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Beauty and femininity - that is the first thought that crosses your mind when you think about hibiscus tattoos. White hibiscus - EnlightenmentDesignsHawaiian designs of Hibiscus are also popular among tattoo lovers.
More traditional Hawaiian body art is applied using sharpened bone fragments along with a wooden stick which is tapped into the skin until it bleeds. After the cut is done, ink will be applied into the injury to create the outlines of the specific tattoo design. Hawaiian body art is wonderful, but I'm not sure if it's really worth this type of suffering or the possibility of infection.
Fortunately, there is an easier way of applying tattoos which is not as painful or time consuming as the traditional Hawaiian tattoo. Currently, the Polynesian culture provides us with the most wildly popular tattoos of our time. Numerous natives have got maps pertaining to their expeditions tapped into their body to indicate some sort of heroic crossing or possibly a journey. Just like all the Polynesian sub cultures, the original tattoo designs are gorgeous with their basic outlines and curvilinear patterns. If you had belonged to one of the Hawaiian royal families, you would surely have taken great pride in having fantastic tattoos.
Current tribal Hawaiian tattoos generally will use the tribal layout to blend the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaiian flower body art is extremely popular with females wanting to have an incredibly elegant tattoo design.
Orchids, as well as the yellowish hibiscus flower that is the blossom of the Hawaiian Islands, have been widely used in tattoo design layouts looking like arm bands as well as various other forms.
It can easily begin at the lower back and go around close towards the waist or even straight down the leg.
The beauty of hibiscus flower tattoos lie in the fact that they come in different colors and sizes. There are a variety of hibiscus flowers, from which you can choose while getting a tattoo inked. The flower being simple to look at, provides a lot of room for designing and customization.Women usually choose delicate designs with filigree around the flower. Hibiscus flowers are commonly chosen by tattoo enthusiasts as these designs look beautiful and ornamental on the body.SymbolizationApart from being a beautiful flower, the hibiscus also has a symbolic meaning. In Malaysia, it signifies courage, honor, and life, while in the Chinese culture, the hibiscus flower stands for virginity, gentleness, wealth, and fame. Brighter colors add a glamor quotient to the tattoo, making it stand out.This tattoo design is not limited to women. Mostly, this flower is known for its delicate beauty.The hibiscus holds vast importance in Hawaii and other Pacific Islands. The only difference is that, men opt for hibiscus flowers combined with bold tribal designs.

There are people who get hibiscus designs etched on their skin as a mark of respect for their Hawaiian heritage.
They usually stick to colors like black, blue, brown, and green.The hibiscus flower can be tattooed on any part of the body.
A lot of people choose to get this design done instead of inking their partner's name, as it is a symbol of devotion and loyalty. Women usually get them done on their lower backs, thighs, feet, arms, shoulders or just about anywhere they like and the tattoos look beautiful and delicate.
At the same time, it can also stand for a past or first love, from which one has moved on.Hibiscus tattoos represent a variety of meanings. Men, on the other hand, prefer to get them done on arms, legs or the back.Hibiscus tattoos are not only beautiful and having multiple meanings, but also provide endless designs.
Some of them are fragility, exoticism, politeness, gentleness, charm, royalty, fame, hospitality, and all-consuming love.
Just make sure that you are getting the tattoo done by a professional tattoo artist; and he makes your tattoo look life-like and absolutely fabulous. It is always recommended to seek help from your tattoo artist in choosing the right tattoo design for yourself.

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