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Immediately following Sunday matinee performances, this discussion series brings together the finest panelists to explore issues raised by the play, in conversation with our audience.  Free with The Price ticket! He also studied conducting in Germany with Erich Klein, Horst Gehann and Herbert Blomstedt.
Yuri Grigorovich is considered to be the greatest living choreographer in the world of ballet today. He breaks with tradition, yet he himself is rooted in the traditions of classic ballet, by birth and upbringing. He trained at the Leningrad Choreographic School and along with the other pupils was evacuated to Perm during World War II. His first major work, undertaken despite the fact that another version already existed in Moscow, was The Stone Flower, to the Prokofiev score which was first performed at the Kirov on April 27, 1957. Grigorovich was named ballet master at the Kirov in 1962 but subsequently transferred to Moscow and to the Bolshoi in 1964. Playhouse presents “Motherhood Out Loud” to standing ovation and over-sold crowd! Vladimir Popov (Artistic Director)Vladimir Pavlovich Popov (born in 1945) is the organizer of The State Russian orchestra of Saint Petersburg, its artistic director and conductor possessing great experience in work on the concert stage. Popov sees his main task in active propaganda, of Russian music perfoming, he seeks to demonstrate all the beauty of orchestra‘s sounding, to attract attention to national instruments, to convey to the listeners all the profundity and diversity of Russian music by means of great professionalism of performance. Noda is a playwright, director, and actor, and became the artistic director of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre as of July 2009. Copyright Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre All Rights Reserved. An in-depth look at Arthur Miller's hidden and overt political observations as they evolve from All My Sons, Death of a Salemsman, A?View From The Bridge through The Price. With Literary Director Hannah Hessel, local dramaturg and playwright Jacquline Lawton, and more.

Gheorghe is an active composer and arranger and also is active in the area of music publishing. Gheorghe is both the Artistic Director and Conductor for the Moreno Valley Master Chorale as well as the Loma Linda Symphony. His ballets dominate the repertory of contemporary works, and his stagings of the classic ballets reflect his personal taste arid his often-stated conviction that drama must always infuse and be expressed through dancing. He has acute awareness of his inheritance, and of the vital contribution that is made to the performances of today by the guidance of great artists of an earlier generation. His uncle George Rozai, was a character dancer who appeared with Diaghilev‘s Ballet Russe and his mother, Klaudia Rozai, trained at the ballet school with Semvonova. He tried to run away (by canoe!) to get to the front but was brought back and eventually graduated in 1946. It marked the first collaboration between Grigorovich and the artist Simon Virsaladze, a man of great culture from Tbilisi, who was to design all his subsequent ballets.
Grigorovich was Artistic Director of the Bolshoi Ballet for the following 30 years, a tenure in ballet rivaled only by the founding director of the New York City Ballet, George Balanchine. Noda launched his first theatre company, Yume no Yuminsha (Dreaming Bohemian) and created many works which have been much acclaimed.
The panel moderated by Artistic Director Ari Roth includes University of Maryland Professor Michael Olmert and The Price director Michael Carleton.
With Artistic Director Ari Roth, Art Historian Laura Katzman and Murray Horwitz, Director and COO of the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. On all the Bolshoi‘s many tours, they are accompanied by such guardians of the classic school as the ballerinas Marina Semyonova (born 1908), Galina Ulanova (born 1910) and Raissa Struchkova (born 1925). Many of his family were circus artists and young Yuri was fascinated by the world of the circus, but soon lost his heart to the dance. In addition to their working partnership they also were the greatest of friends, a relationship that was only broken by Virsaladze‘s death in 1989, at the age of eighty.

For many years he was engaged in teaching, for more than 7 years he was an artistic director of the Russian folk orchestra named after Andreyev.
To them is entrusted the coaching of young ballerinas, and even established dancers return for help and advice. His favorite was that of the virtuoso warrior leader Nurali, who can be so sensational in the last act of The Fountain of Bakhchisarai. In the artistic biography of the conductor there are hundreds of concerts - both in his own country and abroad, cooperation with outstanding singers of modern time, gram recording, perfomances together with symphonic orchestras and work in the music theatre.
But he was already, in his formative years, keen to try his hand at choreography and in 1956 was allowed to arrange a ballet to Glinka‘s Valse-Fantasie for a graduation performance at the Kirov School.
Since then, he presented major hits in succession, including Kill, Pandora no kane (Pandoraa€™s Bell), Oil, Akaoni (Red Demon), THE BEE, THE DIVER, The Character, and South. He has collaborated with the Kabuki actor Nakamura Kanzaburo XVIII, and he has adapted Kabuki plays and directed productions such as Tragedy of Togitatsu, and Nezumikozo, in his original versions of the classical Kabuki piece at Kabuki Theatre. Noda is also actively involved in international productions, working with Thai and British actors. He was appointed an Honorary Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in October 2009 and the Medal with Purple Ribbon (for contributions to education and culture) in June 2011.A  He toured THE BEE English Version around New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo in 1st quarter, 2012 and toured Japanese Version in Tokyo, Osaka, Kitakyushu, Matsumoto, and Shizuoka in 2nd quarter, 2012.
His recent work [egg] will be presented at the Playhouse in Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre as renewal open program on Sep 5th ~Oct 28th 2012 .

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