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Classic and always chic, our Medium Brown Hair Dye is a synergy of warm and cool—a loving balance between our Light & Dark Brown shades. A smooth traditional brown grabs the base while hugs of toffee and chestnut tease on the highlights.
For more application instructions, how to spot test, and gray root process go to our detailed application page. Easy to follow directions, great packaging, super fast delivery and a fantastically helpful staff…can it get any better? Daunting, but after following the instructions provided for my situation (one root only application and one full head application), I have gorgeous, shiny, soft chestnut brown hair again.
I have been using Pure Red Henna from here for over 2 years and got lots of complements, got rid of frizz and made hair feel so healthy. My hair is naturally a medium ashy blonde, and I haven’t chemically dyed it in at least two years. I just colored my hair with the medium brown henna last night and I am already in love<3 For a long time, I was coloring my hair dark brown with the boxed dyes you buy in the store. I started off darker ashy blonde with some platinum highlights and have thinner, longer hair about chest height.
After letting it sit for 10 minutes I started applying it with my hands by combing a section out and rubbing a glob into my roots and another glob down the shaft. Wine red is the darkest red in our collection: even a shade or two darker than straight henna, few to no brown undertones, it’s pure deep red.
The henna binds right to the hair shaft, and becomes one with your natural color and highlights. Ingredients: natural henna, red clay, false daisy, centella leaves, myrobalan seeds…(that’s it). I would say that my results were atypical only due to my combination of black roots, red middle and blondish ends….but I love it! While dying hair with henna does take a lot more time than typical hair dye, I enjoyed the experience! To rinse, I put my head, upside down, under my bathtub faucet first before I tried to shower; I was able to get most of what was on the back of my head out that way, making the showering much easier! If you want incredible amazing hair that has a gorgeous color you can’t get anywhere else use this product. Thank you Henna Color Lab for a product that I am so over the top happy exists on ALL levels of your company. I have been recently switching to all natural and cruelty-free stuff, and beginning to go vegan which is such a healthful way and shows compassion completely to animals (anything for them!), and I think it kind of starting with looking for an organic hair dye.
I had never used henna before and had long brown hair with gold highlights and some grays here and there. I stopped using commercial hair dyes because I had a weird reaction–my tongue went numb when my hair got wet. Despite the color fallout, I am back to order more–the quality and color is just that good.
This was my first time dyeing and now that I know that henna is good for you hair, I’ll try gladly try more products from this site! I’ve been dying my hair red for many years and know how annoying the upkeep is and how quickly red will fade. Instead of mixing the henna with water, I too used a can of coconut milk and then water to achieve the texture as specified in the instructions. I have naturally medium to dark brown hair, with a couple of bleached tips from a dyed streak back when I had a pixie cut.
The active ingredient that enables henna to color hair is lawsone- which is also known as 2-Hydroxy-1,4 Napthaquinone.
Lawsone’s color is red to orange only.  So when you see henna in colors other than reddish orange, other pigments have been added.  The important question to ask is, “What are those pigments?”  Are they natural pigments such as indigo, turmeric, catechu, amla, vashma or black walnut shells? Other Names: Alcanna, Egyptian Privet, Hennae Folium, Henne, Jamaica Mignonette, Lawsonia alba, Lawsonia inermis, Mehndi, Mendee, Mignonette Tree, Reseda, Smooth Lawsonia.
My SIL helps me apply it (she went to beauty school) and it leaves the most beautiful, rich, natural color I’ve ever had. However I was tired of the Red and wanted to go back to my natural color which is dark brown. It finally reached a point where my poor hair was breaking off as soon as it hit my shoulders. I was so scared that my hair would turn out horrible haha but I’m glad I took the leap of faith. No instantly noticeable change is texture or thickness, but I’m hoping that will change after my hairs had a break from being abused.

