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Henna hair color for men and women is a great alternative as a natural dyeing product compared to the chemical dyes. To apply Henna hair color, start with wash and dry your hair before applying the henna paste.
If you're looking for a natural alternative to chemical hair dyes, you may want to consider henna hair color.
Have you ever wanted to change your hair color but been nervous about the chemicals in hair dyes?
Henna will stain your hair red-orange; but this stain is translucent and will combine with your natural color. Of all the many LUSH inventions, we always get the most questions about our Henna Hair Dyes. Henna used for hair coloring has no side effects, and is hence opted for by people who are looking to dye their hair without using any harmful or harsh chemicals. Wear some old clothes and cover the floor with some newspaper to protect from spillage of the paste. One of the benefits of henna over other hair color products is that it is natural and is beneficial for the hair in many ways.

Widely known as a dye used to create body art, this plant-based dye has long been used as a hair dye in India, Rome and Spain for centuries and is gaining popularity here in the US. Its leaves have been dried, ground, and used as a dye for the skin and hair for thousands of years in India and the Middle East. Henna hair color also has an effective, natural method way to color you hair and make it stronger. If you are applying henna for the first time, then you have to do a strand test to check whether you are allergic to henna hair coloring.
There is an alternative to chemical hair dyes that can give you the hair color results you have been looking for. From rich coppers, reds, and auburns to cinnamons and burgundies, henna helps your hair acquire the color your want while at the same time can increasing hair volume. This can be done by applying it on a few strands of hair, starting from the roots to the tips. Apart from dyeing the hair, it is also a good conditioner, which imparts a brilliant shine and a smooth texture to the hair, and is effective in removing tangles.A  Henna hair color is a natural product, free of the side-effects and the allergic reactions sometimes caused by commercial hair dyes, and you can apply it yourself. Organic hair color can offer a range of different shades and tones while making your hair look and feel smoother and healthier in the process.

Hair that has been treated with henna is also softer, stronger and more resistant to split ends. It is also believed that henna has antifungal properties, which helps in controlling dandruff. Then after your dry, dump henna powder into a mixing bowl and turn it into a goopy paste by adding equal parts water and lemon juice.
Henna has many other healing effects and it is advisable that you always check for original henna powder, to achieve the best results.
Apply petroleum jelly along the hairline and ears, and anyplace that might come into contact with the henna-soaked hair. Just for the tips; Always remember that application of pure henna can change the hair color to natural red only. The black and brown versions available in the market may either contain some other natural dyes or chemicals.

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