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Form FactorLike most HTC handsets, save the Incredible S, the Sensation is designed to be slick and the curved edges and dark tones make for an elegant device.
I’ve always liked the idea of the LED indicator being cleverly hidden behind the earpiece grill above the display and the Sensation also pulls it off quite well. While that’s all good what I found was a bit of a considerable amount of lag with various widgets each time I locked the handset for awhile and then switched it back on. Other than the issue with speed, HTC Sense UI is still the most competent interfaces to come preloaded onto a handset.
What is rather odd is the lock screen widgets includes a bunch of superbly designed watches but whichever you select, the digital clock will still remain just above it along with the clock already displayed in the notification bar. HTC’s built in Reader app for eBooks was, although sluggish when it came to flipping pages, still a handy feature to have.
CameraThe HTC Sensation is equipped with an 8 megapixel auto and touch focus enabled camera with a dual LED flash. Image quality was just alright for an 8MP camera, but no better than the Incredible S or the Galaxy S II. Battery LifeOn a full charge, the Sensation ran for just about a day and a half with internet remaining constantly on for social networking and Push email. The Bottom LineSomehow everything seemed to work much better with a level of fluidity akin to the S II’s on the Incredible S, but not with the Sensation. Yu Yureka Review: Micromax delivers a good, affordable 4G-enabled phablet; Should Xiaomi worry? When the HTC One M9 was released, it looked so similar to the One M8, that HTC mixed up the devices in one of their ads.
HTC has always been known for their very unique and original design choice for their One series. Much like the rest of HTC’s fleet, the One A9 comes with a 5 inch display, which is quite small in 2015. On the front of the device, you get the look of an iPhone fused with a Galaxy device: it looks like an iPhone, but it has Galaxy-ish looking button on the bottom. On the top of the device, they isn’t anything such as an IR blaster or headphone jack. On the right side of the device you will find both the power button and volume rocker. On the One A9, HTC went with one piece volume rocker, unlike the two separate buttons on the One M9. On the back of the HTC One A9 all you find is a camera centered at the top of the device with a microphone below it and a dual-LED flash to the right of it. Overall I think the design change isn’t all that bad, but HTC took away what made them distinct compared to other smartphones.
One of the best changes used on the HTC One A9 was the decision to go with an AMOLED display panel instead of LCD as seen on their previous devices. I still think this is a step up from previous HTC devices because I am a sucker for AMOLED panels. One area where HTC has always prided itself has been in the sound quality department, whether it is sound from the headphone jack or external speaker(s). The speaker on the bottom doesn’t get nearly as loud as previous HTC devices, but where it lacks in volume, it makes up in depth. As far as sound coming from the headphone jack, it is one of the better devices with its 24-bit Hi-Res audio paired with Dolby. Just like I did on my Nexus 6P review, I am going to go over the speed and accuracy of the fingerprint sensor found on the front of the HTC One A9. The fingerprint sensor on the One A9 is very accurate, but the overall sensor size is quite small, so you sometimes need to re-position your thumb or finger.
Although I do like the fingerprint sensor on the front, I am a little bit in between on which setup I like better. Sense UI has been around for quite a long time and used to be the go-to software for some phone manufacturers. When the HTC One A9 was announced, they claimed they would update the Unlocked version within 15 days of the Nexus devices. Since it is still Sense UI, the settings have the same feel and a few key Marshmallow features have been cut. Other than that, the UI is very clean and does feel a lot faster than Sense UI in the past. If there has been one area that HTC has been lacking in, it has been the camera department in my opinion.
HTC phones have usually had a decent sized battery packed within its frame, usually in the high two thousands.
The one thing the HTC One A9 has going for it, is it has Marshmallow pre-loaded so it included the highly regarded Doze feature.
HTC definitely could have and should have included a bigger battery, because it is really the device’s only downfall.
My first real test on the HTC One A9, my battery lasted me throughout my whole 15 hour day with some moderate to heavy usage, barely. The upgraded camera, willingness to stay close to stock Android, and a continued solid build, it gives me hope to see what HTC has to come. The One A9 is definitely a solid device, but its limited time pricing could hurt the overall sales.
