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In honor of everything that happened in the past year, Munich-based tattoo collective, Chaos Crew, has found a way to keep the past alive: by tattooing it.
Documenting the process in a video, you can see just how much preparation and work goes into a tattoo of that size and detail. See the final product and watch Chaos Crew's "Making of: The Tattooed Poster a Retrospective to 2011" video below.
If you are interested in history of tattoos, you will be amazed reading what I found below. Mankind has desired to wear ornamentation since the beginning of time through clothing, head dresses, jewellery, piercing and other adornments.
Evidences of mummified remains with tattoos have been discovered within Europe, Egypt and Siberia are proof that this practice has been used to mark bodies around the world for thousands of years. Documentation of tattoos has been found reaching thousands of years before the birth of Christ and by many religious group.
They indicate that the Egyptian tattoos were completely different and hold fascinating visions to the current days practice of creating  body tattoo designs. We can show proof of needling in Japan that dates back to the 5th century BC earliest known description of Japanese tattooing in 3AD. Chinese history Gishiwajinden, which is the oldest record mentioningJapanese tattoo designs.
In 1691, the modern tattoos resurfaced when the British explorer, William Dampier, returned from a sea voyage with a heavily tattooed Polynesianman known as Prince Giolo.
In 1720, lettering tattoo designs and circle tattoo on the or forearms had been legalized as a mark of punishments, declaring the wearer to be an outcast or convicted of economic crimes and scams. People have been forcibly tattooed. A well known example is definitely the identification method for inmates in Nazi concentration camps through the Holocaust.
The Greek tattoo designs history is a bit different as their culture used tattoos as a sign of slavery.
Mayans, Inca tattoos and Aztec tattoo designs were also used as a mark to symbolize a belonging to a tribal class or group. Few of the most rare seen tattoos are the Hawaiian turtle or Hawaiian tattoo depicting beautiful orchids and rich gorgeous petals with vivid leaves. Traditional needling tools include things like a special comb using fine needles carved from bone fragments or tortoiseshell, set to a wood handle.

With this long history of tattoos, we find the tattoo machine being  a relatively recent invention. The first tattoo equipment was patented in 1891 about the same time that the Old school tattoos style. Tattoo machines are strictly a method of puncturing the skin and pushing colored ink below the skin. Ed Hardy, an American tattoo artist, born in Iowa in 1945 and raised in Southern California was one of the first to integrate Japanese tattoos and methods in his art.
Tattoo shops have sprung up everywhere and this fine body art has struck a chord with the general population. Various religious organizations have their own history of tattoo and view the tattoo as a fundamental element of their faith and each individual following this sect is required to wear a cool tattoo as a mark to symbolize their belonging and faith like awesome and stylish Celtic tattoo designs. The American has used tattoo designs to show individuality as a fashion statement or simply as an attention grabber. An American flag as an eagle tattoo is really an expression of freedom for United States citizens. This is the reason why an American flag tattoo design is a method of distinguishing themselves and to show their pride.
Actually, this level of worldwide popularity increased greatly during the Second World War American soldiers returned for their tour of duty sporting new tattoo designs. During the 60's, the free-spirited, dope-smoking youth of the "hippie" generation brought the "cool" to the tattoo front and center. Many rough organizations likeMexican gangs used the tattoo as a way of identifying themselves with a gang or the belonging to the society ofprison inmates.
Today, there is a vast number of female tattoo gallery for woman that have enjoyed art tattoo to adorn their beautiful bodies with the looks of sophistication.
The beginning techniques and methods of tattooing were not precise and there was no limit to the pain a man or woman would have to endure to receive their tattoo designs. Tattoos designs were sketched with the equipment and most artists did not possess the amazing sketching abilities that are now available.
History of tattoos shows us that many tattoo designs were drawn on clothing and if the design was received well by the customer, it was then transferred to the arms, legs, lower back or shoulders. Today, qualified and talented artists and strict health guidelines are followed in the many tattoo parlors open in most major cities.

Getting a cool tattoo for men tattooed pn you is among the most effective tips on how to be viewed as a trendy person as any other tattoos with meaning. Polynesian tattoo meanings since you will find a wide variety of Polynesian tattoo styles and designs consequently we will split them into two principal groups.
Today we see, tattoo conventions, art shows and even museum showings as acknowledgement the tattooing as art. In the workplace, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the grounds of their gender, race or skin colour.
Effective Customer Service Training Tips Top 10 Cities to Visit in Croatia Supetar, Island of Brac: Local Secrets of a Dalmatian Paradise How To Get Best Quality Marble Benchtops For Your Kitchen? Using a large piece of calf skin, the tattoo artists created a giant interwoven collage of some of 2011's most memorable moments like the death of Kim Jong-il, Fukushima, the Egypt Facebook revolution, and the birth of the 7 billionth child. The story goes far back in time and the varying ways of using this practice around the world is fascinating. Once the remains were thawed, evidently that "TZI" was adorned with 57 various figures and designs on his body. In like kind, the Normans disliked tattooing and it finally vanished from most Western civilization around the 12th to 16th centuries. From hot to sweet these tattoo designs have come a long way to make that fine art a personal statement.
The social sciences growing fascination with tattooing and the immense popularity of tattoos themselves, the American religious to the upper class Victorian society women feel pleasure to create tattoos as the part of a Native for centuries. Now it has become a popular trend for body decoration but Olive Oatman who was the first white women ever to be given a tattoo.In 1920’s the tattoos were very much popular and women created different designs on the body like flowers, images of birds, historical scenes and bras but this popularity decreased after the Second World War due to Great Depression. About us Welcome to Online Like, where you are going to find Latest News about Mobile Phones, Gadgets, Entertainment, Electronics, Apple, Facebook, iPhone, Android, Gaming and Lifestyle.
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