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Someone was asking me to post some of my very first paintings and drawings so that they could see what my beginnings were like.
You might notice a bit of a backwards progression in some of these due to the fact that copying art (or doing master copies) is a lot easier than painting from your imagination or painting from life. There is a big debate over whether or not people have a natural talent for things or if people can simply learn to be good at something. It just seems funny to me when they consider their art career starting at the age of three. I almost left these behind in Anaheim because they were on a shelf and you couldn’t see them unless you jumped or stood on a ladder. According to these drawings my Dad drove a medical rescue robot and my Mom flew a spaceship. Just to put these in perspective, my niece’s drawings from when she was 2 were 10 times better than the drawings I did at the age of 5.
According to the first piece my Dad’s hobbies include Chess, eating peas, and eating pie? My Dad sent me a bunch of these while I was away for my Singapore-Japan-Kansas City trip, so I figured it would be fun to add these to the post. What also happened was that I started doing master copies of comic book drawings, complete with a signature on a scroll. I was 11 years old at the time. I know the first image is from 1995 because that is the cover to Spawn #32, but I’m not quite sure what the year was for the second image. This was the time when Image comics came out and I was flooded with awesome artists like Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, J. Unlike an article, which shall not be mentioned, no I did not barely pass my classes because I was too busy drawing.
Oh, the other awesome thing about the figure drawing workshops was that the fashion students were always required to attend, so the workshops would always be full of hot girls.
About three months after I graduated I was contacted on the phone by Fantasy Flight Games and Wizards of the Coast.
My first commissions were so horrible that I don’t even have the files anymore, I had to google them.
At the same time I also got a full-time position as a concept artist at a small gaming company called Mind Control Software.
Even though I felt my work was very subpar, I still got regular freelance work from several different companies, and soon I was able to completely support myself on freelance work alone. I was studying Craig Mullins and trying to figure out why his paintings look so realistic, but at the same time they are incredibly loose.
Even though I had been out of school for 2 years, I was still going to workshops fairly regularly. I got a part-time position at the Academy teaching digital painting workshops. That is the bad thing about doing art for movies and games, it can take anywhere from 6 months to several years before you are allowed to show your work. In 2007 I received an e-mail from BioWare Mythic (Mythic Entertainment at the time) asking me if I would like to be an in-house concept artist for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Warhammer was something that I had always wanted to work on, so it was a great opportunity and one that I couldn’t pass up.
In addition to starting at Mythic, I also started freelancing for Blizzard, working on their World of Warcraft TCG.
While I was still at Mythic, I landed a job creating Warhammer illustrations for Fantasy Flight Games. Unfortunately I didn’t know much about recording tutorials and the only version that survived was a really tiny low res video.
I have four full length tutorials available for purchase from my store and many more free tutorials on my YouTube site.
I started working for more video game companies as a freelance concept artist and continued to work on Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, and Warhammer.
It is really interesting to see how far you have come and how you have changed over the years.
The first painting was a magazine cover for Big Huge Games for the game Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The second painting was a personal fan art piece that I did of Nicodemus from The Secret of Nimh, one of my favorite animated movies when I was growing up. Much of this year has been spent working on three different Lord of the Rings games: Guardians of Middle-earth, The Hobbit Armies of the Third Age, and The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle-earth. Now that I think about it, I haven’t worked on very many actual illustrations this year. A huge chunk of my time during the first half of this year went to finishing up my art book, so it almost feels like I don’t have as much to show this year, at least not in terms of paintings that are public.
This entry was posted in Art, Fan Art, Figure Drawing, Lord of the Rings, magic the gathering, warhammer, world of warcraft and tagged battle chasers, daarken, drawings, evolution, life drawing, lord of the rings, magic the gathering, paintings, school work, spawn, the hobbit, warhammer, world of warcraft. Your new work has all the strengths of your work over the last couple of years but seems to sport a more solid look. I love to draw but sometimes get discouraged because I feel like I’m not getting there fast enough, so it’s reassuring to see your rate of progress! Oh, the relief… So better when I know that you actually werent better than me at my age (at least in figure drawing). I’m more of a 3D Artist myself, but I have always been amazed by your work since I found your DeviantART page.
