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Centered if in the center of a back, or symmetrical, as in matching roses on each shoulder? Meaning, one line should not start hair thin and then get fat and blurry and get thin again. Whip-shading is mostly used in old school and neo-traditional but can also be used in many other styles of tattooing.
Most artists fill their portfolios with their best work so if you are seeing a lot of tattoos that concern you; imagine what didn’t make it into the book!
Just like buying anything else in life, you want to get value for your money when investing in a tattoo.
Maybe one artist is too expensive (in your opinion) but when you compare the quality of their work with that of the cheaper artist you see that you get better value for your money because the expensive artist’s work is crafted with more care.
Vsechny BLACK BUDDHA inkousty se dodavaji s hologramem pravosti a prislusnou znackou Buddha design, vcetne serioveho cisla. It is where you look to see an artist’s quality of work before deciding if they would be the right artist for you. If they look awkward, crooked or off-center it shows either a lack of competence or a lack of caring. When lines are not applied at a consistent depth you get this look, or the lines will look lighter and darker in some areas. For areas that blend one color into an other you must look for a smooth consistent fade from one color to another without a light area where the colors meet.

It is has a distinctive speckle, peppery almost and you can often see the machine strokes in it.
That’s not to say that an artist wouldn’t take on a challenge and do a great job! Krome pouziti pouze tech nejlepsich cernych pigmentu, vsechny Black Buddha inkousty byly vytvoreny v FDA schvalene laboratori za pouziti velmi presneho mereni, aby zajistily kvalitni stinovani. It is not the end-all-be-all… I have met plenty of fantastic tattooers that rely on publications and word of mouth too, and they don’t update their portfolios as methodically as others. If they are out of focus and badly printed you will not be able to make a clear assessment of quality of the tattoos printed. A good tattooer will place a stencil over and over until it looks right and since your tattoo will be there awhile it’s a pretty important step in the process. Naturally, there are designs that require a mix of thin and thick lines but I am referring specifically to lines that are supposed to be the same thickness throughout.
For tattoos without outlines (as in color portraits) do the edges of the image look crisp or soft (depending on the design) and purposefully executed? Regular black shading should have a softer speckle and peppered look or should look soft and smudged looking like a pencil drawing. Generally if an artist hasn’t done something before and wants to try it out they often put sketches of the types of tattoos they are looking to do into their portfolios so that prospective clients can at least see that they are able to execute them on paper.
Most artists, including myself, will say that price should be one of the last things you look at and although true, to ignore it as a factor is not realistic.

A good tattooer will place a stencil over and over until it looks right and since your tattoo will be there awhile it’s a pretty important step in the process. Nemusite tak ztracet cas michanim svych vlastnich odstinu a riskovat jiny odstin z vaseho posledniho tetovani. I feel as though an artist that cares about his or her work puts some effort into the way they present their work. With portraits of famous people it’s not always necessary but if you are looking to get a portrait of your mother you want to know that it will look like her!
There are swindlers in every profession, tattooing is no exception and with the rise in popularity of this craft we see a rise in a certain type of tattooer trying to cash-in fast by over charging clients, using this adage to their advantage. Just like color, areas of solid grey should be even and soft and not patchy and uneven (although there is some softening that occurs with grey washes (black ink mixed with water that we use for black and grey) over time.
Sometimes a tattooed portrait can be a great looking realistic tattoo without looking anything like the person it was supposed to. Remember also that the redness often seen in photos of fresh black and grey tattoos is just the irritated skin!

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