I skateboard, listen to metal, write on my website Phone Probe, and love messing with new phones.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The zero-gap aluminum unibody casing of the One, along with subtle accents and lines, front facing speakers, and an incredibly low weight make this one of the better designed phones I have seen in a while.
As a skin, Sense 5.0 also got a makeover that was supposed to bring some sort of genius smartphone innovation.
Navigating around, thanks in part to a lack of standard navigations buttons (phone only has home and back), is a mess. The home and back button were selected as the only navigation buttons to help simplify the experience, we were told. I could probably continue on, but I’ll stop for now until I can spend even more time with the device.
HTC stood on stage today and announced that the One would be available on some 180+ carriers around the globe.
My favorite part of today’s event was listening to HTC talk about the ridiculous megapixel war that smartphone OEMs have created.
But continuing on with that idea, they also decided not to talk about specs and processors and displays and RAM and all that stuff we often drool over. Actually HTC’s BlinkFeed can be turned off if you like your home screen the traditional way. Didn’t HTC start the MP battle that they’re now shunning with the DROID Incredible? There are a few things about the HTC One that I would love to have but, unfortunately, there are other things about it that are deal-breakers for me. I want to see the things I like about the One show up on future Verizon devices, whether from HTC or someone else. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. I’m embarrassed someone would look themselves in the mirror and say, “What’s really missing in my life is a gold smartphone.” But where there is demand, you can bet someone out there, no matter how ridiculous, will create supply. Goldgenie, who takes the precious metal and cakes it onto electronic devices, is doing that very same thing with the HTC One, and then charging thousands of dollars for it.
Brandon’s deep love of technology stems from watching the Back to the Future trilogy one-too-many times. If you've been dying to get a carrier version of the HTC 10, your long wait will be over soon.
The HTC 10 has a lot of baggage to carry on its shoulders and, so far, it seems quite capable of bearing the burden and then some. One unfortunate detail for US buyers is the revelation that the HTC 10 for this major market will only have 32 GB of internal storage and nothing more. The bottom line The Nokia Lumia 620 has all the makings of a successful WP8 device around the Rs 20,000 price bracket (our estimate of the launch price). The phone also has a secondary VGA camera in front which is a big step down considering the Galaxy S II has a 2MP front facing camera. A micro SD hot swap slot is located under here and the Sensation supports up to 32GB which enhances the existing 1GB of internal storage.
Although, it doesn’t really bring too much to the table in terms of functionality, it does add quite a bit of cosmetic appeal to the already well designed UI.
A few of my Favorites in the phonebook widget would always be missing and appear only after about 4 seconds. It offers a very user friendly and poised system for almost all features including caching your user names and email address to offer drop down selections when required, a more intuitive social networking and phonebook integration and more. The Incredible S was capable of DivX and XviD codec support which meant almost zero conversion and simple drag and drop video playback. Tones were crisp and clear at a high enough decibel level to drown out the obnoxious sounds that are emitted from a Mumbai Local. ConnectivityIn this department HTC usually excels and the Sensation is no exception to this rule. The Locations software is quite versatile and easy to use as compared to the others available. FeaturesThe few extras that HTC has incorporated include a voice recorder, a Task manager, Stock market app, Bluetooth enabled Data Transfer for when you switch handsets, Polaris Office, Flashlight with adjustable settings and gyro enabled Dice game. Although processing speed is fast, image quality was sharp but just a little grainy in native resolution while colors however seemed to be retained, quite well. Stand alone talk time averaged in at about 5 hours and change which puts it a little above average in my books. The device has decent performance, employing the octa-core Snapdragon 617 paired with Android Marshmallow.
The company that once ruled the Android world and even made the first Nexus phone, has been on a steady decline.
I for one am used to holding large devices like the Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, and Galaxy Note 5, so holding the One A9 was quite a change. Along with the small package, the A9 doesn’t weight too much and comes in at 143 grams.