Hopefully I’ll be able to work in the game industry some time after I finish my studies. Man, thanks a lot, i was one of your fan that i tell you if you can show some of this staff. How to do the splits at any age - Kickboxing training tipsTHE QUESTION “I’m over 30 and recently returned to martial arts training but I find the stretching really difficult, especially when trying to do the splits.
THE QUESTION“I’m over 30 and recently returned to martial arts training but I find the stretching really difficult, especially when trying to do the splits.
Whether you believe it or not, you were born flexible, unless you were born with a congenital condition that prevents a full range of motion. The problem is that people spend an hour in the gym or the dojo twice a week or more, but only spend 15 minutes every week stretching — yet they wonder why they don’t have the flexibility they want. To begin with, start with the simple test shown below to see if you can develop a full side-split. The spray can to me is an object that transcends its proposed function as an artistic or otherwise simple utilitarian tool.
These spray-can sculpture art pieces were made by the artist using empty spray cans and a selection of other artistic materials including; spray paint, clay, glue and other found objects… The sculpture works range in style and meaning and have been grouped by the artist to fall into a few self-invented categories or ‘series’.
So far the spray can sculptures fall into 3 main categories or series, please see their names in bold below along with an explanation of that given sculpture series. Urban Vermin – The artist Vinni Kiniki drawn parallels between everything he creates and the world around him. Planet Aero-Soul – As with the other series of sculptures by the artist one of the main purposes is to give life and motion to an otherwise still object, this series or set is no different. As an artist I enjoy using spray can sculptures as a medium to express and convey themes and emotions the same way other artists might use paint or photography. The same way some artists might sketch an idea on paper with pen and ink i think of scenarios relying on using spray cans as a medium and foundation for creation, some of them convey deeper meanings, however some have no meaning and are purely made for fun with aesthetics being the main goal in mind.
Je suis superfan des images qui bougent seules, et effectivement j'aime beaucoup la danseuse postee par zorba aussi! I thought this was a great idea and I actually found some of my old work when I was packing and moving earlier this month. The process of converting a real 3d object into a line drawing is also much more difficult than copying someone else’s drawing from life.
I’m not really sure what is going on with the pyramid-tractor-bunny-dead potted plant man drawing. As I look back at the things I drew and painted as a kid I can’t help but notice that everything is nice and happy.
Several of the painting he sent consisted of helicopters, so I am  just posting one of them. I remember the comic store I used to go to ended up hanging these on the wall, kind of a big deal I guess for an 11 year old boy.

I was in the top 3% of my freshman class and by the time I graduated I was still in the top 10% of my school.
Curse you inflation!) I moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University after realizing that computer science wasn’t my cup-o-tea. I should also mention that in 2001 I was completely emo, so most of my personal stuff was about death and dismembered people and sad people that sat in corners contemplating how horrible their life was. If anyone is going to art school, please, please take advantage of figure drawing workshops. I think I was taking this class at the same time as my still life painting class, so this was the first time I was using oils. During the first few weeks of my figure painting class we focused on painting individual body parts. Maybe for nostalgic purposes or maybe so you can keep a physical record of your journey, or maybe so that you can post them in a blog post! Around this time I started trying to just draw and paint how I wanted to draw and paint instead of trying to force myself to draw and paint how my teachers wanted me to. At the figure drawing workshops I started doing more direct drawing instead of the stupid circles and cylinders. That story is actually pretty funny and interesting, but I might have to save that for later.
I only went to art school for 3 years before getting my BFA in traditional illustration because I had transfer credits from UT and CSUS. They wanted me to do some freelance work for them, so I immediately agreed before even hearing what the project was, pay, and deadlines. I swore these would never see the light of day again, but I must submit to the horrors that once were.