I have long brown hair with 20% gray and this henna turned my gray a nice copper color, which I am okay with seeing how rainbow henna brand usually turned them green. Then the added herbs and natural treatments combine to darken down the shade by a couple notches and bring it to a dark passionate wine red. I was looking for a product that wasn’t going to be as damaging as store bought dyes while still giving me vivid color. I was looking to dye my hair but did not want to use chemical dye because I have dry hair and in the past, chemical dyes just made it worse. My hair has grown to my shoulders now, and I wanted to find a natural way to color my hair as I am now nursing. I have long hair that goes about 2in and a half above my waist when I have it on my back and thought I would need 2 packs – however, after carefully separating my hair and making sure I have covered everything, I ended up throwing away about a pack of mixture.
I have been dyeing my hair some shade of red since i was a sophomore, so it is a safe assumption that I love being a redhead. So I’m going to use my own gloves going forward but the cap was definitely good to have. I absolutely LOVE the color, and get lots of compliments…some from creepy old men who stalk me in the store to comment on my sassy shade, but hey. When I schvitz during spin class, it looks like I’ve been hit with a bucket of rusty water. I was pleased that the henna came with gloves and a shower cap, although the cap was a bit thin. The color turned out well on the lightened parts of my hair and it even left a reddish-purple sheen on the black parts.
I have gotten so many compliments on my hair, plus it almost matches my ginger sibling’s natural red hair color! I dyed my hair two days ago, and the color showed up as a deep auburn with almost purplish burgundy undertones on the dark part of my hair! I like reddish hair so I use henna quite often, but the gray hair turns orange and I just couldn’t take that. Completely covers gray hair without harming the hair shaft in one or two easy applications.
As with any other medicine, if you are sick, you should consult a physician to find out if the herbal preparations listed here are right for you. It conditions my hair amazingly (it’s never been so soft or even air dried nicely) and I feel like I have new hair. I have been using this brand of henna once a month for the 6 months or so and my fine hair has gotten significantly healthier and stronger. Take the time to separate your hair into sections, ensure even coating and wipe off any dye that gets on your face, ears etc.
I have used henna before so I knew it would be rather messy, I put towels on EVERYTHING and therefore my bathroom is stainless. Well, the last time I found what I thought was the perfect box color for the vibrant red I wanting, it ended up turning my already red hair BLACK. So happy to have finally found a natural hair color that doesn’t make my hair orange but is a true red. Not only was I tired of the stylists never quite getting the color right, but I was tired of how expensive it was.
Since my natural hair is very dark, the dye came out pretty subtle, but definitely noticeable. The red is still rinsing out in the shower for me, as well , but I love the color so much that it really doesn’t bother me. A lot of people say that is the most important thing to remember when taking the time to henna.
Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours). I have used this henna and the Light Brown for 3 months now and my hair is noticeably thicker and curls have more form with less frizz. I started doing my research and found that henna, along with other herbs, does wonders for your hair.
I mixed my powder with coffee and left it on for 3 hours and rinsed with HCL lavender conditioner.
I have been coloring my hair at home for over 20 years now, and have tried many products – I do not find the process of using henna more grueling than others ( when you have long hair like I do any product you apply takes time and patience ), the only thing different is how long you keep the mixture on.
I have ordered some more and am so ecstatic I stumbled upon this little gem of a local business and its wonderful henna mix! I really like the undertone color, and on my bleached tips it’s a beautiful almost pomegranate red, and I hope the color builds even more with repeated applications.

Also, if you want to tweek that color of your henna, you can add indigo powder or amla powder. I tried the dark brown henna first, but I prefer the medium brown because it seems to work better on my grays. My hair was dark brown so it made it a sort of dark auburn color in normal light, but in the sun, it’s a brilliant wine red. It seems to have dried my hair out a bit, but that may be due to my use of clarifying shampoo before I applied the henna. My hair is dark, dark brown nearly black and this henna hair dye worked perfectly with my hair.
So after all of my research showing me that there wasn’t much of an option for my black hair if I was wanting red, I started to give up.
I used the Henna Hair treatment first, which according to my mom and sister made my hair feel SUPER soft and thick.
My only gripe is that the red is still rinsing out in the shower and it’s been over a month since I colored. No matter how natural a product is, it may have a potential of causing side effects and allergic reaction on certain individuals. Indigo helps make the henna more audurn or brown, and amla usually helps with towning down the color of henna. Until I met a complete stranger, lovely woman really, who said, “your face, it looks so young, but your hair!” Wow! Applying the thick paste took about 20 minutes and I left it on for 2 hours for good measure. Gave a different brand of henna a try; after the first few days of traffic cone orange, it settled into an Lucielle Ball light red. I rinsed it for about a half an hour and conditioned it after I dyed it, and thought I had gotten most of it out.
And NO burning feeling and stripping and headaches after using the chemical hair dye that I used before. I’m glad i did, because it turned out the most insane and vibrant shade of red, especially in the sun. My hair is about mid-back length and I’m glad I ordered two packages because I used every single bit. My hair, which is normally very thing and fragile, has thickened a bit and each individual strand is much stronger since using the henna.
Totally appreciated the tip of using conditioner because rinsing took a bit of time in the shower so halfway through, I used a bit of conditioner which made rinsing out the remaining paste so much easier. Let it sit for 2 hours (warmed up my hair once with the hairdryer for 5 minutes after about 45 minutes in). And, the more massaging the paste dye is going into the hair, the more the color really stands out.
I rinse it with Shea Moisture conditioner and then leave in a little conditioner and let it dry naturally. I used the treatment first and was amazed how it evened out the color which at the time had bleached blonde and red highlights.
I do wait a day or two before shampooing or co-washing and I do not use any product on my hair until after the first shampoo. But I have transitioned my life over the past year and a half to using only natural products on my body and in my house and for my animals. One thing that really seemed to work is after double washing my hair to prep for the henna, I sat outside and let my hair dry in the sun before applying the henna. Then, I dried my hair and oh man, my hair was the softest and shiniest it's EVER been in my life!!
My daughter was so impressed that she too has given up on salon visits and ordered her first henna color: Mahogany. It will require one more treatment of color to completely rid my hair of all the highlights but I was aware of this when I started the process. We both followed the easy-to-use directions, leaving the product on our hair for the full 2 hours. I will never use anything else on my hair and can’t wait to start playing around with combining colors to create a custom color for myself. From the help I received when I called, the quick delivery and the amazing product this company does everything right and I look forward to continuing business with them.

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