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E Commerce companies have come in a big way as more and more people are turning towards online portals to buy several products as they do not wish to take the pains of going to the shop and look for their favorite pair of clothing. It is therefore important to create e commerce websites which are usable from the consumer’s perspective and cater to their most primaries of the requirements like security and ease of shopping. You must avoid lengthy sign up forms, but your call to action button must be distinct and attract the users.
Breadcrumb navigation helps the user to determine that how much process is over and how much is left. These are some of the tips that can go a long way in making your e commerce websites a favorite among the consumer because of being attractive and intuitive at the same time. We are committed to build quality eCommerce websites that have intuitive website design, high performance, high security levels and mobile responsiveness. In order to fulfil your short-term and long-term online growth strategy, we provide our customers with 3 different platform options. Optimised catalog performance to create an improved loading time and a more fluent shopping experience.
With years of experience on China and International eCommerce markets we offer you rock-solid payment gateways covering web & mobile payments. Non-blocking & asynchronous design allow your application to process more than 600k requests per minute with a single commodity server. No matter what you need now or later – we can connect our web services to any (user) interface you like. Cloud based hosting providing application users automatically with the nearest instance for their current location.
Magento 2 uses several new approaches and technologies that give businesses an unmatched ability to create innovative shopping experiences and scale to new levels.
The fundamental changes in overall architecture as well as the new testing framework empower developers to produce better-quality and more testable code which is easy to maintain and extend in the long run. With the page caching and indexing functionalities, Magento 2 delivers speed with incredibly fast page load times for home, category and product pages, and fast check out process. The increase in performance will decrease the resources utilized on the server to serve pages.
With a revamped API service, Magento 2 will open a whole new world of possibilities for integrations (external services). The end result is a high-performing and stable platform that has streamlined approaches to speed up customizations, yet robust enough to provide a framework for scaling your business. Are you working on ecommerce website as web designer and looking for inspirational post for idea and inspiration?

Moreover, the e-commerce websites offer discounts on most of the products and the services they offer for sale.
The only way to ensure that your website is secure and safe to carry out transaction is to take a certification from agencies like SSL, Verisign and many others. Depending on the age and preference of the users, the website must offer some suggestion which helps them choose easily. As an e-commerce company, you must not be bothered about the phone number and the address of the consumer. If such navigation is not provided, the users may be perplexed about their position and will be turned off.
Security is another issue which still haunts many users to try online shopping, as they are scared to part with their bank details online. Either our clients can choose a standard eCommerce Website Development package on Magento or choose a market-ready Enterprise solution. With the rise of IoT and Omnichannel the connectivity and extendability in eCommerce is playing an ever bigger role. A turn-key software solution for your eCommerce platform compared to standard eCommerce Website Development packages on Magento.
Features cover real-time multi-attribute filtering and Ajax product loading for fast & direct results. We let you benefit using our recipe for success on high performance & availability in the Cloud.
Easily extend to Mobile, Tablet and in-store POS by using SoC as the heart of your eCommerce Large enterprises choose our Service Oriented Architecture solutions as this paves the way for the future in terms of connectivity, scalability & extendibility to different devices.
The newer versions of all these technologies mean that you can take advantage of the new features, bug fixes, performance increases, etc.
Of course, we’ve done the research for you, and in this post we present 40 of the best e-commerce website designs for you.
The sector desires of far more ardent writers such as you who seem to will not be frightened to mention that consider. When people are getting great discounts and their choice of product delivered at their doorstep, it is only natural that they would prefer e-commerce websites.
Following some of these tips, you can create e-commerce websites which can strike the right chord with the users. All your transactions must be secured by various layers of protection so that the consumers are not scared of making any transactions on your website.
You may remind the users of missing the privilege of a registered user must not at any cost make registration compulsory.

If your website is able to convince such users by stressing on the security measures that you have taken in your website, you can draw a considerable number of users to the website. SoC™ focuses on this growing need and enables medium and large Enterprises to build scalable and extendible systems supporting mobile, tablet, ePOS, in-store devices, warehouse systems & Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
However, to keep the interest of the consumers intact, the e-commerce portals have to update themselves so that they can cater to the ever changing demands of the consumers. In almost all the cases, all the related keywords must land them on the page they are looking for. Also, the process from choosing the product to checkout should be made as simple as possible.
This ensures that you are able to capture the choice of the users and offer them something they might like.
Forms which ask for unnecessary details often turn off the users and increase the bounce rate. I was moved enough to drop a thought ?? I do have a few questions for you if you do not mind.
Also, they have to be on their toes to ward off the competition which is getting more intense with each passing day. The consumer may not be aware of the brand name or the model number, but the search engine must be smart enough to return the most relevant product or the page to the consumer. All the required links and buttons should be placed strategically so that users do not have to look for them all over the place. Could it be just me or does it look like a few of the remarks come across like they are left by brain dead individuals?
Moreover, if the search bar is able to suggestions to the users, it cannot get better for the website. The users must feel the ease of shopping and every step of the process must appear like a breeze. Another suggestion that the eCommerce websites can give to the user is about another product that might go along with the one, the user has just selected to buy.
Such steps may help in user retention, boosting the sales and also reduce the bounce rate.  After the user has shopped as a guest, he or she can be informed of the ease of shopping when the user is registered. For instance, if the user has chosen a trouser to buy, you may show those shirts which will match the chosen color of the trouser.

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