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Claire graduated with a Bachelor of Design with First Class Honours from Massey University.
During her time freelancing after graduating, Claire worked for Rubble Design, which then turned into a full-time job. When not in front of the computer, Claire loves being a mother, orienteering and mountain biking. At the end of my second lengthy stint in Europe, I realised that although I was interested in the sciences, I would prefer to incorporate my passion for the creative with a career. Claire is indebted to her talented and experienced team who kept the ball rolling while she was on maternity leave. Anna is driven by curiosity, a love of learning, and the satisfaction of connecting the dots to come up with unexpected solutions to problems.
A background in Fine Arts helped Anna develop a clear research methodology, creative process and strong critical skills. Fraser became interested in the web in the late 90s while studying at the University of Auckland. In that time he has gained experience in everything from simple brochure websites through to content management systems, e-commerce and custom business applications.
Fraser is based in Wanaka, and enjoy’s dealing with a range of clients and helping make the process of creating a website as easy as possible for them. When he is not in front of a computer Fraser enjoys running in the mountains or orienteering. Wanda is a passionate designer with over a decade of experience in the graphic design and print industry. Wanda enjoys collaborating with clients to create effective ways to promote their businesses.
Wanda is based in Auckland, loves British detective stories, Japanese food and has a penchant for musicals. The change repositions the "like" and "reblog" functions, along with other options, to be at the bottom of a post instead at the top. And what's worse, the newest change has rendered Tumblr Savior and xKit, an alternative to Missing E, temporarily ineffectual. For instance, if you hate small children, adding "babies" to Tumblr Savior will remove any and all mentions of babies from your dash. Tumblr tags are also affected by the new layout changes, prompting users to take to Stylish to implement workarounds there as well.
Meanwhile xKit promptly updated its app with a new version that seems to have fixed the bugs, though it doesn't appear to be working on all browsers.
Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of all is that Tumblr, in keeping with its ongoing silence surrounding its internal changes, hasn't stepped in to assist users with the workarounds or update them on the changes to their layouts.
Meanwhile, the "Tumblr staff" tag is full of cries from users begging Tumblr to stop making what appear to them to be mostly cosmetic changes and listen to what they actually want: better search and tag functionality, a stronger communication system, and better usability.
Geocities nostalgia meets modern pop culture: Thanks to one popular Tumblr blog, the popular phrases of today are being given new life by the special effects of yesterday.
Using creativity, suggestions, and of course, the image-editing program Xara 3D, Frazier takes requests to transform simple lines of text into animated works of art. Frazier has received plenty of requests to dazzle words and phrases native to text messaging and the Internet itself.
Odd requests and celebrity encounters aside, Frazier still loves the collective effort that AnimatedText invites. The casting of Doctor Who’s title character is the geek world’s equivalent of who will be the next James Bond.
Almost all previous Doctors have been relative unknowns, whereas Kinnear enjoys an illustrious career with the Royal Shakespeare Company and in blockbuster movies. Look a little further down Ladbrokes’ list of possible Doctors, and you begin to spot some more likely choices—from a fan’s perspective, that is.
Then there’s Colin Morgan, star of the BBC’s Merlin, who falls into more or less the same demographic as Ben Whishaw, and Harry Potter stars Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe as outliers. When it comes to James Bond, traditionalists can argue that the character is based on a series of novels about a white man. The only non-white actor anywhere near the top of Ladbrokes’ list is Homeland star David Harewood.
Realistically speaking, the next Doctor won’t be a woman, and is only slightly more likely to be played by a person of color. So: No one actually knows who the next Doctor will be, but he’s almost certain to be a man, and probably won’t be anyone famous.
For the first time in Carmel High School's history, its "Cutest Couple" Yearbook award has gone to two gay teens.
As for Blaney, who's known Taylor since 4th grade, she's delighted by the interest her friends are receiving. Profile pictures, on the other hand, give you the opportunity to set up perfect lighting, pose for hours, and shoot and re-shoot until you get the perfect portrait.
A Tumblr called In Duplo, meaning “in double, or "in duplicate” in Latin, is a collection of booking photos placed next to the arrestees’ profile pictures. When your favorite shows are on hiatus or the latest blockbuster movie turns out to be a flop, that’s when summer fandoms come into play.
Some fandoms do become popular over night, but it helps to have a little background beforehand. Interestingly, Hannibal fandom doesn’t particularly focus on the gay subtext angle that one might expect from a show about the intense cat-and-mouse relationship between a handsome serial killer and the squirrelly-yet-cute Hugh Dancy (Will Graham).

Hannibal itself is a serious, critically acclaimed show starring a Cannes Best Actor award-winner in the lead role.
So, while the show is undeniably traumatic—featuring regular appearances from dismembered corpses and human steak—the fandom lets off steam with Comic Sans memes, ironically cutesy commentary, and videos like this. After the cult success of Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, showrunner Bryan Fuller is no stranger to fandom.
