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Every couple of months, I spend $1.98 on two boxes of henna plus the price of a paltry bottle of lemon juice. Despite how spiffy henna is, there are surprisingly few English tutorials available online, so I’ve decided to present you with my tried and true methods. This step is by far my favorite, as I happen to consider myself quite skilled at looking funny. Your hair will be bright red for the first couple of days after dying it, but it will deepen in color afterwords.
I haven’t heard about the paprika addition, but if you have luck with it, let me know. I have naturally dirty blond hair, but have been dying it for what seems like thousands of years. I have been dying my hair any red from light auburn (which I prefer best) to as dark as Irish Red Auburn, thanks to my stylist who seems to think it should be darker every month for reasons I can’t sink my teeth into! You’ll also need to let the dye set for several hours (typically around five) before washing it out. My hair currently lies four to six inches past my shoulders and I have been using two 100-gram boxes (200 grams total) of henna powder, which always results in leftovers. Spread the henna mixture all throughout your hair, making sure to get between every crevice. I typically wait about five hours for the henna to work its magic, but have waited as little as three and as much as seven with fine results.

My friend is african american and have been dying her hair with mehndi for little more than a year now. It results too quick die release and after you have let the mixture sit in your hair and wash it off you rarely get lasting colour. I initially dyed my hair with henna several weeks after using box dye with no negative results. I first started applying it when I visited Morrocco and was told to mix the henna powder with two raw eggs and warm water. Since the henna is sort of thick and sticky, use foil and a tint brush to separate it from the rest of your hair. The exact shade of red varies from person to person, but the general rule of thumb is that, at first, there will be a more orange tint to your hair, making it appear brighter than the final dye color. You can mix it with other similar ground-up plant material (such as indigo), but I’ve never done that. Like in the morning when it has that sheen of red across the top- yep, happens in 30 minutes or so. Even after leaving henna on for a long period of time, your hair will immediately be more orange than red, but it will deepen in color afterwards (a few days later) to form a richer red. This is because orange henna remnants will still coat the outside of your hair strands until this coating is fully washed out to reveal the internal hair dye (i.e.
After three, it shouldn’t matter terribly much since most of the dye has bound — just make sure to mix it a day ahead.

I was going to dye my hair with henna powder but I wanted to get a little more information on it. You can use shampoo if you don’t appreciate the earthy smell of the henna, but I usually wait until the next day to do so.
Be sure to still use at least 60% henna when mixing so your hair maintains the red henna tint.
I leave my henna in for hours because, in theory, the henna-juice paste is so thick that I want it to shift and spread out underneath the shower cap. I would love some help because this is new and I don’t want to waste a whole day doing it wrong. I would recommend checking your neighborhood Indian grocer instead of buying henna online, since it is much more cost effective (and easy!) to buy locally.
Its all on your preference,It contains pure indigo with herbs like amla and other ayurvedic herbs to help nourish your hairs and give them the natural look and color.
People who wash their hair every other day and with 100 percent herbal shampoo and conditioner tend to hold on to the color for a longer period of time.
Color should start fading within 4 weeks under these conditions.It is 100% natural and herbal and free from any chemical interventions.

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