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Heart tattoos have been used for centuries to express one of the deepest human emotions: love.
Historic Meaning: The heart tattoo has been used ever since ancient times as a symbol representing the intellect. Heart tattoos were made popular by sailors who would represent their love for those they missed while at sea with a heart, anchor and the word mom.
Personal Meaning: The heart tattoo may be used to show love for a parent, or a significant other.
The options for a heart tattoo are virtually endless, and they are adaptable to just about any area of the body.
Download free Hearts Flash By Tattoosavage designer tattoos from Heart Tattoo Designs section. If you know more about "Hearts Flash By Tattoosavage" Tattoo by Heart Tattoo Designs, please send us this information and we will add it to this page. The heart is one of the few tattoo motifs that can represent both a positive and gloomy aspects of one’s life. So whether it is love on your mind, a symbol of commitment for a loved one or simply a heartache that you want to wear on your sleeves, with an amazing heart tattoo design you can always flaunt your emotional side with grace.
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Most commonly these tattoos were designed in red, but they are now drawn in a wide range of styles and with a number of meanings behind them.
Since then, Christianity has used the heart as full of emotion, where Islam has seen it as the centre of their spirituality.
The most popular designs for this purpose often include broken hearts, and hearts including a dagger are often drawn to represent bravery in the military. The various phases of a love life, the beauty and the heart ache, are equally represented well by the heart. If you are a free spirit then a heart drawn with wings is the perfect way to represent this. The design has always remained a favorite with girls and is now increasingly become popular with men too. A winged heart, for example, can surely be one of the amazing heart tattoo designs on your body.
The design is a very versatile motif and can be mixed with other motifs to create a unique amazing heart tattoo design. The heart of a lifeless person weighed to find if his soul rested with the god of afterlife, Osiris or with the demon of the underworld, Ammut.
Combining with other motifs also change the meanings of the tattoo and give it a negative or positive tinge.

Similarly, a heart with dagger or blade tearing through it can characterize the sadness that one has gone through in their love life. Ancient inscriptions having heart motifs have been found dating back to the early centuries of human civilization. If perhaps you choose a design which contains a rose in it, this is a representation of romantic love.
Shades also can give a different meaning to the overall concept and to every detail of the heart tattoo design. Various motifs, design patterns and colors will give a different look to your heart tattoo and can represent various aspects of your love and interests.
For example, a dolphin carved inside of a heart can surely state your love for the ocean, water life and a spirit of a free roaming sailor.
Similarly, some designs of cross or halos or perhaps angels around a heart say about your faith in God or your interest in mythology.

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