The first painting was for Fantasy Flight Games for A Game of Thrones, and the second was for Wizards of the Coast for the D&D book, Heroes of Horror. The games I worked on there were not the type of games I liked or played, so I don’t have any samples of my work. The reason I was able to get work without having to go out and find it for myself was because I had a very strong online presence.
I had made a little animated gif of the process of the painting, but I don’t think I have it anymore. Actually, after everyone started calling them Daarktoids, I ended up drawing more of them just because it became my signature style.
I was already a WoW player, so it was really cool to be able to create illustrations for Blizzard. At the time I didn’t realize that I was about to embark on a Warhammer cover journey that would last 2 years, and is still going. Almost all of the covers are large battle scenes with many figures, something that was always a challenge for me.
I had originally recorded the process for an in-house EA demo, but that ended up falling through, so instead I released it as a free tutorial on my YouTube site. I grew up reading Troy Denning’s books, so having the chance to work on Dark Sun was like a childhood dream come true.
I actually did this painting while my wife was in the hospital after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
For the longest time I didn’t spend any time painting for myself because I was so busy with work. I have been working professionally for 7 years and I still feel like I have so much farther to go.
This piece was challenging because I had to keep each element on a separate layer, which is not the way I am used to working.
I noticed that I work much faster when I am working on something I like, or painting for myself. The best advice I can give to anyone who feels that they aren’t good enough to work professionally is to never give up. I was taking a look at this post again and I figured I should update it since 2012 is almost over. It has been a great ride and I feel very lucky to be able to work on an IP like Lord of the Rings. I am somewhere along the lines of where you were in 2002 and I have about 1.5 years left at TAD. I actually started following your career back in 2003, I still remember these figure drawings and horror pieces that you created back then.
Being 20 and seeing your work when you were 20 give me a great perspective on what i can achieve! Congratulations man it seems that you have worked your ass off for your art, that is really inspiring and it kind of makes me a bit jealous, wew, wha else can I say, keep up the great work!!!!
One of the most exciting parts of being an artist is watching your own work get better and better and it’s really rewarding.
Many people just don’t realize that it takes many years to develop your style and ability.
It made for an interesting read, and it’s really nice to see how artists (in particular amazing ones like you who have managed to create a career out of it to boot) have grown, right from the beginning.
That drawing you did in 1999 of the women in the red armor; I remember seeing it somewhere!
Well, that painting of Red Monika I did was just a master copy, it wasn’t an original painting of mine. Is there any way I can improve my stretch without injuring myself, or is my body trying to tell me something?
If you don’t believe me, go to your local park and watch a toddler learning to walk; they wobble around on two very shaky legs taking careful steps, then just as they are about to lose balance and fall, they immediately squat down into a perfect full, deep squat and sit there for a while until they get their composure back.
As with any other physical feat you wish to achieve, you must do the right exercises done for the appropriate amount of time if you want to gain flexibility. If you can do this, there is nothing physiologically preventing you from doing a full split — all three adductor muscles (magnus, brevis and longis) have their insertion on one side of your public bone. Through the graffiti, street art and hip hop movements it was elevated to a symbol of occult proportions, elemental and almost godly in some respects. The spray cans made by Vinni Kiniki are appreciated by a varied audience and as a result have been exhibited and sold internationally. As the title itself may suggest this series of spray can sculpture toys made by the artist aim to depict scenarios of motion frozen into a sculptural object, always related in theme of spray cans.
After expressing the theory of graffiti as a natural life form these playful sculpture creations aim to carry on from that same sentiment. Many of the spray can sculptures I’ve made are simply a physical manifestation of an idea I had in my head, I have been drawing spray can characters long before I started creating this sculptures and perhaps this is an evolution in artistic development and creation for me.
To be honest some are made with no purpose in mind at all beyond making them, if I do get to exhibit or sell them it’s a nice bonus. Even before I was able to use the spray can as an artistic tool I admired its design and purpose, perhaps brainwashed by the ‘cool’ surrounding the object… Growing up I saw graffiti pieces where artists were illustrating spray cans in animated poses and personifications, I too started drawing spray can characters feverishly and even have 2 tattoos of spray cans inked on my body.
