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The client works outdoors as a landscaper so the design had to be done in a way to make sure it would hold up. Nowadays it’s a fashion having a tattoo in any part of the body that too in shoulder, neck or waist is just like amazing. I assume that whenever I tattoo a hand the work is going to get a lot of abuse over the years so I pretty much stick to the old rule of linework makes the tattoo and the fill is just gravy.The letters on the knuckles existed before I did this as did the small dice. I just touched them up a tad.This picture was taken about 6 months after the tattoo was done.

As you can probably see if you look close the second knuckle from the index finger already has some small damage. A good tattoo design pulls attraction of many people around us which obviously everyone will want. If you are considering a hand tattoo keep in mind the abuse it will be under when choosing your design and make sure that you get the work done by somebody who has a lot of experiance in tattooing hands. The rise in popularity of hand tattoos has created a huge amount of really ugly work done by so-called proffesionals with to much pride to know what they should or shouldn't do.

Don't get you hand tattooed by somebody unless you have seen some aged work by the artist on the area.

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