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Wat Bang Phra is in the Nakhon Chai Si district of Nakhon Pathom province, about 60km west of Bangkok.
Think a€?Maori warriora€™, and an image of a fierce-looking dude with blue tattoos swirling across his face appears. Henna is the tenderfoota€™s tattoo: an orange-red paste stencilled on bloodlessly, that washes away in a few weeks.
The Henna Souq is located off Talaa€™a Kebira and generally opens from 9am to 6pm (closed Friday mornings). Opened in 2011, the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum holds enough relics to earn its a€?Taticana€™ nickname. The prize for most tatted-up city in the USA goes to Miami, which has about 24 tattoo parlours per 100,000 people. On Sundays in the capital Papeete, local tattoo artists sling ink on the main marketa€™s upper level. Indian mehndi is similar to Moroccan henna a€“ temporary, orange-red tattoos that last a few weeks or so a€“ but artists apply the paisley, peacock and other flowery designs more densely. A jail house tattoo is when someone takes a needle and ink and repeatedly pokes them selves with the needle then covers the open poke that the needle has made and puts ink over it.
Tattoos are used among to show gang membership and record the wearer's personal history--such as his or her skills, specialties, accomplishments and convictions.
In New Zealanda€™s indigenous culture, the complex designs a€“ called ta moko a€“ represent a persona€™s identity, origin and bravery.
In Morocco, women henna their hands and feet with arabesque whirls for weddings, while boys get the job done before circumcision ceremonies to protect against evil spirits. He specialises in Japana€™s age-old full-body tattoos intertwining dragons, peonies, koi and other mythic images a€“ a process that can take up to five years of weekly visits and cost US$30,000.

The first electric tattoo machine (from 1891), preserved pieces of tattooed flesh, painful-looking tribal implements, freak-show posters and a serious research library stuff the rambling building. Women typically henna their hands in an elaborate ceremony before getting married, with the grooma€™s name written somewhere within the pattern. Pritani, the oldest known name for Britaina€™s inhabitants, means a€?the Painted Peoplea€™, after their whopping tattoos. Theya€™re known for inking yantra tattoos that bestow the wearer with mystical strength, protection and good luck. Fez has an entire souq dedicated to the art, tucked deep in the old walled medina past the gilt-thread wedding-belt souq and around the corner from the carved-wedding-throne souq. Big-name international artists wield ink guns on site, so you can offer up skin to a master for whom youa€™d otherwise have to travel oceans.
Miami Ink was the genrea€™s first, following the life and times of five guys working the scene on South Beach.
Long ago, artists took a comb with teeth of sharpened bone, dipped the tips into organic black ink, then used a second stick to tap it into the skin. By the end of the 19th century, British sailors were carrying on the custom, with more than 90% drawn upon. Common tattoos are names of relatives or gang members, symbols of aggression, tattoos advertising a particular skill, or religious imagery. Traditionally artists made their mark using a bone chisel, though today they tend to use less-painful modern technology. Browse the spices, aphrodisiacs, hennas and lucky-talisman stencils for sale, then settle in with an artist who will paint your hands in the tree-shaded courtyard.
Tat fans pilgrimage to the museum to see underworld photos, traditional tools of the trade and curios that range from shrunken heads to stuffed tigers, and even letters from Charles Manson.

Sure therea€™s the gift shop, but ascend to the second floor where resident artists apply the ultimate keepsake.
Assorted porn stars, skateboarders, death metal bands, comedians, film actors and NFL linebackers walked through door, as did celeb chef Anthony Bourdain (who opted for a skull tattoo on his shoulder).
So tattoo culture runs deep, and ita€™s why 20,000 people stream in for the convention, keen to take in the tattoo art exhibits, Oxford-curated tattoo historical displays and of course, tattoo contests. True ta moko is sacred, so if youa€™re Mike Tyson or otherwise non-Maori, you can get a similar-type motif called kirituhi. Horiyoshia€™s studio sits above the spooky collection, though he now limits his work to finishing existing clientsa€™ tattoos. Note, too, when you patronise the museum youa€™re doing good: the venue provides work experience to 300 socially disadvantaged people per year. Artists mostly use tattoo guns now, but you can opt for the old-school method at many shops. Best of Day, Best Back Ornament, Best Colours and Best of Show are just a few prizes to aspire to. Each year in early March the temple holds a wild tattoo festival where attendees go into trances and a€?becomea€™ the animal spirits of their tattoos. Ita€™s more expensive, requiring helpers to stretch your skin while the artist pokes you thousands of times.

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