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But creating compelling HDR images, whether through fake HDR techniques in Photoshop or multiple exposures and tone-mapping, can be tricky. Creating portraits can be even trickier, because human subjects are often less forgiving in HDR photos. But you can do a few different things to get better results with your HDR portraits every time. This generally isn’t an issue with fake HDR images (unless the image is blurry to begin with), but it can be a big problem with real HDRs done with tone-mapping and multiple images. Remember that the original purpose of HDR photography was to make images more accurately show the colors and shadows that the human eye perceives. Keep this in mind when creating your own images and you’ll likely get better results.
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In this tutorial we are going to share with you upon how to apply a high dynamic range (HDR) effect to your photos. High dynamic range (HDR) this technique is usually manipulated by photo editing software, or captured by a camera.
We thought it would be a good idea to put the tutorial in the form of a screencast, in order to make the tutorial even easier to follow.
We used a stock from Big Stock Photo which you can purchase from their site, or alternatively used any other stock photos of your choice. These are a collective of websites, which the Creative Nerds team run which are also awesome design websites. Blurring from hand and arm movement is the most common, because keeping these limbs perfectly still for more than a few seconds is difficult. Again, this is more common with fake HDR, but spoiling a tone-mapped image is possible, too, if you process it too much. Producing great HDR images that are artistic and creative, without looking strange, is still possible.

This technique is easy to achieve using an new filter available in Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CS 5.5.
The effect simply is a greater dynamic range of light and dark within the areas within an image, HDR images represent the in intensity and finer detail in a photography.
Built from love and passion for design to pass on our skills and knowledge to other designers. There’s so many ways which you can make a HDR photo effect, but this has to be the easiest method, and produces the best results.

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