The fingerprint sensor which also doubles as a home button, is just below the HTC logo which apparently has to appear on the front of their devices. The One A9 has a 5 inch AMOLED with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, so 441 ppi, which is very respectable.
I would set the device to the lowest brightness setting, but it was almost unnoticeable indoors from having it in the middle.
I was a little bit skeptical about how HTC would keep up with that, only sporting a single down-facing speaker, but I was pleasantly surprised. I listen to a lot of metal music, so it has a lot of treble and high-end, but the A9 can handle it easily.
Since mobile payments are being pushed in full-force by Apple, Google, Samsung, and soon to be LG, it is only natural to add an extra, convenient security measure to the device. The fingerprint sensor on the front of the A9 performs on par with the rest of the Android fleet. The nice thing is that it wakes the device and unlocks it once it recognizes a fingerprint, unlike the iPhone or Galaxy Note 5 where you have to press the button first, then it unlocks. With the A9, it is very comfortable to just tap your thumb on the sensor, but then you have to re-adjust your thumb.
The only thing that kept me from buying the One M7 over the Galaxy S4 was the fact that it had the 4 UltraPixel camera. I’ll get this out of the way, it is definitely the best HTC camera that I have ever used.
As you can see in the images above, the A9 is very good at capturing detail in its focal point.
In my Nexus 6P review, I found that I would lose 1% or less in an overnight period, and the One A9 follows that trend, just not as well. To give a perspective, the Nexus 6P is 7.3 mm thick, just like the One A9, but it houses a much larger 3,450 mAh battery.
I was able to squeeze 3 hours of screen on time with no WiFi connected, so it was connected to cellular data the entire day.
With only just over one hour of screen on time, I was able to get home on 12 hours of usage with just under 50% remaining.
The design is ergonomic and comfortable to hold; who cares if they copied Apple (or Apple copied them)?. If the One A9 was priced permanently at $400, or even lower, it could definitely be competitive in the mid-range market. Currently I'm using a Nexus 6P running Chroma with franco.Kernel as my daily driver running stock Android.
HTC’s flagship for 2013 was unveiled today in NYC during a press event that features all sorts of announcements.
HTC clearly tried to make a statement when putting together the One, and I feel like they have done that successfully.
The viewing angles were impressive in the short time I spent with it, video looked vibrant and crisp without looking cartoonish, and the edge-to-edge appearance fits 2013 style guidelines. It introduced us to a new home panel known as BlinkFeed, that really is nothing more than a clock widget stuck to a Flipboard widget on your first home screen that cannot be removed. While there are a couple of features built into it (like Zoe and BoomSound) that are bonuses, the skin is mostly the same tired old Sense that you either love or hate.
As you probably noticed in my camera video from earlier, you never know where the back button is going to take you, or if you need to tap on the screen to see HTC Sense menu options, or if you should simply start all over due to frustrations with being lost.
Except to use the phone the way it was meant to be used, you have to either double tap them (gets to multi-tasker), single press, or long-press (gets to Google Now and search) to activate different functions. The One has two impressive speakers on the front of the device, which is somewhat of a first for the industry. Instead of focusing on adding more MPs to a camera, they decided to take photography to a new place with the Ultrapixel. No, they focused on the smartphone experience and the things this phone can do that yours can’t. While I trashed on their new Sense skin, the rest of the package is well worth your look from what I can tell. I can’t wait to get a look at the 1080p display, since I’ve been hearing a lot of good about it. I’ve got the DISH Anywhere app on my phone, which lets me stream my live and recorded shows anywhere I go, and I think it would be great with the 1080p display on the HTC One.
Verizon probably feels slighted after running an ad campaign specifically for the DNA; then HTC turns around and releases a bigger, better flagship.
I love that they put both speakers on the front of the device, so there is no more cupping of the back of the phone.
We already highlighted the droll excess of the $100,000 diamond encrusted iPhone, and now that same company is defacing HTC’s excellent One design. Phones might be fashion accessories in some parts of the world, but the One already looks premium in its own right. Each version, obviously, weighs in at their own price points, and each comes with a “Luxury Cherry Oak Box.” Accessories are included as well, and users can choose between the black or silver versions. Confirmed so far are Verizon, who calls dibs, T-Mobile, and Sprint among the major US carriers.