Rather than acting precious about the perceived seriousness of their show, Hannibal’s creators seem to share their fans’ quirky sense of humour. Most impressively, Hannibal is one of the vanishingly few shows whose official Tumblr account reads like it’s written by someone in fandom rather than a soulless PR hack, a trait that it shares with—you guessed it —Teen Wolf. But the best behind-the-scenes content has to got to be the blog run by the show’s food stylist.
On top of his more well-known hobby of viciously murdering people and eating their internal organs, Hannibal is a renowned aesthete.
With Bryan Fuller describing Hannibal as a Francis Bacon painting and Will as an Edward Hopper, Hannibal was primed to become one of the most artistic fandoms ever. Yes, despite critical acclaim and a frighteningly enthusiastic cult following, NBC held off for several weeks before renewing Hannibal for a second season. The naked baby from the album cover of Nirvana's Nevermind swims along, trying to catch the dollar. Since starting the blog in March, Moolma has animated about 200 covers, most of which were requests, he explains.
Like most GIF artists, Moolma uses Photoshop to create the covers, each of which takes a few hours to make. Rob Hart was laid off from the Chicago Sun-Times as part of the paper’s much-maligned decision to get rid of its entire photo staff (28 people, including Pulitzer Prize winners) and replace them with reporters with iPhones. In his newfound unemployment, Hart has been documenting his life the only way he knows how: through photos. The Daily Dot interviewed the award-winning journalist and Medill Journalism School professor about the value of the Internet and the future of journalism.
As I have posted before, among tattoo designs available, arm tattoo sleeves for women become popular these days.
There are lots of ideas for half sleeve tattoo for girls, one of them might be your next tattoo.
Cherry blossoms are from a large part of East Asia, especially Japan, where he has a special cultural significance and as Sakura. Besides these half sleeve tattoo ideas for women mentioned above there are still lots of great ideas or figure as you designs, like feather, geisha, angel, etc. More Ideas on Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for WomenIf want more designs and meaning of Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas for Women or you need a reference point for you tattoo design, the following pictures gallery can be your references. After several years working for Rubble’s clients, Claire took over the graphic and web design side of that business when the opportunity arose, and enjoyed running Rubble Design alongside Saucy Hot Design in Auckland, and has now merged the two businesses into one and relocated to Rotorua. However, Claire is also very experienced with and enjoys the technical side – building websites from scratch for the original designs she creates for clients, designing them to be both visually stunning, and highly functional. She has several years experience working as a graphic designer, with a focus on governmental organisations, the not-for-profit sector, and the arts and culture sector. She loves nothing more than to take on a project, get immersed in research, planning, ideation and chisel out an appropriate outcome.
He went on to complete a Diploma of New Media Design and has been developing websites ever since. This has given him knowledge in the full spectrum of technologies, from the back-end web server and database through to the front-end design and interaction with the user. Garnering robust pre-press skills during her extensive career within the print industry, Wanda also focuses on brand, print and marketing design. She believes that a successful design solution is the result of creativity and insightful decision-making.
The otherwise inexplicable navigation change could be a logistical move to make way for the money—literally.
And it appears precisely where Tumblr's heart used to be—that is, its heart-shaped "like" function.
Some posts are touting a Tumblr Savior reinstallation, while others are citing browser-relatedworkarounds.
The Tumblr staff blog, instead, celebrated sponsored posts, as well as the acquisition of new servers this morning, complete with an additional 3 petabytes. Frazier, a graphic designer by trade, is the mind behind AnimatedText, a blog that dazzles up text from user requests with animation and color. Clicking on almost any random page in her blog will result in typically cringe-inducing phrases that suddenly look rather impressive, thanks to her skills.
I feel like I’m curating the minds of Tumblr users in real time, which is both interesting and terrifying," she added. And as it happens, UK betting company Ladbrokes was offering 3:1 odds on Skyfall actor Rory Kinnear to fill Matt Smith’s shoes as far back as March.
Ben Whishaw (5:1 odds) is already a fandom favorite, thanks to being a talented actor who makes quirky career decisions (playing a male Ariel opposite Helen Mirren’s Prospero in The Tempest, for example) and looks like a real-life anime character. They may not seem like ideal casting choices at first, but they’d certainly boost the show’s ratings: There are already a bunch of Merlin fans ready to start watching Doctor Who if Colin Morgan does get cast. Which is a pity, because we all know who’d really be a perfect choice to play an immortal, time-travelling eccentric: Tilda Swinton. When Meehan and Taylor's bestie Chelsea Blaney saw the adorable yearbook photo of her friends posing together, she told Tumblr, perhaps the world's largest bastion of fans of boys in love.

There are no names or arrest details; the photos alone give insight to how your circumstances can change the way you present yourself.
