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Final Image PreviewIn this Adobe Illustrator tutorial Alexandra Honcharova will demonstrate you the process of creation of a real vector art. Working perspective objects working objects , Working with objects in adobe illustrator cs6.
Creating perspective objects working objects , This chapter explains the many ways you can create, modify, and work with all types of objects in illustrator cs6.
A guide creating 3d text adobe illustrator, A guide creating 3d text adobe illustrator. How create 3d artwork adobe illustrator cs6 - , How create 3d artwork adobe illustrator cs6.
In this illustrator tutorial we will learn how to create realistic 3D spheres, without using 3D effects.
A special feature of this blending mode is that the black color becomes transparent after application. With the help of the Selection Tool (V) transform the circle into an ellipse and rotate it. For the contributors of micro stock web sites I would like to note that elliptic gradient obtained in this way can be normally converted into vector format EPS10.
Fill the group of achieved objects with radial gradient, which consists of one black and two blue sliders.
Fill the shape with black color, then take the Mesh Tool (U) and create a simple gradient mesh. Take the Scissors Tool (C) and cut the rectangles at points 1-4, then remove the upper part of the top rectangle and lower part of the bottom rectangle. Take the Pen Tool (P) and connect the center of the first 3D sphere with center a few other spheres. With the help of the Scissors Tool (C) cut the segments and remove the parts that will not be visible to the viewer. Transform this circle into an ellipse and rotate so that the major axis of the ellipse is located along the bridge between 3D spheres.
Now we can use the created composition as a vector abstract background or as an Abstract Web Design.
Follow us if you want to be the first to know about the latest Adobe Illustrator tutorials and articles. In Illustrator CS6 you can easily write text on a circle, but how do you change orientation on circle text from outside to inside circle? This entry was posted in Illustrator, Design, Graphics and tagged Text and Fonts on April 7, 2015 by haxor.
This vector tutorial is designed for advanced users and can be done in any vector editor, like Illustrator or CorelDraw. I honestly didn't know you could achieve such advanced, artistic work with Illustrator. Reduce the size of the new circle for a few pixels and fill it with a radial gradient from light blue to blue color.
If you create an elliptical gradient in another way, for example, by using Gradient Annotator, or will be moving the center of the gradient, you may have a risk of getting a bitmap image instead of an elliptical gradient when saving as EPS10.

Select the Compound Path and gray shape, and then click on the Minus Front in Pathfinder panel.
Duplicate the 3D sphere and reduce the sizes of some of its copies placing them around the first sphere, creating a composition.
Tick Stretches between Guides and set guides it the dialog box as shown in the figure below.
Place the segments below all the created objects and apply the brush created in the previous step to them. In today's tutorial, I want to tell you about some unusual topic for many illustrators - 3D graphics, as well as need to implement 3D editor in the pipeline vector artist.Let's see, what a pipeline vector artist is, and what stages it consists of.
On the example of this tutorial, I showed you some advantages of use of 3D graphics editors. Select the circle, then move the line from outside to inside the circle and the text will do the same. It can also lead to the splitting of a vector object into a few ones that is also not very good I believe. Our finding is obvious - use of 3D modeling programs opens new features for Illustrator that are not available while using some traditional reference images. Sometimes, but not very often, the second stage of the sketch is crossed out because it is useless, since the idea or concept can be fully implemented in vector graphics editor.
The Paintbrush Tool or the Blob Brush Tool is perfect for that.It is desirable to reduce the opacity of our sketch.
But what if the desired object doesn't exist in nature at all, or if it exists, it is very rare and expensive, such as a diamond?Exactly in such situations the aid of 3D graphics vector editor is very handy. In this tutorial we will create a photorealistic blue diamond in Adobe Illustrator based on reference images, prepared in 3D graphics editor. It is easier to do the coloring in Illustrator with the Pencil Tool (N) or the Pen Tool (P).
I deliberately do not focus on a specific 3D editor, as they all are nearly equal in their abilities, and your choice is not critical. Try to color in such a way, that the outlines of color vector objects remain in the vector outline.Step 4I changed the fan’s color, I think in this way our composition looks better. I've chosen the last, the Blender, because it is free and doesn't require much installation space. The process of eye creation is indicated on the figure below.To create some glares on eyes and iris I draw the objects with different degree of opacity with the Pencil Tool (N). I use the same technique to create some light and shadow on the skin around eyes and on the whole face.I can give some volume to any object in this way. The schematic representation of our diamond in three planes: front, top and bottom are presented on the figure below. You can save it on your computer and use it for modeling.The diamond modeling process, material settings and light, as well as visualization, is a topic for a separate tutorial, which won't be considered in our current tutorial. Step 5Now let’s focus on the lips of our vector girl in more detail.Step 6Give some volume to the arms. I don’t use any Blending modes; I just simply reduce the opacity in the Transparency panel.

However, we will talk about the diamond materials in detail in the next step.Step 2One of the most important parameters of the material for a diamond is the quantity reflections within the crystal.
Create a shape of hair on a head with the Pen Tool (P).Step 7Create some light and shade on the clothes. There are so many reflections in it; it creates the effect of double vision, although our diamond itself looks pretty sharp. In real world, the quantity of reflections in transparent environment follows laws of physics. Our vector girl with a fan is ready!This vector artwork won the award of Daily Deviation last year. And we can't manipulate them.When we work with 3D graphics, we can change all the parameters, including physical. Never get tired of creating and you will be noticed!Follow us if you want to be the first to know about the latest Adobe Illustrator tutorials, Interviews and articles. Double vision has disappeared, our diamond became visually more attractive, moreover, it will be easier to vectorize it now.On this stage, our scene is ready to render into the bigger format, which can be used as a reference in Adobe Illustrator. In the next steps we will try to figure out what other advantages 3D graphic editor can give us to simplify the process of vectorization.Step 3Let's find out what the final bitmap image consists of. The shadow of the transparent objects is called caustic.In case with the reference photos, all of its components are inseparable. We will use it sometime later.Open Adobe Illustrator, and create a new document with the size of 2000x2000 px. In spite of the fact that the size is large enough as for vector illustrations, our work with it will be convenient.
The stroke width should be 1-2 px, color should be contrasted to the reference color, for example red. It is very important to remember that our accuracy with which we draw the details determines our final result.Your monitor is very important as well.
In the dialog box, select the Unfilled Open Path; then it will find all the open paths with no fill automatically and will highlight them. The main thing is to do it neatly.While repeating the 8-19 steps gradually we will vectorize some new facets of our diamond.
Open the script Extended Select from the menu Scripts, and select the Unfilled open paths in the dialog box.
The mesh, which you can see on the figure below, will be more than enough.Step 20In this step, we will paint the Gradient Mesh.
Take the Direct Selection Tool (A) and select the top two rows of the nodes, as it is indicated on the screenshot below, and fill them with black.Now let's paint the remaining nodes of the gradient mesh into colors, which will be taken from the reference images in location of the nodes.
To do this, choose, or make sure that you have selected the Direct Selection Tool (A); then immediately turn on the Eyedropper Tool (I).

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