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You need a Unity Account to shop in the Online and Asset Stores, participate in the Unity Community and manage your license portfolio. We have also created a demo project to show our beta users how they can make a game with these new tools.
We look forward to seeing what you create with these new tools and workflows in Unity, have fun!
Everyday i’m coming back here to find a release date announcement for 4.3 and the massive 2D support! I think that it is a very clever solution, and would be highly appreciated if Unity included something similar in their next releases, since it would only benefit the workflow. Instead expanding features of existing 3d tools, you should create separate one – Unity2d, focused on 2d games. Atlas batching, trimmed textures and pivot point control are all crucial but will I be able to author a single mesh that has a lightning bolt animation so that it launches from a Mecanim characters sword into its hand without the extensive technical direction currently needed?

I imagine creating a seamless water animation of 12 frames, projected onto a curved mesh, distorted UVs for slow-in and slow-out texture scrolling + vertex alpha on the edges, while transforming, scaling and rotating to track perfectly between characters hands during an idle spell motion.
What happens if 2 objects of the same layers were to overlap (due to a lack of colliders or something)? Our users have been making 2D games for many years at this stage, and we felt it was about time we stepped up and acknowledged that fact, and brought native support for Sprites and related 2D workflows to Unity.
It would take some serious work to get that up and running, since there’s no way to achieve something like that in Unity through the editor. It’s UI may look a little odd, but its workflow is really simple to grasp and focused on creating 2d experience fast and easy way.
I love the ideas behind Unity, and Unity2D is one step closer to making this everything I’d dream of, but as long as the framework cannot handle complex UI (relative layouts, scrollers, table layouts, spinners, etc), it remains not worthwhile for my purposes.
I create a great deal of traditional animation vFX and currently use hybrids of Shuriken and Legacy, neither of which allow me to carefully track and time frame by frame with Mecanim.

I’d never need to open the character animation in Maya to try to get an approximate location for the keyframes and do it all while it can favor (pivot) towards camera along selected axis to maintain as much visual estate as possible. I have several 2D games that I am working on using standard Unity but, it sounds like this 2D system and the new GUI system would make that job infinitely easier. But… since, for now, i’m only interested in developing 2d games, there will be a specific guide for those are entering for the first time the Unity world to develop in 2D?

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