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The Bold and Heavy weights were added later to broaden the usefulness of this very popular typeface. Alter Ego is from Blambot Comics Fonts, a staple in the comic creation industry, appearing in books published by Marvel, Dark Horse, Oni, Image and independent comics worldwide. Swanson One being the light elegantly floating Swan, and Swanson Two the more accentuated heavier brother typeface.
In addition, Canette’s alternate characters, available in a separate font, provide design opportunities for embellishment! The irrepressible style of this Austrian artist inspired Boston designer Richard Lipton to capture his calligraphy as a typeface.

Here we highlight favorite handwriting fonts that our customers and our staff admire year after year.
The Cezanne font set, created for the Philadelphia Museum of Art, celebrates the work of influential French artist Paul C?zanne. The typographer is a a Hollywood prop designer who in his quest for authenticity makes fonts as part of his work. This over-swashing is quite useful in settings where the stroke and fill colors differ or complement each other. His fonts are inspired by old printed and hand-lettered material, and are usually designed a little rough and a little irregular, in deliberate defiance of the crisp perfection and merciless uniformity of modern digital fonts.

If you like polished, worldly, handwriting fonts with a touch of elegance, then these fonts are right up your alley! Satisfaction is a casual vintage script font developed from hand-lettered words in various 1930s cigarette ads.

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