HTC might have finally hit all the right marks this time, with high end specs that do not disappoint and a design that, though slightly different, might just work. DxOMark has already given its preliminary evaluation, ranking the smartphone right at the top of its list.
The unlocked HTC 10 is being sold for $699, so Verizon's prices will likely dance around that number as well.
This is why mid-range smartphones continue to be the best solution as they offer most of the high-end features, but at a very affordable price. 20,000We managed to get a quick hands-on with the Lumia 620 during the launch event of the Lumia 920, which you can read about here.
Apart from the 8GB of onboard storage to keep most users happy, there’s room for expansion via memory card. While it’s very similar to the HTC 8S in terms of specifications, it manages to stand out by offering more onboard storage, dual-band Wi-Fi, a larger aperture value for the rear camera, a front facing camera, NFC and active noise cancellation. It hit our labs and after putting it through the wringer, here’s what I can tell you.
This entire casing is designed to protect the handset and does so quite well, but at a total weight of 148g, the Sensation is a bit on the heavy side.
For starters, the Lock screen is all new with a circle-drag-to-open feature and an option to have four quick access shortcuts, as well.
The Friend Stream widget would always be blank and refresh after about the same amount of time and that was the same with the music player widget. Sense UI also offers quite a bit of customization for the handset with Skins and HTC Scenes pre-designed for various uses. Secondly, the UI is not subject to the auto rotation system and finally, the Sensation, although a higher-end device compared to the Incredible S, does not support the auto-rotation of the touch-sensitive keys below the display. With the Sensation none of my AVI files coded with DivX worked, so I was forced to download a third party player, which is really no big deal but again, once expects these things from a handset in this price range. With the added bonus of EQ presets and SRS enhancement I thoroughly enjoyed the Sensation’s music prowess. With a digital compass and location based searches and trip history, it’s quite a full fledged GPS app.
The One M7 was one of the biggest game-changers in the mobile industry, bringing the metal unibody and dual front-facing speakers to world. Even though the A9 only has a 5 inch display, it is still quite tall due to the fact that it is symmetrical and has a fingerprint sensor on the bottom of the device, with the same amount of space taken up by the in-call speaker at the top. Like I said earlier, it was quite a change switching to a smaller device, but I actually really liked it.
On the top side of the 5 inch display is the in-call speaker, so that means no dual front-facing speakers.
On the bottom of the device, there is a trio of things: speaker, microUSB port, and headphone jack. For whatever reason, HTC puts the power button below the volume rockers, whereas on other devices it’s the opposite.
It is good to see that while HTC axed the front-facing speakers, they still kept the option to expand storage. What matters most is that it is comfortable to hold, which it is, and well-built, which it is. The display itself is pretty cool, as it likes to show off whites with a blue tint versus a red one, which I prefer. When putting in some decent headphones, the quality is very good and almost sounds like real speakers. The HTC One A9 is slightly different, as it comes with one of Qualcomm’s mid-range processors, the Snapdragon 617 backed by 3 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. That being said, the device did score lower than I expected, but it is still a well-performing device. I find myself using the fingerprint sensor to wake the device a lot more than the double tap to wake included on the A9. On the One A9, HTC stepped their game up and went a new direction, having the first phone release with Android Marshmallow beside the Nexus devices. The notification shade has the same Material Design as stock Android, but it leaves out many of the features.
I don’t think of myself as a photographer, but when I take pictures I want them to be good quality, so I skipped over the M7. I’m glad they stepped up the rear-facing camera to 13 megapixels, because it can produce some awesome pictures. Shipping with the One A9 is a paltry 2,150 mAh battery, which doesn’t help the overall rating of the device. Another thing I noticed was that the One A9 doesn’t get as good reception as my other devices. Like I stated earlier, Marshmallow’s Doze feature really works and it shows in the battery stats. The One A9 picks up in the categories that previous HTC devices lacked, but in doing so they removed some of HTC’s core features. We have a new Ultrapixel camera technology, HTC Zoe mini-video recording software, intense front sound with HTC BoomSound, an aluminum unibody design, and availability everywhere in the world except on Verizon.

