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About Me: Psychic To The Stars, Love and Relationship Expert, Accurate Empath and Clairvoyant No Tools! Something that is extremely important to know when getting a reading is that timelines are the HARDEST things to predict!
This morning as I was getting ready for my day, making my coffee and listening to music as I always do, Lady Gaga came on.
Unfortunately in this day and age of mobile devices, social media and always being connected what would have been simple playground teasing years ago is now becoming extreme bullying where rumors are posted on every social site and there is nowhere for victims to hide. This isn't just a job or another facet to my personality it's my lifestyle to be spiritual and a psychic. Spirit is strong in me today so now is a great time to call for updates to start your week off great or try a reading with me for the first time!
If you didn't want your recent breakup and are desperate to get your ex back the absolute worst thing you can do is start a barrage of "subliminal messages" on the internet hoping they will notice. When you call for a reading with a psychic we will tell you what is currently happening and what will happen if you stay on your current path. Dating an energy vampire is not just emotionally draining but can affect your physical health as well as your spiritual growth! Look at your situation and ask yourself am I on an emotional roller coaster with an energy vampire? This is a topic close to my own heart and something I've actually been going through currently. I'm sending out free minutes after each paid call tonight until 10 pm PST and look forward to speaking with you!! Something I continually hear from clients and that has been reiterated in my feedback is that I'm not just a reader I will become your friend. Yes our system is still having some glitches and issues, which is why until they are fixed I am not offering chat.
My approach to relationship reconciliation is to remove the emotional, spiritual, and mental obstacles that prevent healing. If you are not signed in, the rate you see does not yet include international long distance charges. KEEN: Relationship Restoration with Lucia : Manifesting Christmas Miracles - This is How We Do It! I communicate with my spirit guides to give you the truth, accurate predictions and timelines! Now one of the hardest parts of lives beyond accepting ourselves is accepting others for who they are. I always listen to upbeat music and as I am moving and shaking it along to the music, I started thinking about what I perceive to be one of the greatest things Lady Gaga as a musician and celebrity brings attention to, which is acceptance of who you are. What's even more sad is that sometimes adults who should not only know better but should be positive role models teaching their own children that bullying is wrong become involved in these behaviors themselves. That means I'm constantly meditating and grounding myself, clearing my energy and working out.
I am signed in every day from 10 am PST until 10 pm PST however tonight from 6 pm PST until 8 pm PST I will be away as I'm hosting a blog talk radio show with Master Psychic Jonathan. I only recommend advisors I've read with who have been accurate and understanding and these 3 are my picks of the week! We start to become less ambitious, less motivated to exercise or do things that brought us joy such as spending time with friends. To avoid getting cut off or having calls dropped, here are some things to be aware of: anytime you are interrupted with the prompts to add money to the call or chat, you risk the system hanging up on you, the advisor, or both. I empower my clients with tools and resources that give them the ability to continue attracting the answer they desire long after we've hung up the phone. I have written and published 3 books and have taught my 7-Step program to groups around the world.
Because we are getting our information for you from another dimension that doesn't have the same concept of time as we do here in this life.
When breakups happen we can see the ugliest sides of our partners and it can be devastating to realize that the person we loved can be so cruel. Spreading rumors by using the internet, enlisting friends to help, using fake profiles and phone numbers to harass and bully.
I do things to maintain my abilities and make sure I'm always ready for my callers and performing at my best.
At this point your ex either wants to be left alone to process things or they want to talk things out with you. Say for example if you ask your psychic if you and your current partner will get married next year and they say yes, well two months later you cheat on your partner and break up. Sadly their partners are the ones left wondering why this happens and if it will ever get better.
We become obsessed with preventing another breakup and making it through the next one, always worrying this might be the final split or that we need to just find a way to communicate better, give them more space, more attention, be funnier, sexier, smarter.. So please have funds available on your account to talk for at least 5 minutes before calling or trying to chat.
Relationship reconciliation is a fine art and can not be achieved with a simple "What's he thinking?" answer.

Because most predictions involve more than one person and those people have different perceptions of the situation, have free will to make choices and are humans dealing with life.
Or sometimes it is just learning to accept that our new partner has made some mistakes in life that we do not agree with. Remember that drama invites karma and put yourself in someone else's shoes before you get involved. I do not get involved in dramas or negativity as I know how much what surrounds you can invade your energy.
