if you can’t afford to buy graphic design software, as some of graphic design programs in this list are free. Depsite a steep learning curve, it has found a home for Hollywood VFX and in design projects as well.
It is easier to use and more commonly used by designers, but still is challenging and a lot of fun to use. She could reimburse the designer for expenses, but otherwise she had no budget to pay him for his work, she told him. Designer Lou Danziger made a visual pun with his cover — a photograph of a fully extended stepladder leaning against a grimy, graffiti-scarred building. Many covers live on as framed posters that grace homes and offices, including the chancellor’s suite in Murphy Hall.
She told Rand that what she had in mind were not just catalog covers but works of public art that would be seen and enjoyed by the hundreds of thousands of people who pick up UCLA Extension catalogs, the listings of more than 1,000 courses offered each quarter of the academic year.

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