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Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.
Wish Bowl is an Online Tool or Application where you can submit your wishes, bless your wishes along with wishes of other people and work towards achieving them. The month of November has become widely recognized as a month of thankfulness and gratitude, however give it a try anytime of the year.
I am grateful for people who make the world a better place by finding their happiness and sharing that hope with others.
What are some ways that you show your gratitude when receiving a gift – whether it is a wrapped gift or just a kind word?

I think that reverence is the respect that happens when you acknowledge your role in something larger than yourself.
You can keep track of your wishes, create To Do Tasks, set reminders and use other informational material that would motivate you to work towards making your wishes come true. The majesty of nature, the power of poetry; even a single word or photograph can instantly lift our spirits, change our attitude and remind us that we are climbing to new heights, one step at a time. Share your appreciation with one of these gratitude quotes on your Facebook page, Tumblr or Twitter.
Gratitude leads to an appreciation of this and I can see how that would change our life experience.

Wish Bowl is also very thankful to each and every one of the individuals who have used and blessed the Wish Bowl.

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