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If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Shoulder Blade Tattoos For 2013, Praying Hands Tattoo For 2013, Tribal Tattoos For Women For 2013 and Behind The Ear Tattoos For 2013. Colorful tattoo of a horseshoe with pointed ends carries a deep and significant meaning to its bearer. Lovely red roses, lucky horseshoe, dice and sparrow will fill your life with good fortune, success, power and happiness. Two adorable horseshoes look interesting with simple details and carry a deep meaning to the bearer. Stunning tattoo of a horseshoe with wings looks unique and adds a special meaning to your life. This colorful and attractive horseshoe tattoo is sure to fill each day of your life with good luck. Simple and elegant, this bold black tattoo of horseshoe outline looks cool and stylish with lovely accents.
This lucky charm tattoo of a horseshoe is sure to make your life special with beautiful moments.
Uniquely designed horseshoe on a cross carries a deep symbolic meaning and makes a great tattoo idea. Super cool and chic, this horseshoe tattoo inked on the lower back will bring you luck and success. This interlocking horseshoes tattoo looks interesting with lovely details and carries a lot of meanings. Bold black horseshoe tattoo on the wrist will bring good luck, power and success to your life.

This horseshoe tattoo on the shoulder looks attractive with simple details and lovely yellow shading. This beautiful horseshoe tattoo with the word luck written across it will bring good luck and success wherever you go.
Simple black outline of a horseshoe holding a star within its curve is attractive and meaningful. Black horseshoe on a red background is interesting with cute green clover flower and lovely words written across it. Beautifully designed tattoo of a horseshoe with wings adds a touch of elegance to your personality. Simple black horseshoe tattoo beautifully done on the back of the hand looks cute and attractive.
Cleverly designed horseshoe tattoo with the number 13 on it signifies good luck and good fortune. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Horseshoe tattoos are a favorite among many people who believe that it is an object or a symbol that brings good luck. People love to sport tattoos not only for their attractiveness but also for their symbolic meaning. Horseshoes were invented to protect the hooves of horses from wear and tear and this makes the horseshoe a symbol of protection. Different cultures and civilizations like Greek, Roman, Asian and Celtic have used tattoos to denote status, religion and power.

It is often believed that a horseshoe design turned upwards will symbolize good luck and protection.
During the Roman times, horses were used extensively for the purposes of traveling, agriculture and warfare. Symbols and patterns carrying deep meanings like good luck, strength, power and fortune became very popular tattoo ideas. People believe that the luck is held within the curve of the shoe and all the luck falls out if the shoe is depicted with ends pointing downwards. These lovely horseshoe tattoos also convey a sense of winning or success, making it a popular choice among people who believe in the game of chance. This post has a lovely collection of 31 horseshoe tattoos that are very attractive with lovely details and colorful shading. Horseshoe tattoos can also express a wide number of other concepts as well, such as success, power, fertility, magic, intuition and life. The horseshoe is mostly drawn pointing upwards and can be accompanied by a host of other images, such as four leaf clovers, stars, flames, cherries, paw prints, dices, flowers, angel wings, diamonds, as well as the words “Lucky” or “Lady Luck”.

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