It pulls in feeds from Twitter, Facebook, and a variety of news sources, something that a half dozen apps already do without being intrusive.
The back button is initially just a back button, but you can map it so that a long press turns it into a menu button. It allows you to snap a short few-second clip that can be used to create all sorts of images later on.
I don’t know how many times I joked with HTC reps today about not having to cup the back of the device anymore when watching a video to project sound. The lock switch on top of the device actually doubles as an IR sensor so that you can control your TV, receiver, and cable box.
The casing and screen are gorgeous, the speakers are heaven sent, the Sense tv features are great, and the Zoes, while not necessary, are a nice plus.
Big Red has just confirmed, though not yet in an official public statement, that it will soon begin pre-orders of HTC latest and definitely greatest. Conspicuously missing from the list is AT&T, though HTC will be selling unlocked models that are compatible with AT&T as well as T-Mobile directly from the manufacturer.
Finally, HTC got the correct UltraPixel formula.And the selfie maker is no slouch either, boasting of an OIS that is coveted among main, rear cameras. The carrier is planning to host events and promos for the April 29 pre-order date and details will most likely be revealed in the days leading to it. The 620 is going to be a much more wallet-friendly handset and much easier to carry around as well. If Nokia manages to match the pricing of the HTC 8S or is even a bit more, it still looks like a much better option. Encased in Gorilla glass, while fingerprints might be a slight issue, scratches won’t be. Like the Galaxy S II, although the Sensation has no HDMI out support it does support TV Out via MHL as well as DLNA for streaming.
The FM radio also proved to be quite an asset while commuting bringing in a decent amount of reception even while on the move. Thanks to Adobe Flash 10.3 support the web browsing experience is enhanced as well and like any and all Android devices setting up email is a simple step by step procedure even for Microsoft Exchange.
They followed that up with the One M8, which was a worthy successor, but the design went stale with the One M9. When the device was announced with an aggressive price model starting at $399 for a Developer Unlocked edition, I had to pick it up. They shaved off what made One devices so desirable, by taking away their shape and front-facing speakers.
It would have been nice if HTC used the in-call speaker in tandem with the speaker on the bottom to create a stereo effect, but they did not do that. The buttons are clickly and tactile and in my opinion, is put together better than my One M9 was. There’s nothing that bugs me more than having my brightness down and having a very red tint to the display.
I didn’t know what to expect from a mid-range octacore processor coming into it, but so far I am impressed. The Snapdragon 617 obviously isn’t going to break benchmark scores, but it is perfectly capable of running a mid-range smartphone fluidly. HTC teamed up with Google to make Sense UI look the same, but be able to be updated quickly. Some cameras try really hard to capture everything in the frame and forgetting about the focal point.
It was a lot to take in, so now that I’ve had lunch and a 45-minute cab ride to John F.
It’s light and curves in all the right places, but still feels like a premium device. Thankfully, you can at least customize the way apps are sorted and even set up folders within the drawer. On a design front, HTC has made it much prettier and modern without all of the fancy 3D animations, shadows, and glowing surfaces, but it’s still not good from a functional standpoint thanks to an oddly setup navigation system.
For example, it takes 3 to 4 or even 5 presses just to get to a place that allows you to change wallpapers. You can use Zoe to manipulate faces to create the perfect group shot, pull frames in and out of a still to create an action shot, remove unwanted photobombs, or put a bunch together from a party or outing to turn into a personal highlight reel. But beyond great sound, BoomSound also helps with call clarity, canceling out background noise, improving audio when shooting video, and more.
The software will allow you to pull in channel information from almost any cable provider in the country as well, so that you can view favorite shows or find something interesting to watch.
I know every thinks that money just grows on trees for big Evil corporations, but it doesn’t and VZW knows business. Blinkfeed looks useful, once they open the APIs to developers, then it could really be awesome.
