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Do you really need separate applications to cover your design needs, whether photo editing, digital art or simple design tasks like producing flyers and scrapbooks? Xara Photo & Graphic Designer can’t compete with the very best specialist tools like Photoshop, but it’s certainly a match for most.
The user interface is reasonably intuitive and should be familiar to anyone who’s used Photoshop Elements or its ilk. If there’s a particular area that Photo & Graphic Designer excels in, it’s photo editing. It also comes packed with all manner of editing and enhancement tools, both manual and automatic, and includes the now-obligatory retouching tools for fixing blemishes both minor and major.
One missing feature we’d like to see is a "before and after" shot, which would make it easier to see how your editing compares to the original photo – there is a compare button for selected effects, and you can technically drag a second copy of your image from the flyout, but neither is as satisfying as the comparative tools you find in Picasa. Adding effects to your photos is simple too, thanks to the LiveEffects tool, which offers over 60 effects and tweaks to enhance your photos further, from basic color effects to filters that help sharpen slightly blurred images.
Version 10 takes this to another level by throwing in the full PhotoLooks 2 plug-in for free, which includes over 100 fully cooked effects with a selection of tuning tools for each to help you adjust them to perfection.
Photo & Graphic Designer 10 also delivers much-needed improvements to its panorama tool. It’s still a little clunky to use, and many interesting features are hobbled unless you upgrade, but the results are impressive enough, with the promised improvements to image alignment and lens distortion definitely making a positive difference.
In fact, at a push, Photo & Graphic Designer can be used as a fledgling DTP tool -- certainly the templates for scrapbooking and brochures hint at its capabilities. Version 10 adds a new Content Catalog, which basically gives you access to the Designs Gallery via its own resizable window -- handy seeing how keen it is to collapse the flyout on the right-hand side of the main window.
The app also benefits from improved import and export tools, including the ability to now import Word .doc files. For those looking for a combined photo-editing and graphic design tool, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer hits the mark, and most users should be pleased with its capabilities. A powerful photo-editing and design tool that won’t break the bank, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer gets better with every new release. Xara packs in a lot of functionality for your money -- a capable photo editor, graphic designer and proto-DTP tool. Zelda used her Twitter page to congratulate her dad on his nuptials, “I'm really happy for my father, and wish him all the best. The London Design Museum is currently showing the UK's first retrospective of Dutch designer Wim Crouwel.

Wim Crouwel is recognized for his love of grids and typographic systems to create dynamic, experimental work. Regarded as one of the leading designers of the twentieth century, Crouwel embraced a new modernity to produce typographic designs that captured the essence of the emerging computer and space age of the early 1960s. Dezeen interviewed Dutch graphic designer Wim Crouwel on the eve of the opening of the exhibition "Wim Crouwel – A Graphic Odyssey" at the Design Museum in London.
And that’s even after you realize that it’s effectively bundling two or three design packages in one for a very price. A Designs gallery is provided, and is the best place to start when looking for projects or inspiration. A useful help file can steer you towards any hidden tools, and a number of videos help demonstrate how features work while showcasing the program’s capabilities. It’s packed with lots of powerful tools, and comes with the promise of fast, non-destructive handling of photos.
A couple of clever erase tools allow you to remove backgrounds or unwanted objects from your photos too – in the case of unwanted objects, simply draw a rough outline around the object, tweak it if necessary and then click Magic Erase.
Both have been staple ingredients of other packages for years, but are welcome additions nonetheless and work effectively. You can go further too -- Photo & Graphic Designer also works with most Photoshop plug-ins for even greater variety.
This opens the photo in a PhotoLooks where you can browse through all the available effects, divided by category, and fine-tune each using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
Now you no longer need to arrange your images prior to stitching them, while the tool offers better image alignment and lens distortion correction too.
We did, however, find the tool over-exposed the finished result, although the Highlights & Shadows tool made short work of correcting it. These tend to be a little off-putting for newbies, so the addition of a new SmartShapes library is welcome, giving users access to pre-built shapes include arrows, text panels and more. Accessible via the new top-level Insert menu, these include smileys, icons and other symbols, and are easily inserted either as editable graphic objects or as text. In truth, the amount of work required make it less suitable as a replacement for your existing desktop publishing package, but if you can find and adapt a template you like, it’s certainly good enough for occasional jobs.
Photo & Graphic Designer 10 now also correctly rotates photos automatically, regardless of the device they’ve been imported from.
The PDF and RTF import tools have also been enhanced to support more features and provide more editing options.

For those thinking about upgrading, the plethora of new and improved features combined with an attractive upgrade price (as little as $35 for users of version 9) make it an irresistible prospect. HLN confirms the couple tied the knot at a star-studded wedding over the weekend in Napa Valley. In 1963, he was one of the founders of the design studio Total Design (currently named Total Identity).
Spanning over 60 years, this exhibition covers Crouwel’s rigorous design approach and key moments in his career including his work for design practice Total Design, the identity for the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, as well as his iconic poster, print, typography and lesser known exhibition design.
In the first movie, which was filmed at the Andaz Hotel in London, Crouwel talks about the exhibition as well as wallpaper and a rug based on his typographic designs that feature in a room at the hotel.
A design of Crouwel that is well known in The Netherlands is that of the Number Postage Stamps for the Dutch PTT (in circulation from 1976–2002). A set of 5 limited edition 'C' prints designed exclusively for the Design Museum by Spin are available here throughout the exhibition. That allows you to edit your photos a myriad of different ways without ever touching the original, so you’re not forced to work with an ever-degrading copy. The current list of shapes is disappointingly small, but Xara promises to deliver more through the rest of the year, so it should become a staple for anyone wishing to knock up quick designs without the skills to match their ambition.
He has three children from his first two marriages: Zachary is 28, Zelda is 22 and Cody is 19.
An exhibition showcasing posters, print, typography, and exhibition design from his rich 60 year design career. From 1964 onwards, Crouwel was responsible for the design of the posters, catalogues and exhibitions of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
The exhibition will explore Crouwel’s innovative use of grid-based layouts and typographic systems to produce consistently striking asymmetric visuals. In the years Crouwel was working for Total Design, he designed many geometric word marks, one of which is the word mark for the Rabobank, designed in 1973. One of the C's is the one you see on the second image row of the second image in this article. In 1967 he designed the typeface New Alphabet, a design that embraces the limitations of the Cathode Ray Tube technology (and the early screens that made use of it) and thus only contains horizontal and vertical strokes.

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