However though it may have given birth to a whole new genre of grass roots cultural artistic movements it continues to transcend and inspire new generations of artists. Et de cette redoutable bataille nait l'illusion en elle-meme, la sensation de voir autre chose que ce qui est presente a l'oeil.
L'image est assez troublante habituellement a cause des yeux pas dans le meme sens que le corps mais la, ce n'est pas flagrant. They already figured out all of the problems, so all you have to do is copy their solutions.
I definitely think natural talent can be passed down from family members, but that doesn’t mean you will be good at something without working hard and without many, many years of work and dedication. Actually I think that might be a rattlesnake…oh, and there is a chinese man next to the pyramid which I can only guess is my Dad. When Mike Tyson was convicted of rape, Windows 3.1 was released, and a pound of bacon was $1.92?
Many of them were around before Image, but this was the time that I really started to take notice.
As you can see, my figure drawings were horrible compared to the master copies I used to make. I can’t remember when, but I think around 2002 I started to hit up the free figure drawing workshops regularly.

I think this was the only painting I took a picture of and I don’t think I even have that painting anymore.
It is funny because back then I thought my art was really detailed and refined, but now it looks so loose and unfinished. I posted on many different art forums, I had a website, a blog, and I made a lot of friends and contacts in the industry. It was definitely frustrating that after all this time, my imaginative work was still miles behind my studies. In reality, the reason I usually only rendered out the deltoids was because most of the poses were 2-10 minutes long, so I only had time to focus on one or two things and deltoids were always the easiest thing to render in that amount of time. Even though Future Sight didn’t come out until 2007, the illustrations I created for it were done in 2006.
In fact, I just posted some of my old Warhammer Online concepts the other day, and those were originally painted 5-6 years ago. Not to mention I still had a full-time job, so I had to work on these illustrations after I got home from work. A lot of people ask me about the white background on some of my Warhammer illustrations, and those are there at the request of the client due to the packaging design.
I only intended to post a couple drawings I did back in school, but it kind of grew into an unstoppable monster.
The funny thing is, the paintings I planned on showing all ended up being painted in December of 2011, so I had to go back and pick some different ones that were actually painted in 2012. I don’t really want it to end, but I think I am about to finish up all of my Lord of the Rings projects in the next week or two. I did a few for 5th Planet Games, Applibot, and Warner Brothers Games, but the majority of my work this year has been character concept work.
I have already been in the program for almost 1 year and I have a lot left to learn in the next 3 semesters. I even have them saved in my inspiration folder They were such a huge inspiration back then and become part of my influences, as were most of your pieces over the years. It’s cool seeing someone come from humble beginnings like you and wind up a total badass after a while, that means I should be able do the same thing right? Am I just too old now?” THE EXPERT Jerry Hatter has been a martial artist since his mid-twenties. Am I just too old now?”   THE EXPERTJerry Hatter has been a martial artist since his mid-twenties. It’s in a constant state of flux, responding to what we tell it, feed it, how we treat it and what we think of it. This means the adductors on each leg don’t join together in the middle; they are separated by your pubic bone.
In the hands of the oppressed and quietened it becomes a means of expression and conveying a message that speaks in brutal and poetic volumes in the face of suppression and adversity. Post-graffiti, surely, for after the paint is sprayed the paint can container remains and these works would not be possible if I didn’t have access to a large number of empty spray cans as a result of my practice as a mural and graffiti artist.