It would make for one unique unboxing, sure, but would you even want to carry a device around that was plated in gold? It's not perfect, mind you, and even with the new UltraPixel 2 the HTC 10 falls a bit short. According to Nokia, we can expect the Lumia 620 to hit stores some time around mid-February. With a screen size of 3.8-inches and a WVGA resolution, we are looking at sharp pictures and text. The handset is powered by the same piece of silicon as the 620 and also shares the same amount of 512MB RAM. There are also a few theme options to choose for the lock-screen that include a feed option for HTC’s Friend Stream social networking platform or stock market updates or even a photos stream from the gallery and more. At no point while using the device did it slip out of my hand, so the finish is better than it has been in the past. I did notice when downloading apps the devices lags quite a bit more than the Snapdragon 808 or Snapdragon 810, but what can you expect? For instance, when the A9 is on a table, you can still use the sensor, unlike the Nexus 6P. This was a letdown to me because I hate how cluttered the status bar gets with a battery icon, battery percentage text, alarm icon, and device profile. I was excited to get my hands on the M9 for its 21 megapixel camera, but that was a letdown. We aren’t sure why, but it could be that they just released the DNA and dropping this phone so soon would be a difficult sell. I guess there wasn’t room for the tiny wire and pad that would allow for this feature that is in so many other phones these days. This seems like a feature that should have been in a phone long ago, but hey, at least it’s finally here. The IR emitter is a nice touch, but I think I would still prefer to use the normal remote for my TV because it’s faster than unlocking my phone, launching an app, and then pressing the button. Unless you don’t want to be the target of every thief in your city, I’d imagine the “normal” version of the One is good enough. All that begins on 29th April, though the exact launch details, even the price, remain unsaid.
Some can be fixed by software updates but others would have to wait for a next gen flagship. While we don’t have a confirmed price from Nokia, looking at its current positioning of the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920, we can take an educated guess that it would be around the Rs 20,000 mark.
A couple of things we found missing here are NFC, dual-band Wi-Fi and a front facing camera, as compared to the Lumia 620. A 3D-ish scrolling setting has also been thrown in to make the UI a little more attractive. Plurk, Peep and Friend Stream and the Facebook for Android app are also preloaded for the Sensation’s social networking functionality.
If power is what you want, you just can’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S II in this case. When holding the device, my pinky finger naturally goes under the device to prop it up, but it always covers the speaker, which is very annoying.
But what really matters now, is how your phone can be better than everyone else’s when it comes to features, along with having top specs. As if the huge HTC on the back isn’t enough), and janky navigation make this phone NOT the ONE for me. Due to the slightly larger screen, HTC has managed to cram in a bigger 1700mAh battery in there, so we can expect a better battery life here. I loved Sense back in the day when stock Android was ugly, but Google’s design is fantastic in appearance and function now, and way better than what HTC, Samsung and the lot keep insisting on piling on top of it. The amount of people that switch carriers over this phone will be no wear near the loss of $$ they will incur by carrying this phone. The phone looks pretty good…oh and one last thing, the button layout is a total miss.
All Android phones need to either get rid of physical buttons and use the on-screen buttons or have 3 physical buttons: back, home, and menu. If you wanted to change the weirdly minimal looking clock thats stuck to the top, you can’t. It’s also unfortunate for consumers who deserve to have the best options available when it comes to buying a smartphone. Thankfully, you can at least create other home pages that can be set as the default so that you don’t have to look at the Flipboard knock-off every time you unlock your phone or press home. BlinkFeed is something some people might like but to force down everyone’s throat like was a horrible decision. Personally, I would just root the phone and keep using Go Launcher EX, but not everyone knows how to that or is comfortable with it. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for that but without knowing what that is it looks pretty bad for HTC.
If I had to guess I would say it has to do with the DNA being Verizon-exclusive, Verizon could be getting something even newer from HTC a few months after the One is released, or Verizon just didn’t want to have that big of a gap between the Rezound and their next HTC device, so they took the DNA instead of waiting for the One.

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