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As the Department of Labor phrases it, graphic designers "plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems." This is a broad definition for an even broader range of tasks. Graphic designers use both traditional "pen-on-paper" techniques and a growing range of sophisticated computer programs to create visually effective compositions for a wide range of businesses and both private and public organizations. Job openings in graphic design are generally focused on either the print or Web side of the industry, but many require knowledge of both. For larger projects, graphic artists often work as part of a multimedia team, cooperating with copywriters, marketing directors, and others to realize and enhance the intended visual message. Graphic artists who freelance have freedom to choose the projects on which they bid; they set their own hours and they often enjoy more variety in their business. According to the BLS, the median yearly wages for all graphic designers in 2008 were $42,400. According to the BLS, the field of graphic design will grow by almost 37,000 jobs, or 13%, from 2008-2018, higher by 5% than the overall expected civilian workforce growth of 8.2%. The BLS focuses on a few areas of expected growth within the field of graphic arts: internet advertising and marketing, mobile phone and other young electronic media (such as iPhone apps), and Web sites for a growing range of products and services.
However, designers will be expected to be comfortable working in a wide range of formats and media, with those workers comfortable in both print and digital graphic design having the best opportunities.
According to the BLS, "A bachelor's degree in graphic design is usually required." Graphic design is a highly skilled and increasingly technical field, and there is stiff competition for available jobs. Clearly, an artistic eye and creativity are key to success in the field, as are communication skills (understanding exactly what your client or boss is looking for), flexibility, and an attention to detail.
Online education lends itself very well to graphic design programs, Web design programs, and 3D animation programs, studies in fields that are increasingly, or exclusively, digital.

Graphic design colleges help each of their students build their all-important portfolio, a representative collection of their work assembled in design school coursework and early work experience, often facilitated by their schools in the form of paid or unpaid internships.
Technology is increasingly the name of the game, and the more comfortable a job candidate is with computer software and internet communication, the more likely he or she is of being hired into a workforce that is increasingly distanced and digital. Though it may help you in arresting the attention but everything perfect about it will create suspicion in the mind of the employer that it's fake.
Whether they're designing a flashy advertising campaign for a marketing firm, developing the style of a fashion magazine, or working with a Web designer on a lucrative corporate Web site, graphic designers are commercial artists called upon to realize an artistic vision and convey an emotion or idea in a fresh and vibrant way.
For instance, an advertising designer who is working on a major magazine ad campaign may be asked to make a similar banner ad for Web use. Some work as freelancers, bidding on design contracts and working from home or from a private office.
However, designers on the payroll of a firm or a larger company generally have more stability and regularity in their lifestyle and compensation. As of 2008, there were about 286,100 working graphic designers, a large majority of which had chosen to further their education through a graphic design school. This will be tempered by the continuing decline of print media like newspapers and magazines.
To be competitive, it is imperative that graphic artists receive the proper training through a quality graphic design school.
According to the government's Occupational Information Network, 84% have completed a bachelor's-level graphic design program from an accredited art school or a two or three year associate's graphic design degree, which can qualify you as an assistant to a designer.
An aspiring designer taking graphic design classes through an online art school is getting a more authentic work experience by submitting a project digitally, taking critique of the project over email, and then reworking and resubmitting the project, than someone turning in a paper assignment at a lecture hall.

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In short, graphic designers facilitate the effective and stylish visual communication of individuals and organizations.
In a competitive job field, businesses are looking for individuals who have the versatility to handle both projects. Many others work for specialized design firms that are brought in by larger companies to meet their graphic design needs.
This is representative of a broad shift away from traditional pen-and-paper design towards digital design.
A good online graphic design school also fosters an environment ripe for peer review, critique, and cooperation – student assignments are often posted for all to see, allowing everyone to see examples of what works and what doesn't.
The median compensation for an entry-level graphic designer was $35,000, and $45,000 for a staff-level designer. You can easily get that impressive cover letter written by Jimmy Sweeny and win the job before anyone else does.

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