Most of them stick around for a few months and then vanish without trace, but occasionally you end up with the equivalent of that one party tune you just can’t get out of your head: ubiquitous, popular, and inexplicably long-lived. Teen Wolf was well into its second season before its popularity exploded, while Hannibal has a whole franchise of books and films behind it. Our favourite little detail is that the heart-shaped “Like” symbol on NBCHannibal’s Tumblr page is shaped like an actual human heart. Feeding Hannibal is read by thousands of Fannibals, both on its own site or on Tumblr, and offers incredibly detailed (and illustrated) insights into the show’s many, many food-related scenes. Fittingly, his latest onscreen adaptation is more stylish and visually complex than any before—surpassing even Anthony Hopkins’ famous “fava beans and a nice Chianti.” As well as the exquisite food scenes, the sets, costumes and soundtrack of Hannibal are designed to be within an inch of their lives. Not only are there multiple paintingsinspired by Francis Bacon, much of the fan art shows considerably more complexity than mere depictions of the characters (although this fan-made graphic novel adaptation is astonishingly good).
We’ve already written about how some old-school Hannibal fans are disgusted by TV fandom’s love of gay fanfic, although that mostly seems to have died down by now. Thursday night saw Fannibals spamming Tumblr and Twitter to express joy at the last-minute renewal, which gives viewers at least 13 more episodes to watch Hannibal lovingly torment Will Graham into a nervous breakdown. He started the Tumblr page Laid Off From the Sun-Times yesterday morning, and it’s already gone viral, receiving attention from others in the media and from people who relate to being unemployed. I started 12 years ago and in the first year, I was working at a company that was part of the Sun-Times and they wanted to lay off five people and I was number five. Some of girls are fan of full sleeve tattoo designs and the other are fan of half sleeve tattoo. Their characteristics are considered a national icon pink flowers in Japan, one that arises not only in art, but in almost all forms of media.
However, during high-school I concentrated more (and excelled) on the academic side, enjoying the challenges that maths and science provided. She is a regular blogger for Frontier, a blog that covers the latest developments in fashion, design and visual culture, and for Concrete Playground Auckland. First you baffle everyone with a series of largely silent Tumblr layoffs, including the much-touted Storyboard. So much so that there’s already a petition in his name, and a Tumblr account called richardayoadefor12thdoctor. Not only is it the first time a gay couple has ever won, it's the first time a gay couple has ever been eligible for the award. Last year’s summer craze, Teen Wolf, has now engulfed the 90 percent of Tumblr that isn’t porn (plus some of the 10 percent that is), but it’s the exception. Luckily, the new TV show requires no knowledge aside from, perhaps, an awareness that Hannibal is a cannibal.
Maybe it’s because Hannibal features an unusually high number of admirable, well-written female characters. Not an episode goes by without Mads Mikkelsen smiling serenely through a blatant cannibalism pun (“I’m having an old friend for dinner”), and fandom took this idea and ran with it.
They show Will and Hannibal surrounded by cartoon hearts, like the protagonists in an anime show aimed at pre-teen girls.
One abstract artist takes inspiration from the psychological themes present in Will and Hannibal’s relationship as patient and therapist, while others concentrate on the ghostly stag that haunts Will’s dreams—a hint unwittingly picked up from a stag sculpture lurking in the background of Hannibal’s office. The latest problem is the threat of an invasion from “Superwholock” (Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock) fans, who are widely viewed to be the scourge of Tumblr.
In the Morning GIF, we feature a popular—or just plain cool—GIF we found on Reddit, Canvas, or elsewhere on the Internet.
If you like the second types of sleeve tattoos, bellow you can find some samples of half sleeve tattoo ideas for women. After gaining an A Bursary, but not being sure of my career choice, I traveled extensively in Europe, competing in sport for NZ, making friends with all sorts of people from different countries, and gaining fantastic life experiences.
This work ensures that she is always kept up to date with current trends across the expanded creative field. Ever since former Doctor Tom Baker bid good luck to his successor, “whoever he or she may be,” fans have been debating whether it’s time for a female Doctor. As a near-immortal alien who “regenerates” into a new persona rather than dying, the Doctor can be anyone you like.
In between shielding their eyes from the horrors onscreen, a popular game among Fannibals is working out which foodstuffs are made from people.
At the moment, most people seem to be treating the idea of a Hannibal-Superwholock crossover as a punchline, though—maybe because up until recently, the show’s real enemy was cancellation. And there’s already canonical evidence of other Time Lords regenerating from one gender to another. Never mind that he describes them as “tongue” or “liver” (no animal specified, of course)—they look delicious, and Mads Mikkelsen always prepares them while wearing terrifyingly stylish three-piece suits. And now, after a recent interface overhaul rendered the much-loved app Missing E all but useless, you've done a new redesign that's inverted the dashboard layout and disabled Tumblr Savior, perhaps the most practical and widely used third-party app on the site.

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