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Henna tattoo kit (Powder)My first henna tattoo kit is ideal for beginners who want to learn about henna. All of the different henna kits contain only the finest ingredients for preparing high quality fresh henna paste. This box supplies fresh henna paste for up to 30 days application - 15 large henna cones, good for two days each.
The ideal start up solution, everything you need to create tattoo design transfers straight away.

This book illustrates a range of body art products and methods of application, working in a Celtic design theme. Fresh henna powder (50 grams) OR premix henna paste in cones (Choose one from Product Options above).
Whether you are a total novice or work professionally in a studio or salon, there is a kit here to suit you.
The Henna Tattoo Kits are also geat value and very easy to use, ensuring reliable & consistant results everytime.

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