Some of the installation pieces contain kinetic mechanisms and rely on the surroundings both contextual and structural in order to convey their message properly, for these sculpture pieces videos of the art will be uploaded. Although it may not be the main focus of the artists output he is constantly creating these animated yet motionless pieces, whether they are set to be exhibited or sold or not, as a result his studio space reveals an army of various spray can characters and sculptures in waiting for the light of day, perhaps in a new gallery exhibition space or otherwise destined to exist somewhere. The sculptures aim to break the boundaries of physics, in some cases conveying a deeper meaning to be drawn by the viewer, in most cases the title of the sculpture art in question is enough to invoke and trigger the questions needed by the viewer to arrive at the meaning of the piece. The Urban Vermin is a fictitious species of hazardous life forms, undesirable, harmful species, these spray can based sculptures are created usually with the intention of being displayed or photographed in the right location to convey its sentiment.
Alors que certains s'en amusent dans la rue, des oeuvres peuvent etre directement visibles sur votre ecran. I think everyone has a natural gift for something, but you will never know what that is unless you try it and work hard at it.
Well, the only class I was able to do them in was Astronomy class, but that was only because our teacher was busy playing Spades with the other students. I always grew up using the direct drawing technique, but when I went to art school they told me never to direct draw, but rather to use construction lines and bubbles and whatnot.
I didn’t use Sharpies for this one, instead I used crow quill pens with actual ink (getting fancy!).
Since I started working in 2004, I still have not had to go out and look for freelance work, clients always contact me. Before this I hadn’t really painted any buildings before, so I took it upon myself to improve upon an area that I had little experience. It was also a good opportunity for me to work on a brighter painting since it takes place in a scorching hot desert. Plus having carpal tunnel in both wrists and cubital tunnel in my left arm didn’t help any. If being an artist is something you truly want to do, be prepared to put everything else aside in order to achieve that dream. I really liked seeing your progression but more importantly, I loved reading how your mindset has changed over the years. Now in his fifties, the 196cm, 110kg stretching expert still does full front and side-splits. The human body in full flight with full range of motion as God created it is something to behold. If one leg can be placed at 90 degrees to the other, then it is only stretching and conditioning that is preventing you from doing the splits. Through its speedy and hold-fast delivery of paint it is literally capable of visually changing the very urban passages which we as humans traverse through our daily regimented lives, its impact not just visual but also emotional and psychological. Certainly for many people graffiti is an undesirable element in our urban sprawls and the proprietor of the said element (graffiti) is the spray can.
It’s Yin-Yang personified, it has the ability to destroy and rebuild and so much more in-between…The very image and sound of a rattling spray can ball conjures up a whole scenarios of grass roots movements and a promise of fast and powerful artistic delivery, the empty can is as important if not more so than the substance it was propelling before it purposeful existence was spent. It will be much harder to create your own recipe from your head than if you find someone else’s recipe in a book and you just follow the steps. Going out of your comfort zone is another necessity if you want to be an artist, especially a concept artist. I know some people that didn’t start painting until their 30s and they are amazing now.
I’m still inspired by dancers, gymnasts and martial artists operating their bodies with grace, poise, speed and power, with an ease of movement that only comes with a full range of motion. However, even if you didn’t get a leg all the way out to 90 degrees, the fact remains that no matter how far you got the other leg out, you can at least match it with the right training. In a cynical modern world where every inch of urban infrastructure serves for the bombardment of advertising it is the equalizer in the fight for expression and wall space. This series of spray can based sculpture works imagines spray cans are alive and able to nest amongst our habitats interacting with society.
If the soul is paint than the can is surely the body, and one cannot exist without the other, these sculptures are somewhat of homage to that. They take songs that we like and play them over and over until they become mainstream and you hate them.
People always ask me about secret shortcuts for creating art, or how to add color with one click of a button. Further to this, if age had anything to do with lack of flexibility, then you wouldn’t be able to go to the gym to work out and get stronger, as you are dealing with the same muscle and connective tissue — it’s just that in one instance you’re growing the muscle and in the other you’re stretching the muscle. I’m not as frustrated all the time, even though studying new subject matters are hard. They don’t actually want to put in years of studying in order to get to the top, they want to be on the top now.
One of my sisters is a fashion designer and she also used to draw and paint a lot in school and in college.

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