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Although tattooing has become a popular trend nowadays, inking some parts of your body are still very much frowned upon in modern society.
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Posts related to sacred-heart-cancer-ribbon-tattoos-on-handVarious Colors of Cancer Ribbon TattoosCancer ribbon tattoos are signs of concern and care about the problem people get from this illness. For a lion design tattoo, you can simply decide to have the whole image of a male lion with its glorious mane, or the image of a lioness–the great hunter of a pride. It is not uncommon for many tattoo parlors to not ink tattoos on your foot, hands, or faces as these areas are one of the highest physical exposures of your body and are potentially one of the biggest problems down the road of your life — and if your daily life requires exposure or laboring work of your hands, we suggest you to think twice before tattooing your hands.
The popular areas to ink would be the area between your thumb and forefinger, or places like your wrist and palm areas. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
For centuries, different cultures have been embracing the lion by incorporating its image in different body arts.
Alternatively, you can settle for only the head, or a lion that’s lying on the grass ready to pounce on a prey.

First, if the date that you were born falls under the Leo sign, then a stylized lion design is the way to go.
Tattoos will last forever so make sure that the meaning of the tattoo is also very meaningful for is you. Hand tattoos are also done among married or loving couples, and you might be interested in reading more at one of our posts on Ring Finger Tattoos for Couples. For instance, in both the European and the African culture, the lion has been symbolically used to represent courage, nobility, peace, strength, pride, protection or justice. Also, a lion that’s just standing while raising his head can also be a perfect idea for a great tattoo design.
Secondly, for those that want to symbolize peace, they can simply use a lion that’s patting a lamb for their tattoo design. We have compiled below some photos of Hand tattoos for women, we hope they can give you new ideas for your hand tattoo ink designs. In addition to that, the lion symbol is also featured in the 12 western zodiac signs, where it represents Leo.
Or maybe, you can expound on your creativity by observing how a lion sits, stands or moves before deciding on the perfect posture to use for your great tattoo design.

Lastly, you can also use a lion symbol to bring back the days of chivalry and, at the same time, use them to symbolize your knightly values. Hand tattoo designs will last forever so the idea to have their love symbol will last forever.
And in most cases, people choose lion tattoos simply because they want to display some of the great powers that are associated with a lion.
People tend to have their names on each other while other people use other language to tattoo their spouse name. Lion, scorpion, spider, and seahorse, and anchor, tribal shape on dragon or inception are the most preferred tattoo ideas among men.
It will be incredibly nice if you can make a couple tattoos with a symbol that splits into two tattoos yet it is actually one tattoo.

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