Let's start our day with this affirmation " I have the power to make the positive changes in my life to make myself happy, I will always remember that being happy is a choice I make by removing negative influences from my surroundings and concentrating my energies in a positive direction" Remember you are the master of your life and your destiny!!
Yes sometimes these relationships can heal and move forward but a lot of times the best choice is to give up and walk away.
Our whole thought process becomes wrapped up in making the relationship work this time around. Some of us are having issues with the email system on here so if you need more immediate assistance please call or chat if we are available if you do not receive a response.
I created the Simply Believe(TM) Method and also the 7-Steps to Restoration of Self, Soul, and Love and utilize the exercises and tools in both programs to help my clients achieve their goals of restored love. I am also a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner and Angel Card Reader, talk radio show host, boutique owner, police wife and military mother of two incredible children. Box ScoreFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.- The Palm Beach Atlantic University softball team dropped a pair of games on Tuesday evening at the hands of Nova Southeastern University as they were defeated 2-1 in 10 innings in game one followed by another 2-1 loss in game two. Say you have a reading and your psychic tells you this person wants to call you, they see them doing so tomorrow. I truly believe that unless we were in their situation, we cannot judge another for their actions, only judge if they have moved forward and would not make those mistakes again.
October is National Bullying Prevention month, please spread awareness and talk to your children and peers about how to handle these issues!
I'm human and have friends and family however the last thing I do is get involved in petty arguments and feuds when those arise as they can between friends. That may be a more extreme example however the point is beyond any reading our choices shape our destiny. If not you end up being drained of all emotional energy and dragged down by the other persons inability to commit to and maintain a steady and long term relationship. Walk away from anything that holds you back to make room for the good to come into your life and trust me it will! We will laugh and we will cry, I will help guide you to the right path and hold your hand when you are down. I have had no issues sending out emails, however this past week it has been hit or miss with being able to respond to them. A Laura Saladrigras walk-off double in the tenth inning sunk the Sailfish in the opener while the Sharks leaned heavily on pitcher Sara DeMuth by allowing her to pitch both games as she tallied hard-fought victories in the circle in each game. But, tomorrow when the person in question wanted to call, their boss asks them to come into work to cover someone else's shift and when they get home they're now tired, hungry and decide they'll call you in two days when they feel better instead.
However if someone tells you they cheated in every relationship they have been in, but claims they changed for you? Whether it is struggling to accept your sexual orientation and learning how to cope with the fact that who you love does not fit into what mainstream society portrays as a normal straight relationship, dealing with a disability or just simple things such as you don't like your feet we all have struggled with things about ourselves that cannot be changed. If your trusted advisor tells you that something you really want will happen if you follow certain instructions but choose to do something else then you made a free will choice that affects the outcome and the prediction most likely changes as well.
You can count on me to comfort you and make you smile, give you answers and tough love when needed.
I have been through this myself, I am half Italian and my family members on the Italian side largely are darker haired and darker skinned Italians, while I took after my mother's Irish side of the family with a lighter skin tone and blonde hair.
Cyber harassment and bullying are federal crimes, if you are under attack or know someone involved please report it and if you're a victim of bullying remember you're beautiful and I love you! Well you may not have devoted your life to helping others on their spiritual paths to enlightenment or be psychic but you are intuitive and energy affects all of us.
Rant all you want on the phone with your friends, cry to your favorite psychic but do not think for a moment that posting anything online will get them back. When we sign our member agreements to provide service on Keen we agree not to provide or communicate with clients outside of Keen.
Sometimes we have to accept that we will never have the relationship we wanted with our relatives and try to establish a working version of a relationship with them.
My features and body type are exactly that of the women on my Italian side, I grew up closer to that side of the family, learning how to cook Italian food, speak Italian and while inside I felt like an Italian, on the outside I did not fit the stereotype of what most Italians look like. Sometimes we have to step back from what is going on with the people we love and rise above what they are doing. We are in charge of our actions, choices and even our thoughts lead us down our life paths and it is our decision to choose what we do next knowing it may change outcomes. It is one thing if you are on the internet and you happen to run across one of our websites or social media pages, it is another to send us your personal email addresses and phone numbers and ask us to call or email you off site to provide a reading.
The Sharks took the early lead in the first inning when they pushed across a run against Pippin as Lorena Spaulding led off with a single, stole second-base and then came around to score on Katie Kelton sacrifice fly. It means the prediction is the same but that things like life got in the way and delayed it a bit.

