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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Font editing software comes in a variety of strengths and prices, and works on a variety of platforms. It is more or less the industry standard, and, as such, isn’t exactly cheap, coming in at $649 (US). That said, installing FontForge (at least under Windows) is not exactly a simple matter (you’ll need to install Cygwin first).
There was an interesting thread recently over at Typophile about FontForge that you might want to read, if you’re considering taking the open-source plunge.
FontMaster comes as seven different modules, which I find altogether cool and intimidating.

PC and Mac.The original king of font editing software is Fontographer which languished in non-development purgatory for years until FontLab bought the code and recently updated it for the Mac. The last version was really showing its age even in the late 1990s, so I’m hoping that Fontlab did an impressive rewrite for its new version. So do some research before you buy—download and try some demos, read the rants and debates of other font creators out there, and figure out which font editor works best for you. Create a new font in your font editor before you put pen to paper, and look at the standard glyph table it presents you with. This nifty little program (which comes bundled as part of the Mac version of FontLab Studio—lucky Mac users!) allows you to take bitmap images and convert them into font glyphs. One cool thing about using Illustrator to draw your alphabet is that you have a wide range of brushes to choose from, so that you can change the style of your entire alphabet with a couple of mouse clicks.

It can definitely be done, and you’ll potentially be able to generate more precise fonts this way, as opposed to drawing your glyphs outside of your font editor and then importing them.
In the next installment I’ll address some of the specifics of font creation and editing.
Read So You Want to Create a Font–part two.[Alec Julien is a web developer and amateur typographer living in Vermont, US.

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