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Today the recipes of best henna for hair dye products from Russian girl, with different ingredients and different types of henna.
Choose for yourself the best way to brew henna, but remember one thing, henna loves an acidic environment, such it can give you more intense and beautiful color. Prepare an ordinary plastic wrap, maybe, a shower cap (which you do not use more) and warming cap, because henna likes the heat. The fastest way to create an acidic environment is a lemon – but remember, lemon dries your hair very much.
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Tip: Now if you are just applying this paste for nourishing your hair then apply it for 40-45 minutes. I don’t have much problem with henna smell, but we can add some lavender or rose marry oil to the paste, I think that will take away the smell to some extent. I do not apply henna on my hair at all, however, I did not know that adding milk would help nourish them. It is best to wash your hair without balm and conditioner, the color could be fixed better.

It Removes Dandruff And Prevents Dull, Damage, Graying Hair, Mantain Ph Balance And Makes Silky, Smooth And Healthy Hair. Here you will find me writing reviews on skin care products, makeup reviews, skin care tips, makeup tutorial, DIY and so on. With prolonged wearing henna on the wet hair, henna does not dry out and crumble, but it can easily leak from under the hood. If you try it out then please share your experience with me, I would love to hear you on comments. Did you know AdorableShe was started with no such intension that one day I’ll be working on with lot of passion, it was started with no such objectives, anyway! I love to apply henna on my hairs, whether it is to hide white hairs or just to nourish hairs. Henna is a ‘magic’ herb that not only gives our hair a beautiful reddish brown tint, but also makes it frizz-free, lively and manageable. It is a safer as well as cheaper alternative to commercially available hair care and styling products and you can easily turn your dry, frizzy and completely damaged hair into smooth, sleek and glossy locks just by using it every fortnight.What Can Henna Do for Fixing Damaged Hair?Now, the question is why should you use henna for your rough, damaged and unruly hair? The following list will give you the best possible answer:Henna makes the hair strands stronger from the roots.
It gets soaked into the hair follicles very easily and provides nourishment to the hair roots, thereby reducing the chances of breakage and making the hair more manageable.It plays a key role in repairing the damaged hair cuticles (the hard surface layer that works as the protective cover for every single hair strand), which keeps the internal hair cells saved from harm.

Hence, all hair shafts get healed efficiently.Being a natural hair conditioner, henna can induce lots of moisture in your locks and condition them to a great extent. It’s so simple just mix the quantity of henna you require for your hair with whole milk instead of water, whip it well and keep it for 4 to 5 hours and Tada! Add yogurt and black tea to the powder and keep beating everything together until a thick paste is formed.Squeeze out the juice of the lemon into it and mix well. Then, let the entire concoction sit for 3 to 4 hours.Now, beat the egg nicely in a separate bowl. You can also make use of a dye brush for this purpose.Divide your hair into small sections and apply the paste thoroughly. She loves to share her knowledge, express her views and explore anything and everything that can feed her pen.

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