It doesn't mean we stop caring or speaking to them it means we no longer listen to their complaints about their coworker who always annoys them, or their ever present relationship problems.
Desperation tactics of manipulation, lies and false pretenses only work for a short time if they ever do.
The score would remain 1-0 in favor of the home team until the top of the sixth inning when Sailfish junior Miranda Welch smoked a one-out triple into the right-field corner followed one batter later by Lisa Santos providing a run on a groundout. Of course everyone has the tendency to be impatient because we want what we want right now and especially in today's world we aren't used to waiting for things to happen.
I struggled with feeling like I should dye my hair brown and spend every waking second in the sun tanning to look more like what my ethnic background and culture looks like on the surface. Simply saying to yourself that you love and accept them but cannot be dragged into the toxic and negative dramas that take place frees our spirits to be more balanced and happy. Both pitchers would continue to dominate until the bottom of the tenth inning as Saladrigas drove a Pippin offering into the left-centerfield for a game-ending double. But when you're dealing with others learning an important lesson or leaving another relationship to return to you, or waiting for a job offer to come in, we cannot always hurry things along like we want. Until I decided that skin cancer was not worth making people think differently, because you know what? Yes we can be there for the ones we care for in their time of need, no we do not have to listen to them complain for the 43rd time about how their boyfriends cheating AGAIN while they say this time he's going to change. In order to get this man she will pretend to be everything he's ever wanted while pointing out how bad his current partner is.
I like to surprise everyone with gifts from time to time and tonight's gifts until 10 are free minutes with every paid call! Pippin allowed only five hits with one walk and nine strikeouts in the loss while DeMuth posted 13 strikeouts with six hits allowed. The most important thing is to focus on the prediction and not the timing and remember that we can't force someone to hurry up and love us or return. I can't change what someone else thinks or feels, only myself and I know who I am and I accept it.
Sometimes stooping to creating fake social media profiles and using fake phone numbers to message each partner to create chaos in the relationship and a breakup. Game TwoDeMuth went back to the circle in game two and posted another 13 strikeout performance as she opposed PBA’s Chris Donovan (4-2) in the circle this time around. Looks are looks, what is inside is what matters, and I am proud of my heritage, of the fact that I can cook our food, speak our language, that I know my family history, that I was incredibly blessed to know my great grandparents and develop a strong bond with them before they passed, and to practice the values our culture strongly promotes such as loyalty, love, respect and honor.
Then when the breakup occurs she steps in to comfort the suddenly single man and voila she has a boyfriend. Palm Beach Atlantic struck first in game two as Kara Anderson walked to start the game followed by back-to-back hits from Welch and Santos as the latter brought home a run. Don't stress on the timing, patience is a lesson the universe is teaching us all, embrace the bigger picture, relax and go with the flow!
I come from a long line of hard working, loud and independent Italians who came here and made their way in a strange country and succeeded and I will carry that with me no matter how tan I am or how light my hair is. This is one of many challenges we all face in our lives and learn to deal with but it makes a huge difference when you do.
What the woman doesn't realize is that just because the split occurred and she now has him it doesn't mean his feelings for the other woman disappeared.
Donovan’s shutout would be ruined in the bottom of the second inning when DeMuth helped her own cause with a one-out triple to leftfield followed by a Chelsea Emery single to tie the game.
We are who we are, we were made the way we are for a reason, and when we accept and love ourselves for who we are, that is when our world becomes brighter!! Know your circle and keep it small, filled with like minded people who are focused on being happy and successful. She's now a rebound and when he realizes she is not who he thought she was he's out the door and she's all alone again.
Things remained 1-1 until the bottom of the sixth inning when NSU put together some late magic again as Emery posted a sac fly RBI that plated the go-ahead run. Be your own soulmate, you are the only person you are guaranteed to always have to live with, you cannot escape who you are no matter how hard you try and when you accept yourself, you become a better person. Lying, manipulation, deception and desperation tactics never work the way they are intended. DeMuth tallied her 26th strikeout of the day to end the game as NSU held on for the important NCAA South Region sweep.
Remember as Our Lady Gaga says " I'm on the right track baby I was born this way" and I am here for you!! The Fish will have little time to rest as they will battle Barry University on Wednesday at 5 pm at the Lake Catherine Sportsplex. I will be back on after 8 pm PST as I'm hosting a blog talk radio show with Master Psychic Jonathan tonight.

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